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3 Bless'd be my God, for ever bless'd,

Who bids my fears remove :
The sacred walls that guard my rest

Are everlasting love.

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41 HOW

1 OW blest the man, whose conscious

grief From Thee, great God, hath found relief; Whose guilt Thy boundless love hath veilid,

His fears compos'd, his weakness heal’d. 2 With shame our numerous crimes we own;

Prostrate we fall before Thy throne;
To Thee our inmost guilt disclose,

And in Thy bosom pour our woes.
3 For this Thy saints, who seek Thy face,

Ere yet is past the day of grace,
To Thee with steadfast hope repair,

To Thee address th' unwearied prayer. 4 So when the storms and tempests lour,

And floods of wrath their torrents pour, They, from the floods and stormy wind, In Thee a hiding-place shall find.



Their cheerful voices raise;
For well the righteous it becomes

To sing glad songs of praise. 2 By His almighty word at first

The heavenly arch was rear'd;
And all the beauteous worlds of light

At His command appear'd.

3 Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees

Shall stand for ever sure ;
The settled purpose of His heart

To ages shall endure.
4 How happy, then, are they to whom

The Lord our God is known;
Whom He, from all the world besides,

Has chosen for His own !
5 The riches of Thy mercy, Lord,

Do Thou to us extend;
Since we, for all we want or wish,

On Thee alone depend.




, Lord This work belongs to you;

; Sing of His name, His ways, His word,

How holy, just, and true 1
2 His mercy and His righteousness

Let heaven and earth proclaim ;
His works of nature and of grace

Reveal His wondrous name.
3 His wisdom and almighty word

The heavenly arches spread ; And by the Spirit of the Lord

Their shining hosts were made. 4 He bade the liquid waters flow

To their appointed deep ;
The flowing seas their limits know,

And their own station keep.
6 Ye tenants of the spacious earth,

With fear before Him stand;
He spake, and nature took its birth,

And rests on His command.

6 Lord, let our hearts in Thee rejoice,

And bless us from Thy throne; For we have made Thy word our choice,

And trust Thy grace alone. 44

PSALM XXXIV. C. M. N. V. 1 THI HROUGH all the changing scenes of

life, In trouble and in joy, The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ. 2 Of His deliverance I will boast,

Till all that are distress'd, From my example comfort take,

And soothe their griefs to rest. 3 O magnify the Lord with me;

With ine exalt His name. When in distress to Him I call'd,

He to my rescue came.
4 O make but trial of His love;

Experience will decide,
How blest they are, and only they,

Who in His truth confide.
5 Fear Him, ye saints; and you will then

Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight,

He'll make your wants His care.



L. M.



| Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongue; My soul shall glory in Thy grace, While saints rejoice to hear the song.

2 Come, magnify the Lord with me,

Come, let us all exalt His name;
I sought th' eternal God, and He
Has not expos'd my hope to shame.

3 I told Him all my secret grief,

My secret groaning reach'd His ears;
He gave my inward pains relief,
And calm'd the tumult of my fears.

4 To Him the poor lift up their eyes,

Their faces feel the heavenly shine;
A beam of mercy from the skies
Fills them with light and joy divine.

5 To humble souls and broken hearts

God with His grace is ever nigh;
Pardon and hope His love imparts,
When men in deep contrition lie.

6 He tells their groans, He counts their tears,

His Son redeems their souls from death;
His Spirit calms their anxious fears,
They in His praise employ their breath.

7 His holy angels pitch their tents

Around the men that serve the Lord;
O fear and love Him, all His saints,
Taste of His grace, and trust His word.


C. M.


46 A

1 BOVE these heavens' created rounds,

Thy mercies, Lord, extend ;
Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds

Where time and nature end.

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2 Thy hand sustains all living things;

Thy providence how kind ! Beneath the shadow of Thy wings

Thy children safety find. 3 From Thee, when creature streams run low,

And mortal comforts die, Perpetual springs of life shall flow,

And raise our pleasures high. 4 Though all created light decay,

And death close up our eyes, Thy presence makes eternal day,

Where clouds can never rise.


L. M. WATTS. 1 CIGH in the heavens, eternal God,

; Thy truth shall break through every cloud

That veils and darkens Thy designs. 2 For ever firm Thy justice stands,

As mountains their foundations keep;
Wise are the wonders of Thy hands,

Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 3 Thy providence is kind and large,

Both man and beast Thy bounty share;
The whole creation is Thy charge,

But saints are Thy peculiar care.
4 My God, how excellent Thy grace,

Whence all our hope and comfort springs !
The sons of Adam in distress

Fly to the shadow of Thy wings.
5 From the provisions of Thy house

We shall be fed with sweet repast;
There mercy like a river flows,
And brings salvation to our taste.

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