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THRICE happy he who shuns the way

That leads ungodly men astray;

Who fears to stand where sinners meet,
Nor with the scorner takes his seat.

2 The law of God is his delight;
That cloud by day, that fire by night,
Shall be his comfort in distress,
And guide him through the wilderness.

3 His works shall prosper;-he shall be
A fruitful, fair, unwithering tree,
That, planted where the river flows,
Nor drought, nor frost, nor mildew knows.

4 Not so the wicked;-they are cast
Like chaff upon the eddying blast;
In judgment they shall quake for dread,
Nor with the righteous lift their head.

5 For God hath spied their secret path,
And they shall perish in His wrath;
He, too, hath mark'd His people's road,
And brings them to His own abode.




S. M.

C. E


THAT though the people rage,
And kings, with counsels vain,
Against the Omnipotent engage,
And spurn Messiah's reign;






The anointed Son shall still
As Monarch be enthron'd,
With regal pomp, on Zion's hill-



Zion long lov'd and own'd.

All empires shall be claim'd
As His from sea to sea;

For Him this beauteous world was fram'd,
And His this world shall be.

Those who resist His sway

His anger shall devour;

And broken, like the potter's clay,
Shall be their pride and power.

Kings! rulers! men! be wise;
The day of grace is now;
Ere yet His kindling wrath arise,
Low at His footstool bow.

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C. M.


LORD! when troublous billows roll,
A strange tempestuous sea,

My foes exclaim against my soul-
"There is no help for thee !"

2 Though they be many, Thou, O Lord,
Art still my sure defence;
My glory, Thine eternal word;
My shield, Omnipotence.

3 I cry to Thee with inward voice,
And Thou dost hear my call,
And cause my spirit to rejoice
Triumphant o'er them all.

4 I laid me down in peace, and slept,
From every terror free;

In strength renew'd, in safety kept,
The Lord sustained me.

5 He heard me from His holy hill;
Be gone, ye fears, be gone!
The Lord is round about me still,
The great, the mighty One.

6 Arise and save me, O my God!
Thy blessing give to me;
My foes are fled before Thy rod,
Salvation is of Thee!


L. M.


1 THE Tempter to my soul hath said,

"There is no help in God for thee;" Lord, lift Thou up Thy servant's head, My glory, shield, and solace be.

2 Thus to the Lord I rais'd my cry;
He heard me from His holy hill;
At His command the waves roll'd by;
He beckon'd, and the winds were still.

3 I laid me down and slept;-I woke ;
Thou, Lord! my spirit didst sustain;
Bright from the east the morning broke,
Thy comforts rose on me again.

4 I will not fear, though armed throngs Compass my steps in all their wrath; Salvation to the Lord belongs;



His presence guards His people's path.


C. M.


LORD, Thou wilt hear me when I pray,

I am for ever Thine;

I fear before Thee all the day,
Nor would I dare to sin.

2 And while I rest my weary head,
From cares and business free,
"Tis sweet communing on my bed
With my own heart and Thee.

3 I pay this evening sacrifice;
And, when my work is done,
Great God, my faith and hope relies
Upon Thy grace alone.

4 Thus with my thoughts compos'd to peace,
I'll give mine eyes to sleep;
Thy hand in safety keeps my days,
And will my slumbers keep.




C. M.


LORD, in the morning Thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high;

To Thee will I direct my prayer,
To Thee lift up mine eye:

2 Up to the hills, where Christ is gone
To plead for all His saints,
Presenting at His Father's throne
Our songs and our complaints.

3 Thou art a God before whose sight
The wicked shall not stand;
Sinners can ne'er be Thy delight,
Nor dwell at Thy right hand.

4 But to Thy house will I resort,
To taste Thy mercies there;
I will frequent Thine holy court,
And worship in Thy fear.

5 O may Thy Spirit guide my feet
In ways of righteousness!
Make every path of duty straight,
And plain before my face.

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