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3 Infinite was our guilt,

But He, our Priest, atones ;
On the cold ground His life was spilt,

And offered with His groans. 4 Look up, my soul, to Him

Whose death was thy desert,
And humbly view the living stream

Flow from His breaking heart. 5 There, on the cursed tree,

In dying pangs He lies,

His Father's great decree,
And all our wants supplies.
6 Lord, cleanse my soul from sin,

Nor let Thy grace depart;
Great Comforter, abide within,

And witness to my heart.

716 Heb. xii. 2, 3.

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Our hearts no more repine;
Our sufferings are not worth a thought,

When, Lord, compared with Thine. 2 In lively figures here we see

The bleeding Prince of Love ; Each of us hopes He died for me;

And then our griefs remove. 3 Grace, wisdom, justice, joined and wrought

The wonders of that day;
No mortal tongue, nor mortal thought,

Can equal thanks repay. 4 Our hymns should sound like those above,

Could we our voices raise;
Yet, Lord, our hearts shall all be love,

And all our lives be praise.

717 John xv. 13.


L. M. WATTS. 1

O that our feeble lips could move In strains immortal as His name,

And melting as His dying love! 2 Was ever equal pity found ?

The Prince of heaven resigns His breath, And pours His life out on the ground,

To ransom guilty worms from death. 3 Here we have washed our deepest stains, And healed our wounds with heavenly

blood; Blest fountain, springing from the veins

Of Jesus, our Incarnate God.
4 In vain our mortal voices strive

To speak compassion so divine:
Had we a thousand lives to give,
A thousand lives should all be Thine.

Mat. xxvii. 2931. 7.6. GERHARD.*

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With grief and pain weighed down,
How scornfully surrounded

With thorns Thine only crown!
How art Thou pale with anguish,

With sore abuse and scorn!
How does that visage languish,

Which once was bright as morn! 2 O sacred Head, what glory,

What bliss, till now was Thine !
Yet, though despised and gory,

I joy to call Thee mine.
Thy grief and Thy compassion

Were all for sinners' gain;
Mine, mine was the transgression,

But Thine the deadly pain.

3 What language shall I borrow,
: To praise Thee, heavenly Friend ;
For this Thy dying sorrow,

Thy pity without end ?
Lord, make me Thine for ever,

Nor let me faithless prove ;
Oh, let me never, never

Abuse such dying love.

719 Eph. V. 2. 112th M. VÍ

C. WESLEY. ICTIM divine, Thy grace we claim,

While thus Thy precious death we shew. Once offered up, a spotless Lamb, In Thy great temple here below, Thou didst for all mankind atone,

And standest now before the throne. 2 Thou standest in the holiest place,

As now for guilty sinners slain;
The blood of sprinkling speaks, and prays,
All-prevalent for helpless man;
Thy blood is still our ransom found,

And speaks salvation all around.
3 The smoke of Thine atonement here

Darkened the sun, and rent the veil,
Made the new way to heaven appear,
And shewed the great Invisible :
Well pleased in Thee, our God looked down,

And called e'en rebels to a crown. 4 He still respects Thy sacrifice,

Its savour sweet doth always please;
The Offering smokes through earth and

Diffusing life, and joy, and peace ;
To these, Thy lower courts, it comes,
And fills them with divine perfumes.

5 We need not now go up to heaven,

To bring the long-sought Saviour down;
Thou art to all already given,
Thou dost even now Thy banquet crown:
To every faithful soul appear,
And shew Thy real presence here.

720 Luke vil. 50. C.WESLEY.

L We now recall to mind,

AMB of God, whose bleeding love

Send the answer from above,

And let us mercy find ;
Think on us who think on Thee,

And every struggling soul release ;
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace. 2 By Thine agonizing pain,

And bloody sweat, we pray:
By Thy dying love to man,

Take all our sins away :
Burst our bonds and set us free,

From all iniquity release :
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.
3 Let Thy blood, by faith applied,

The sinner's pardon seal:
Now declare us justified,

And all our sickness heal:
By Thy passion on the tree,

Let all griefs and troubles cease :
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in peace.

721 Luke vii. 38–47. *8.7.


Which before the cross I spend ;
Life, and health, and peace possessing,

From the sinner's dying Friend.


Here I'll sit for ever viewing

Mercy's streams in streams of blood; Precious drops my soul bedewing,

Plead and claim my peace with God. 2 Truly blessed is this station,

Low before His cross to lie,
While I see divine compassion

Floating in His languid eye:
Here it is I find my heaven,

While upon the Lamb I gaze;
Love I much ? I've much forgiven,

I'm a miracle of grace.
3 Love and grief my heart dividing,

With my tears His feet I'll bathe, Constant still in faith abiding,

Life deriving from His death. May I still enjoy this feeling,

In all need to Jesus go; Prove His wounds each day more healing,

And Himself more deeply know.

Isaiah liii. . C. M. WATTS 1 LAS! and did my Saviour bleed ?

And did my Sovereign die ? Would He devote that sacred head

For such a worm as I ?

722 A

2 Was it for crimes that I had done

He groaned upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown!

And love beyond degree !
3 Well might the sun in darkness hide,

And shut his glories in,
When Christ the great Redeemer died
For man the creature's sin.

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