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576 Matt. xi. 29. 78. Madan's Col.


ORD, if Thou the grace impart, I shall as my Master be,

Clothed with humility.
2 Simple, teachable, and mild,

Changed into a little child;
Pleased with all the Lord provides,

Weaned from all the world besides. 3 Father, fix my soul on Thee;

Every evil let me flee:
Nothing want beneath, above,

Happy in Thy precious love. 4 O that all may seek and find

Every good in Christ combined!
Him let Israel still adore ;

Trust Him, praise Him evermore. 577

Job L. 21. CONDER 1 W _with God,

In trial's fearful hour,-
Bow, all resigned, beneath His rod,

And bless His sparing power;
A joy springs up amid distress,

A fountain in the wilderness.
2 Oh! blessed be the hand that gave,

And blessed when it takes;
Blessed be He who smites to save,

Who heals the heart He breaks.
Perfect and true are all His ways,
Whom heaven adores and death obeys.


Prov. iii. 6.

C. M.



of time

God's watchful eye surveys, who so wise to choose our lot, And regulate our ways ?

2 Since none can doubt His equal love,

Unmeasurably kind,
To His unerring, gracious will,

Be every wish resigned.
3 Good when He gives, supremely good,

Nor less when He denies:
E'en crosses from His sovereign hand

Are blessings in disguise.

579 Ezek. xx. 37.


bliss Thy sovereign will denies, Accepted at Thy throne of grace,

Let this petition rise :
2 Give me a calm, a thankful heart,

From every murmur free;
The blessings of Thy grace impart,

And let me live to Thee. 3 Let the sweet hope that Thou art mine,

My path of life attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,

And crown my journey's end.


Psalm lxxxiv. 11. C. M. MERRICK 1 TERNAL God, we look to Thee;

for Thine eye alone our wants can see ;

Thy hand alone supply.
2 Lord, let Thy fear within us dwell,

Thy love our footsteps guide:
That love will all vain love expel;

That fear, all fear beside.
3 Not what we wish, but what we want,

0 let Thy grace supply. The good, unasked, in mercy grant: The in, though asked, deny.


Gal. iv. 6. C. M. STEELE. 1 A

ND can my heart aspire so high,

To say, My Father, God ! Lord, at Thy feet I fain would lie,

And learn to kiss the rod. 2 I would submit to all Thy will,

For Thou art good and wise. Let every anxious thought be still,

Nor one faint murmur rise. 3 Thy love can cheer the darksome gloom,

And bid me wait serene,
Till hopes and joys immortal bloom,

And brighten all the scene.
4 My Father !-0 permit my heart

To plead her humble claim,
And ask the bliss those words impart,

In my Redeemer's name.

582 2 Sam. xxiii. 5. C. M. DODDRIDGE * MXGod, the covenant of Thy love

Abides for ;
And in its matchless grace I feel

My happiness secure.
2 Since Thou, the everlasting God,

My Father art become,
Jesus my guardian and my friend,

And heaven my final home;
3 I welcome all Thy sovereign will,

For all that will is love;
And when I know not what Thou dost,

I wait the light above.
4 Thy covenant in the darkest gloom

Shall heavenly rays impart, Which, when my eyelids close in death,

Shall warm my chilling heart.

583 Luke xxii. 42. D. C. M. MONTGOMERY.


1 NE prayer I have-all prayers in one,

When I am wholly Thine;
Thy will, my God, Thy will be done,

And let that will be mine.
All-wise, Almighty, and All-good!

In Thee I firmly trust.
Thy ways, unknown or understood,

Are merciful and just.

2 Is life with many comforts crowned,

Upheld in peace and health,
With dear affections twined around ?-

Lord, in my time of wealth,
May I remember, that to Thee

Whate'er I have I owe,
And back, in gratitude from me,

May all Thy bounties flow.

3 Thy gifts are only then enjoyed,

When used as talents lent;
Those talents only well employed,

When in Thy service spent.
And though Thy wisdom takes away,

Shall I arraign Thy will ?
No, let me bless Thy name, and say,

The Lord is gracious stili.

4 A pilgrim through the earth I roam,

Of nothing long possessed;
And all must fail when I go home,

For this is not my rest.
Write but my name upon the roll

Of Thy redeemed above;
Then, heart and mind, and strength and

11 love Thee for Thy love,

584 HEA

Luke xl. 4. 78. CONDER. 1 EAVENLY Father, to whose eye

Future things unfolded lie,
Through the desert where I stray,

Let Thy counsels guide my way. 2 Lead me not, for flesh is frail,

Where fierce trials would assail :
Leave me not, in darkened hour,

To withstand the tempter's power.
3 Save me from his treacherous wiles :

Arm me against pleasure's smiles,
Give me, for my spirit's health,

Neither poverty nor wealth.
4 Lord, uphold me day by day:

Shed a light upon my way :
Guide me through perplexing snares :

Care for me in all my cares.
5 Should Thy wisdom, Lord, decree

Trials long and sharp for me,
Pain or sorrow, care or shame,

Father, glorify Thy name.
6 Let me neither faint nor fear,

Feeling still that Thou art near ;
In the course my Saviour trod,
Tending still to Thee, my God.



1 Sam. iii. 18. S. M. DARBY. 1 T is Thy hand, my God;

My sorrow comes from Thee : I bow beneath Thy chastening rod,

"Tis love that bruises me. 2 I would not murmur, Lord,

Before Thee I am dumb: Lest I should breathe one murmuring word,

To Thee for help I come.

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