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6 The men that love and fear Thy name Shall see their hopes fulfill'd;

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The mighty God will compass them
With favour as a shield.


C. M.


LORD, our Lord, how wondrous great

Is Thine exalted name!

The glories of Thy heavenly state
Let men and babes proclaim.

2 When I behold Thy works on high,
The moon that rules the night,
And stars that well adorn the sky,
Those moving worlds of light;

3 Lord, what is man, or all his race,
Who dwells so far below,

That Thou shouldst visit him with grace,
And love his nature so!-

4 That Thine eternal Son should bear
To take a mortal form;
Made lower than His angels are,
To save a dying worm.

5 Let Him be crown'd with majesty
Who bowed His head to death;
And be His honours sounded high,
By all things that have breath.

6 Jesus, our Lord, how wondrous great
Is Thine exalted name!


The glories of Thy heavenly state
Let the whole earth proclaim.

L. M.

LMIGHTY Ruler of the skies,


1AThro the wide earth Thy name is spread,

And Thine eternal glories rise

O'er all the heavens Thy hands have made.

2 To Thee the voices of the young
A monument of honour raise;

And babes, with uninstructed tongue,
Declare the wonders of Thy praise.
3 Children amidst Thy temple throng,
To see their great Redeemer's face;
The Son of David is their song,
And young Hosannas fill the place.



C. M.


iW Thy wonders to proclaim:

WITH my whole heart I'll raise my song,

Thou, Sovereign Judge of right and wrong,
Wilt put Thy foes to shame.

2 I'll sing Thy majesty and grace:
My God prepares His throne,
To rule the world in righteousness,
And make His justice known.

3 Then shall the Lord a refuge prove
For all the poor oppress'd;

To save the people of His love,
And give the weary rest.

4 The men that know Thy name will trust In Thine abundant grace;

For Thou dost ne'er forsake the just,
Who humbly seek Thy face.

5 Sing praises to the righteous Lord,
Who dwells on Zion's hill;

Who executes His threatening word,
And doth His grace fulfil.

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1 GOD, the help of all Thy saints, Our hope in time of ill;

C. M.

We'll trust Thee, though Thy face be hid,
And seek Thy presence still.

2 Why should the men of pride and sin
Thy truth and power defy;
And boast, as if their evil way
Were hidden from Thine eye?

3 Lord, Thou hast seen; arise and save; To Thee our cause we bring;

Reign Thou in righteousness and power, For Thou alone art King.

4 All our desires to Thee are known;
Thy help is ever near;

O first prepare our hearts to pray,
And then accept our prayer.




H Help, for the feeble flee;

Lord, the godly fail;

S. M.

And double hearts and tongues prevail,
Which spurn, O God, at Thee.

2 But, Lord, to Thee we cry,


And we have heard Thy voice;

Thy hand the mourner's tear shall dry,
And bid the poor rejoice.

As silver seven times tried,

Thy words, O Lord, are pure:
Though ills abound on every side,
Thy promises endure.




THE earth and all her fulness owns

Jehovah for her Sovereign Lord;

The countless myriads of her sons
Rose into being at His word.

2 His word did out of nothing call
The world, and founded all that is;
Launch'd on the floods this solid ball,
And fix'd it in the floating seas.

3 But who shall quit this low abode,
Who shall ascend the heavenly place,
And stand upon the mount of God,
And see his Maker face to face?

4 The man whose hands and heart are clean
That blessed portion shall receive;
Whoe'er by grace is sav'd from sin,
Hereafter shall in glory live.

5 He shall obtain the starry crown,
And, number'd with the saints above,
The God of his salvation own,
The God of his salvation love.




L. M.


PRESERVE me, Lord, in time of need;

For succour to Thy throne I flee, But have no merits there to plead : My goodness cannot reach to Thee.

2 Oft have my heart and tongue confess'd
How empty and how poor I am;

My praise can never make Thee bless'd,
Nor add new glories to Thy name.

3 When Thou art nigh, my faith is strong; Thine arm is my almighty prop:

Be glad, my heart; rejoice, my tongue;
My dying flesh shall rest in hope.

4 My flesh shall Thy first call obey,
Shake off the dust, and rise on high;
Then shalt Thou lead the wondrous way
Up to Thy throne above the sky.

5 There streams of endless pleasure flow; And full discoveries of Thy grace, Which we but tasted here below,

Spread heavenly joys through all the place.




LORD, Iam Thine; but Thou wilt prove

My faith, my patience, and my love: When men of strife against me join, They are the sword, the hand is Thine.

2 What sinners value I resign;
Lord, 'tis enough that Thou art mine:
I shall behold Thy blissful face,
And stand complete in righteousness.

3 This life's a dream, an empty show;
But the bright world to which I go
Hath joys substantial and sincere:
When shall I wake and find me there?

4 O glorious hour! O blest abode !
I shall be near and like my God;
And flesh and sin no more control
The sacred pleasures of the soul.

5 My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound;
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rise.

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GOD, my strength and fortitude,
Of force I must love Thee;

Thou art my castle and defence
In my necessity.

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