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5 Thus, though the universe shall burn,

And God His works destroy,
With songs the ransomed shall return,

And everlasting joy.



Rom. xi. 17--21. D.C. M. HEBER. 1

Enthroned once on high,
Thou favoured home of God on earth,

Thou heaven below the sky;
Now brought to bondage with thy sons,

A curse and grief to see,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

Our tears shall flow for thee, 2 Oh! had'st thou known thy day of grace,

And flocked beneath the wing
Of Him who called thee lovingly,

Thine own anointed King.
Then had the tribes of all the world

Gone up thy pomp to see,
And glory dwelt within thy gates,

And all thy sons been free. 3 “And who art thou that mournest me?"

Jerusalem may say,
“And fear'st not rather that thyself

May prove a cast-away?
I am a dried and abject branch,

My place is given to thee;
But woe to every barren graft

Of thy wild olive tree !
4. “Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Our time of mercy spent,
For heavy was my children's crime,

And strange their punishment;
Yet gaze not idly on our fall,

But, sinner, warned be ;
Who spared not His chosen seed,

May send His wrath on thee!

5 “Our day of grace is sunk in night,

Thy noon is in its prime;
Oh, turn and seek thy Saviour's face

In this accepted time.
So, Gentile, may Jerusalem

A lesson prove to thee,
And in the new Jerusalem

Thy home for ever be."


1 crown,

John xi. 25, 26.

C. M.

And sing with seraphim ;
Brethren in glory, bend ye down,

And aid our faltering hymn. 2 Come let us praise the one Great Head,

The self-same Power to save;
Ye, who in bliss are perfected, -

And we, beside the grave.
3 Glory to Him who tasted death,

That all might life receive !
In Him who hath a steadfast faith,

Though he were dead, shall live. 4 Glory to Him who won the strife,

And is gone up on high !
The Resurrection and the Life

In whom we never die !
5 Glory from us, who think Him long,

And for His coming wait ;
And glory, from your palmy throng,

Within the pearly gate.
6 When wilt Thou be at once adored

By one church, in one home? Hasten the time; delay not, Lord;

Lord Jesus, quickly come.

Eph. iii. 15.

C. M. 1 QIVE dust to dust; and here we leave

That so this mortal may receive

Its immortality.
2 Spirit to spirits purified ;

And his hath soared on high, Hath joined the inembers glorified

The brethren in the sky. 3 Saviour, Thy love unites us all,

The living and the dead; Tis but one mystical,

And but one glorious Head. 4 Keep us in fellowship of soul

With the dear saint that's gone; Make us in worship, service, love,

Like those before the throne. 6 And now to Him who conquered death,

United praise be given ;
Amidst the parting tears of earth,

The welcome-palms of heaven.



1 Cor. xv. 42-44. C. M. 1 TE principalities and powers

That never tasted death,
Witness from off your heavenly towers

Our act of Christian faith. 2 Though tears will fall and hearts are stirr'd,

We know in whom we trust; And confident in His sure word,

We bear the “dust to dust." 3 We sow this seed in earth to die

In the great Master's name, Type of decay and vanity,

In weakness and in shame.

4 It shall arise a holy shrine

Of glory, beauty, might,
Fit for a spirit made divine;

All purity, all light.
5 Thanks be to God, there is no death

For all that trust His word.
Thanks be to God, for victory,

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

859 THOU

1 Thess. iv. 13. P. M. HEBER. 1

art to the grave, but we will

not deplore thee, Though sorrows and darkness encompass

the tomb : The Saviour has passed through its portal

before thee, And the lamp of His love is thy guide

through the gloom.

2 Thou art gone to the grave, we no longer

behold thee, Nor tread the rough path of the world

by thy side; But the wide arms of mercy are spread to

enfold thee, And sinners may hope, since the Sinless

has died.

3 Thou art gone to the grave, and, its man

sion forsaking, Perhaps thy weak spirit in fear lingered

long : But the sunshine of Paradise beamed on

thy waking, And the sound which thou heard'st was

the seraphim's song.

4 Thou art gone to the grave, but 'twere

wrong to deplore thee, For God was thy ransom, thy guardian,

and guide. He gave thee, He took thee, and He will

restore thee; And death has no sting, since the Saviour

has died.


CAPT Christian chivalry:

2 Tim. il. 3.

C. M. 1 YAPTAIN and Saviour of the host We bless Thee for our comrade true,

Now summoned up to Thee.
2 We bless Thee for his every step

In faithful following Thee;
And for his good fight fought so well,

And crowned with victory. 3 We thank Thee that the way-worn sleeps

The sleep in Jesus bless'd: The purified and ransomed soul

Hath entered into rest. 4 We bless Thee that his humble love

Hath met with such regard : We bless Thee for his blessedness,

And for his rich reward.


1 DE

1 Thess. iv. 13, 14. D.C.M. DALE EAR as thou wert, and justly dear,

We will not weep for thee :
One thought shall check the starting tear,

It is, that thou art free;
And thus shall faith's consoling power

The tears of love restrain,
Oh! who, that saw thy parting hour,

Could wish thee back again?

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