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Psalm xliil. 3, 4. 112th M. MARCH.
SEND Thy light, Thy truth, my God,

Thy grace bestow, Thy word fulfl ;
And let them lead me in Thy road,
And bring me to Thy holy hill;
Where happy saints, a chosen band,

Exulting in Thy presence stand. 2 Then to Thine altar will I go,

And pay my destined offerings there •
And freely from my heart shall flow
The fervent, interceding prayer;
A prayer effectual, that shall rise

Accepted through the Sacrifice. 3 And I will take salvation's cup,

And call upon Thy blessed name;
My thankful heart to Thee lift up,
Saviour from death, and guilt, and shame;
Restored in mercy to Thy house,

To render all my grateful vows.
4 There in Thy truth will I rejoice,

And hymn Thy goodness in my lays ;
And mind, and heart, and soul, and voice,
Shall join to magnify Thy praise,
And triumph in the blest employ,
My God, and my exceeding joy.

538 A


xc. 12. C. M. WATTS. 1 ND is this life prolonged to me? O let me, then, prepare to be

A fitter heir of heaven. 2 In vain these moments shall not pass,

These golden hours be gone; Lord, I accept Thine offered grace,

I bow before Thy throne.

3 Now cleanse my soul from every sin

By my Redeemer's blood;
Now let my flesh and soul begin

The honours of my God.
4 My thankful lips shall loud proclaim

The wonders of Thy praise,
And spread the savour of Thy name

Where'er I spend my days.

539 MI

1 John iv. 19. C. M. XAVIER.* God, I love Thee, not because


Nor because they who love Thee not,

Are lost eternally.
2 Thou, O my Jesus, Thou did'st me

Upon the cross embrace;
For me did'st bear the nails and spear,

And manifold disgrace;
3 And griefs and torments numberless ;

And sweat of agony;
Een death itself-and all for one

Who was Thine enemy.
4 Then why, O blessed Jesus Christ,

Should I not love Thee well?
Not for the sake of winning heaven,

Or of escaping hell:
5 Not with the hope of gaining ought;

Not seeking a reward ;
But as Thyself hast loved me,

O ever-loving Lord.
6 E'en so I love Thee, and will love,

And in Thy praise will sing, Because Thou art my loving God,

And my redeeming King.


1 Sam. vii. 12.




Tuné my heart to sing Thy grace : Streams of mercy, never-ceasing,

Call for songs of loudest praise. Teach me some celestial measure,

Sung by ransomed hosts above; O the vast, the boundless treasure

Of my Lord's unchanging love. 2 Here I raise my Ebenezer;

Hither by Thy help I'm come:
And I hope, through Thy good pleasure,

Safely to arrive at home.
Jesus sought me when a stranger,

Wandering from the fold of God,
And to rescue me from danger,

Interposed His precious blood. 3 Oh to grace how great a debtor

Daily I'm constrained to be! Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter,

Bind my wandering heart to Thee: Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it;

Prone to leave the God I love; Take my heart, O take and seal it

Seal it from Thy courts above,

541 0

2 Chron. xv. 15. L.M. DODDRIDGE 1 HAPPY day, that fixed my choice,

On Thee, my Saviour and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice

And tell its raptures all abroad.
2 O happy bond that seals my vows,

To Him who merits all my love!
Let cheerful anthems All His house,
While to that sacred shrine I move.

3 'Tis done; the great transaction's done;

I am my Lord's, and He is mine :
He drew me, and I followed on,

Glad to confess the voice divine.
4 Now rest, my long-divided heart;

Fixed on this blissful centre, rest.
With ashes who would grudge to part,

When called on angels' bread to feast? 5 High heaven, that heard the solemn vow,

That vow renewed shall daily hear :
Till in life's latest hour I bow,
And bless in death a bond so dear.

542 Rom. vi. 13.

S. M.

WESLEY. 1 ORD, in the strength of grace, Myself, my residue of days,

I consecrate to Thee. 2 Thy ransomed servant, I

Restore to Thee Thine own; And from this moment live or die

To serve my God alone.

543 John XV. 13. C.M. CHR. PSALMIST.


1 blessed Saviour, is Thy love

So great, so full, so free?
O let me give my love, my heart,

My life, my all to Thee. 2 I love

Thee for that glorious worth
In Thy great self I see;
I love Thee for that shameful cross

Thou hast endured for me.
3 No man of greater love can boast

Than for his friend to die;
But for Thy foes, Lord, Thou wast slain;

What love with Thine can vie ?

544 Deut. viii. 2.


And made His truth and mercy known. My hopes and fears alternate rise,

And comforts mingle with my sighs.
2 Through this wide wilderness I roam,

Far distant from my blissful home.
Lord, let Thy presence be my stay,

And guard me in this dangerous way. 3 Temptations everywhere annoy;

And sins and snares my peace destroy:
My earthly joys are from me torn,

And oft an absent God I mourn.
4 My soul, with various tempests tossed,

Her hopes o'erturned, her projects crossed,
Sees every day new straits attend,

And wonders where the scene will end. 5 Is this, dear Lord, that thorny road

Which leads us to the mount of God?
Are these the toils Thy people know,

While in this wilderness below ? 6 'Tis even so Thy faithful love

Doth all Thy children's graces prove:
'Tis thus our pride and self must fall,
That Jesus may be All in all.

545 I

2 Chron. xxxii. 31. L. M. NEWTON, 1

In faith, and love, and every grace; Might more of His salvation know,

And seek more earnestly His face.
2 'Twas He who taught me thus to pray,

And He, I trust, has answered prayer;
But it has been in such a way
As almost drove me to despair.

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