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3 Inflame their minds with holy zeal,

Their flocks to feed and teach;
And let them live, and let them feel,

The sacred truths they preach.

820 Phil. ii. 29. L. M. MONTGOMERY.

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E bid thee welcome in the name

Come as a Servant, so He came;

And we receive thee in His stead.
2 Come as a Shepherd; guard and keep

This fold from hell, and earth, and sin;
Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep,

The wounded heal, the lost bring in.
3 Come as a Watchman ; take thy stand

Upon thy tower amidst the sky;
And when the sword comes on the land,

Call us to fight, or warn to fly.
4 Come as an Angel, hence to guide

A band of pilgrims on their way,
That, safely walking at thy side,

We fail not, faint not, turn nor stray. 5 Come as a Teacher sent from God,

Charged His whole counsel to declare ;
Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,

While we uphold thy hands with prayer. 6 Come as a Messenger of peace,

Filled with the Spirit, fired with love;
Live to behold our large increase,
And die to meet us all above.

821 Heb. xiii. 17. C. M. DODDRDDOE



ET Zion's watchmen all awake,

Now let them, froin the mouth of God,

Their solemn charge receive.

2 Tis not a cause of small import

The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel's heart,

And filled a Saviour's hands. 3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord

Did heavenly bliss forego;
For souls, which must for ever live,

In raptures or in woe.
4 All to the great tribunal haste,

The account to render there; And shouldst Thou strictly mark our faults,

Lord, how should we appear? 5 May they that Jesus whom they preach,

Their own Redeemer see;
And watch Thou daily o'er their souls,

That they may watch for Thee.


Luke xii. 35–40. L. M.

CHRISTIAN YEAR. 1 E who your Lord's commission bear,

Angels He calls ye—be your strife

To lead on earth an angel's life. 2 Think not of rest; though dreams be sweet,

Start up, and ply your heaven-ward feet. Is not God's oath upon your head,

Ne'er to sink back on slothful bed ? 3 Never again your loins untie,

Nor let your torches waste and die,
Till, when the shadows thickest fall,
Ye hear your Master's midnight call.


Acts xiv. 23.

L. M. 1

, Him whom we now to Thee commend; Thy faithful messenger secure, And make him to the end endure.

2 Gird him with all-sufficient grace ;

Direct his feet in paths of peace;
Thy truth and faithfulness fulil,
And arm him to obey Thy will.

ON THE CHOICE OF A PASTOR, 824 Ezra viii, 21.

L. M. 1 YHEPHERD of Israel, bend Thine ear;

Perplexed, distressed, to Thee we cry,

And seek the guidance of Thine eye. 2 Thy comprehensive view surveys

Our wandering paths, our trackless ways: Send forth, O Lord, Thy truth and light,

To guide our doubtful footsteps right. 3 With longing eyes, behold, we wait

In suppliant crowds at mercy's gate :
Our drooping hearts, O God, sustain ;

Shall Israel seek Thy face in vain ? 4 O Lord, in ways of peace return,

Nor let Thy flock neglected mourn:
May our blest eyes a shepherd see

Dear to our souls, and dear to Thee.
5 Fed by his care, our tongues shall raise

A cheerful tribute to Thy praise :
Our children learn the grateful song,
And theirs the cheerful notes prolong.


Rom. xv. 30. L. M.



Thy ministers' and people's prayer;
Perfumed by Thee, O may it rise
Like fragrant incense to the skies.

2 May every pastor from above

Be now inspired with zeal and love,
To watch Thy folds and feed Thy sheep,

And his own heart with care to keep. 3 Revive Thy churches with Thy grace;

Heal all our breaches, grant us peace;
Raise us from sloth, our hearts inflame

With ardent zeal for Jesus' name.
4 May young and old Thy word receive;

Dead sinners hear Thy voice and live;
The wounded conscience healing find,

And joy refresh each drooping mind. 5 Thus we our suppliant voices raise,

And weeping sow the seeds of praise,
In humble hope that Thou wilt hear
Thy ministers' and people's prayer.


Eph. vi. 18, 19. L. M. BEDDOME. 1 ATHER of mercies, bow Thine ear,

We plead for those who plead for Thce:

Successful pleaders may they be! 2 Clothe, then, with energy divine

Their words, and let those words be Thine: To them Thy sacred truth reveal ;

Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal. 3 Teach them to sow the precious seed;

Teach thein Thy chosen flock to feed;
Teach them immortal souls to gain,

A blest reward for all their pain. 4 Let thronging multitudes around

Hear from their lips the joyful sound,
In humble strains Thy grace implore,
Thy new-creating power adore.


6 Let sinners break their heavy chains;

Distressed souls forget their pains;
Let light through distant realms be spread,
And Žion rear her drooping head.


CONDER. 1 Beshewcus the brightness of 'Thy face;

E merciful, ;
That Thy redeemed church may shine,

In this dark world, with light divine. 2 That light divine, O, let it spread,

Till all the darkness shall have fled ;
And the false crescent's fading ray

Be lost in the full noon of day.
3 Reveal, O Lord, Thy saving plan

To all the families of man:
Let distant nations hear Thy word :

Let all the nations praise the Lord. 4 Let them with joy Thy praises sing, Earth's righteous Judge and sovereign

Illumined by Thy holy word,

Let all the nations praise the Lord.
5 Then shall this barren world assume

New beauty, and the desert bloom :
Our God shall richly bless us then,
And all men fear His name. Amen.

828 Rom. I. 18.


Here, in Thy presence, Lord, we stand. The voice that marshalled every star, Has called Thy people from afar.


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