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4 Whene'er thou pin'st in sadness,

Before His footstool fall : Remember in thy gladness

His love who gave thee all.
Oh ! not a joy or blessing

With this we can compare,
The power that has been given us

To pour our souls in prayer.

John xiv. 23.



? A th

The darkness thickens: Lord, with

me abide; When other helpers fail, and comforts flee,

Help of the helpless, O abide with me. 2 Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass

away ;
Change and decay in all around I see:

O Thou who changest not, abide with me. 3 Not a brief glance I beg, a passing word, But as Thou dwell'st with Thy disciples,

Familiar, condescending, patient, free,

Come not to sojourn, but abide with me. 4 Come not in terrors, as the King of kings, But kind and good, with healing in Thy

wings; Tears for all woes, a heart for every plea ; Come, Friend of sinners, thus abide with

me. 6 I need Thy presence every passing hour,What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's

power ? Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be ? Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with 6 I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless :


Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness. Where is death's sting? where, grave, thy

victory? I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.

7 Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing

eyes, Sbine through the gloom, and point me to

the skies : Heaven's morning breaks, and earth’s vain

shadows flee; In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

884 Psalm xlii. 8. L. M. SIR T. Browse


; Depart not Thou, great God, away; Let not my sins, all black as night,

Eclipse the lustre of Thy light.
2 Keep Thou still in my heaven; for me

The sun makes not the day, but Thee
O Thou whose nature cannot sleep,

O'er my closed eyelids sentry keep.
3 Guard me against those watchful foes,

Whose eyes are open while mine close;
Let no ili dreams my sleep infest,

But such as Jacob's slumbers bless'd.
4 That so I may, my rest being wrought,

Awake into some holy thought;
And with an active vigour run

My course, as doth the unwearied sun. 5 Sleep is a death; O make me try,

By sleeping what it is to die;
And then as gently lay my head
Upon my grave, as now my bed.



Luke xxiii. 54. Heb. iv. 9. 8.7. 1

And a voice, whilst world-cares fly, With the closing hours is blended,

Rest is coming, rest is nigh.
2 Nearing Sabbath, how I bless thee!

Let thy calmness fill my breast;
Let me even now possess theo;

And anticipate thy rest.
3 Is my journey full of sadness,

Through a desert wild and drear ? Be to me a well of gladness ;

Bid me quite forget my fear. 4 Clouds on clouds my way may darken;

But thy rainbow gleams above, And the storms and wild winds hearken

To thy still small voice of love. 5 So when life's long week is over,

Blessed it will be to die; Angels whispering as they hover,

Rest is coming, rest is nigh. 6 Then the heavenly rest to enter,

In Thy mercy, Lord, be mine: Rest of God! the sun and centre

Of the bliss that is divine.

886 Luke xxiii. 54. D. S. M. CONDER.



IE hours of evening close :

O'er scenes of earth, invite repose,

And wait the Sabbath dawn.
So let its calm prevail

O'er forms of outward care ;
Nor thought for “many things" assail

The still retreat of prayer.

2 Our guardian Shepherd near,

His watchful eye will keep;
And, safe from violence or fear,

Will fold His flock to sleep.
So may a holier light

Than earth's, our spirits rouse,
And call us, strengthened by His might,

To pay the Lord our vows.


Jer. ix. 2. C. M. COWPER. 1 VAR from the world, O Lord, I flee,

From scenes where Satan wages still

His most successful war.

2 The calm retreat, the silent shade,

With prayer and praise agree;
And seem by Thy sweet bounty made

For those who follow Thee.

3 There, if Thy Spirit touch the soul,

And grace her mean abode,
O with what peace, and joy, and love,

She communes with her God!
4 There like the nightingale she pours

Her solitary lays ;
Nor asks a witness of her song,

Nor thirsts for human praise.
5 Author and Guardian of my life,

Sweet source of light divine,
And-all harmonious names in one-

My Saviour, Thou art mine. 6 What thanks I owe Thee, and what love,

A boundless, endless store,
Shall echo through the realms above

When time shall be no more.



FOR What shalim praise Thce,

Job xiii, 15. P. M. 1

My God and my King ?
For what blessings the tribute

Of gratitude bring ?
Shall I praise Thee for pleasure,

For health, and for ease,
For the spring of delight,

And the sunshine of peace ? 2 Shall I praise Thee for flowers

That bloomed on my breast,
For joys in perspective,

And pleasures possess'd ?
For the spirits that heightened

My days of delight,
And the slumbers that sat

On my pillow by night?
3 For this would I praise Thee !

But if only for this,
I should leave half untold

The donation of bliss :
I thank Thee for sickness,

For sorrow, for care,
For the thorns I have gathered,

The anguish I bear : 4 For nights of anxiety,

Watchings, and tears,
A present of pain,

A perspective of fears ;
I praise Thee, I bless Thee,

My King and my God,
For the good and the evil

Thy hand hath bestowed. 5 The flowers were sweet,

But their fragrance is flown, They yielded no fruits,

They are withered and gone;

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