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For me my elder brethren stay,
And angels beckon me away,

And Jesus bids me come.

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529 10 'from men

By more than earthly rays,
Before whose face e'en seraphs shrink,

And tremble as they gaze, 2 Here we Thy people sit forlorn,

In darkness doomed to dwell, But soon Thy bright eternal day

That darkness shall dispel.
3 This day Thou hast in store for us,

This day, so fair and bright;
How faint the midday sun, compared

With its celestial light!
4 But ah! too long thou lingerest,

The long-expected day;
For why ? this body's toilsome load

Must first be cast away. 5 But when my soul hath winged her flight,

From earthly bonds set free,
To see Thee, love Thee, praise Thy name,

Her endless task shall be.
6 O may we so, blest Three in One,

Thy present light improve,
That we hereafter may enjoy

Thy glorious beams above.


530 Phil. 111. 13.

[ocr errors] OBERLIN.* LORD, Thy heavenly grace impart,

And fix my frail inconstant heart;
Henceforth my chief desire shall be,
To dedicate myself to Thee;

To Thee, my God, to Thee.

2 Whate'er pursuits my time employ,

One thought shall All my soul with joy,
That silent, secret thought shall be,
That all my hopes are fixed on Thee;

On Thee, my God, on Thee.
3 Thy glorious eye pervadeth space;

Thou 'rt present, Lord, in every place;
And wheresoe'er my lot may be,
Still shall my spirit cleave to Thee;

To Thee, my God, to Thee.
4 Renouncing every worldly thing,

Safe 'neath the covert of Thy wing,
My sweetest thought henceforth shall be
That all I want, I find in Thee;

In Thee, my God, in Thee.

531 Mark vill. 38.

L. M. GREGG. 1

, A mortal man ashamed of Thee ? Scorned be the thought by rich and poor;

My soul shall scorn it more and more. 2 Ashamed of Jesus! Sooner far

May evening blush to own a star:
Ashamed of Jesus ! Just as soon

May midnight blush to think of noon. 3 Ashamed of Jesus ! that dear Friend,

On whom my hopes of heaven depend ? No, when I blush, be this my shame,

That I no more revere His name. 4 Ashamed of Jesus ! Yes, I may,

When I've no crimes to wash away ;
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave,

And no immortal soul to save.
5 Till then-nor is the boasting vain-

Till then, I boast a Saviour slain : And oh! may this my portion be, That Saviour's not ashamed of me!

Gal. vi. 14.

C. M.



LET pursue ;

What are its charms to me?
Once I admired its trifles too;

But grace has set me free.
2 Its pleasures longer please,

No more content afford :
Far from my heart be joys like these,

Now I have known the Lord. 3 As by the light of opening day

The stars are all concealed;
So earthly pleasures fade away,

When Jesus is revealed.
4 Creatures, no more divide my choice :

I bid you all depart.
His name, and love, and gracious voice

Have fixed my roving heart.
5. Now, Lord, I would be Thine alone,

And wholly live to Thee :
But may I hope that Thou wilt own

A worthless worm like me?
6 Yes, though of sinners e'en the worst,

I cannot doubt Thy will:
For, if Thou hadst not loved me first,

I had refused Thee still


1 Cor. vi. 17. S. M. DODDRIDGE 1 M'By everlasting

bands: Saviour, I am , My name, my heart, I would resign :

My soul is in Thy hands.
2 To Thee I still would cleave

With ever-growing zeal:
Let millions tempt me Christ to leave,

They never sball prevail.

3 His Spirit shall unite

My soul to Him, my Head;
Shall form me to His image bright,

And teach His path to tread. 4 Death may my soul divide

From this abode of clay ;
But love shall keep me near His side,

Through all the gloomy way. 5 Since Christ and we are one,

What should remain to fear?
If He in heaven hath fixed His throne,

He'll fix His members there.

534 Rom. xiv. 8.

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67's. C. WESLEY. 1

One in Three, and Three in One,
As by the celestial host,
Let Thy will on earth be done;
Praise by all to Thee be given,

Glorious Lord of earth and heaven. 2 Vilest of the sinful race,

Lo! I answer to Thy call;
Meanest vessel of Thy grace,
Grace divinely free for all,
Lo! I come to do Thy will,

All Thy counsel to fuífl. 3 If so poor a worm as I

May to Thy great glory live,
All my actions sanctify,
All my words and thoughts receive;
Claim me for Thy service, claim

All I have and all I am.
4 Now, O God, Thine own I am ;

Now I give Thee back Thine own:
Freedom, friends, and health, and fame,
Consecrate to Thee alone :
Thine I live, thrice happy I !
Happier still if Thine I die!


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2 Cor. v. 15. C. M.


can I sink with such a prop As my eternal God, Who bears the earth's huge pillars up,

And spreads the heavens abroad?. 2 How can I die while Jesus lives,

Who rose and left the dead ? Pardon and grace my soul receives

From mine exalted Head. 3 All that I am, and all I have,

Shall be for ever Thine; Whate'er my duty bids me give

My cheerful bands resign.
4 Yet if I might make some reserve,

And duty did not call,
I love my God with zeal so great

That I should give Him all. 536

Rom. viii. 12, 13. L. M. C. WESLEY. 1 Saviour, how shall I proclaim,

? Let all I have, and all I am,

Ceaseless to all Thy glory shew.
2 Too much to Thee I cannot give ;

Too much I cannot do for Thee;
Let all Thy love, and all Thy grief,

Gray'n on my heart for ever be.
3 The meek, the still, the lowly mind,

O may I learn from Thee, my God;
And love, with softest pity joined,

For those that trample on Thy blood. 4 Still let Thy tears, Thy groans, Thy siglis,

O'erflow my eyes, and heave mny breast :
Till loose from flesh and earth I risc,
And ever in Thy boson rest.

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