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3 Holy, holy, holy !-All

Heaven's triumphant choir shall sing,
While the ransomed nations fall
At the footstool of their King :
Then shall saints and seraphim,
Harps and voices, swell one hymn,
Blending in sublime accord,
Holy, holy, holy Lord!

[blocks in formation]

1 TO Grateful anthems let us raise.

Eph. v. 19.
Source of

Holy joy, our souls possessing,

Swells the tribute of our praise. 2 Glory to the Almighty Father,

Fountain of Eternal Love,
Who, His wandering sheep to gather,

Sent a Saviour from above.
3 To the Son all praise be given,

Who, with love unknown before,
Left the bright abode of heaven,

And our sins and sorrows bore. 4 Equal strains of warm devotion

Let the Spirit's praise employ ;
Author of each holy motion;

Source of wisdom, peace, and joy.
8 Thus while our glad hearts ascending

Glorify Jehovah's name,
Heavenly songs with ours are blending;

There the theme is still the same,

1 John ll. 1, 2. 7'8. C. WESLEY. 1 YLORY be to God on high,

God whose glory fills the sky;
Peace on earth to man forgiven,
Man, the well-beloved of heaven.

444 G

2 Sovereign Father, heavenly King,

Thee we now presume to sing ;
Glad, Thine attributes confess,

Glorious all, and numberless.
3 Hail, by all Thy works adored !

Hail, the everlasting Lord !
Thee with thankful hearts we prove

God of power, and God of love. 4 Christ, our Lord and God

we own, Christ, the Father's only Son, Lamb of God for sinners slain,

Saviour of offending man.
5 Bow Thine ear, in mercy bow,

Hear, the world's Atonement, Thou !
Jesus, in Thy name we pray,

Take, O take our sins away! 6 Powerful Advocate with God,

Justify us by Thy blood;
Bow Thine ear, in mercy bow,

Hear, the world's Atonement, Thon! 7 Hear, for Thou, O Christ, alone

Art with Thy great Father one ;
One the Holy Ghost with Thee;
One supreme, Eternal THREE.

445 Luke L. 22. 10

L. M. HEBER THOU whom neither time nor space

Can circle in, unseen, unknown, Nor faith in boldest flight can trace,

Save through Thy Spirit, and Thy Son: 2 And Thou that from Thy bright abode,

To us in mortal weakness shewn,
Did'st graft the manhood into God,
Eternal, co-eternal Son:

3 And Thou whose unction from on high

By comfort, light, and love is known,
Who with the Parent Deity,

Dread Spirit, art for ever one: 4 Great First and Last, Thy blessing give;

And grant us faith, Thy gift alone,
To love and praise Thee while we live,
And do whate'er Thou wouldst have done,

Matt. xxviii. 19. D.L.M. C. WESLEY.*

446 FA

1 VATHER of all, whose powerful voice

Call'd forth this universal frame; Whose mercies over all rejoice, Through endless ages still the same; Thou by Thy word upholdest all ; Thy bounteous love to all is shewed; Thou hear'st Thine every creature's call,

And fillest every mouth with good. 2 Eternal, spotless Lamb of God,

Before the world's foundations slain,
Sprinkle us ever with Thy blood,
O cleanse, and keep us ever clean.
On Thee we cast our care; we live
Through Thee, who know'st our every need;
O feed us with Thy grace, and give
Our souls this day the living bread.

3 Spirit of grace, and health, and power,

Fountain of light and love below;
Abroad Thy healing influence shower,
O'er all the nations let it flow:
Inflame our hearts with perfect love,
In us the work of faith fulfil;
So not heaven's host shall swifter move,
Than we on earth, to do Thy will.

4 Blessing and honour,

praise and love,
Co-equal, co-eternal Three,
In earth below, and heaven above,
By all Thy works, be paid to Thee.
Thrice Holy, Thine the kingdom is,
The power omnipotent is Thine ;
And when created nature dies,
Thy never-ceasing glories shine.


John v. 23. 7.6. C. WESLEY EET and right it is to sing


Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace.
Join we, then, with sweet accord,

All in one thanksgiving join ;
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Eternal praise be Thine.
2 Thee, the first-born sons of light,

In choral symphonies,
Praise by day, day without night,

And never, never cease ;
Angels and archangels, all

Praise the mystic Three in One ; Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall

O'erwhelm'd before Thy throne. 3 Vying with that happy choir,

Who chant Thy praise above, We on eagles' wings aspire,

The wings of faith ar love : Thee they sing with glory crown'd;

We extol th' atoning Lamb: Lower if our voices sound,

Our theme is still the same. 4 Father, God, Thy love we praise,

Which gave Thy Son to die; Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we glorify ;

Spirit, Comforter divine,

Praise by all to Thee be given, Till we in full chorus join,

And earth is turn'd to heaven. 448

Rev. vii. 11, 12. S. M. 1 W Give thanks to God on high ;

Let earth repeat the joyful song,

And echo to the sky.
2 Father, in whom we live,

In whom we are and move;
The glory, power, and praise receive

Of Thine eternal love. 3 Incarnate Deity,

Let all the ransom'd race
Render in thanks their lives to Thee,

For Thy redeeming grace. 4 Spirit of holiness,

Let all Thy saints adore Thy sacred energy, and bless

Thy heart-renewing power. 5 Eternal, glorious Lord,

Let all the saints above,
Let all the sons of men record,

And celebrate Thy love.



1 Peter i. 2. L. M. LESS'D be the Father and His love,


Rivers of endless joys above,

And rills of comfort here below.
2 Glory to Thee, great Son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls
A precious stream of vital blood,
Pardon and life for dying souls.

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