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894 John 17. 4.


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1 HOLY Saviour! Friend unseen!

Since on Thine arm Thou bidst me lean, Help me throughout life's varying scene,

By faith to cling to Thee. 2 Blest with this fellowship divine,

Take what Thou wilt, I'll ne'er repine:
E'en as the branches to the vine,

My soul would cling to Thee.
3 Far from her home, fatigued, oppressid,

Here has she found her place of rest,
An exile still, yet not unbless'd,

While she can cling to Thee, 4 Without a murmur, I dismiss

My former dreams of earthly bliss,
My joy, my consolation this,

Each hour to cling to Thee.
5 What though the world deceitful prove,

And earthly friends and joys remove,
With patient uncomplaining love,

Still would I cling to Thee. 6 Oft when I seem to tread alone

Some barren waste, with thorns o'ergrown
Thy voice of love, in gentlest tone,

Whispers, “ Still cling to Me." 7 Though faith and hope may long be tried,

I ask not, need not aught beside;
How safe, how calm, how satisfied,

The soul that clings to Thee! 8 They fear not Satan, nor the grave;

They feel Thee near, and strong to save :
Nor dread to cross e'en Jordan's wave;
Because they cling to Thee.


9 Blest is my lot--whate'er befall;

What can disturb me-who appal ? While as my Strength, my Rock, my All,

Saviour! I cling to Thee. 895 1 Thess. iv. 17.


S Thoagh
100N and forever, such promise our trust,

dust; Soon and for ever our union shall be, Made perfect and glorious, Redeemer, with

Thee, When the sins and the sorrows of time

shall be o'er; Its pangs and its partings remembered no

more; Where life cannot fail, and where death

cannot sever, Christians with Christ shall be soon and

for ever. 2 Soon and for ever the breaking of day, Shall drive all the night clouds of sorrow

away: Soon and for ever we'll see as we're seen, And learn the deep meaning of things

that have been. When fightings without us, and fears from

within, Shall weary no more in the warfare of sin ; Where tears, and where fears, and where

death shall be-never, Christians with Christ shall be soon and

for ever. 3 Soon and for ever the work shall be done,

The warfare accomplished, the victory won, Soon and for ever the soldier lay down His sword for a harp, and his cross for a Then droop not in sorrow, despair not in


fear, A glorious to-morrow is brightening, is

near; When-blessed reward of each faithful

endeavour ! Christians with Christ shall be soon and

for ever.

Rev. vii. 13, 14. P. M. 1 EAR no more the clanking chain;



For stripes, and weariness, and pain,

The eternal rest is given. 2 Fear no more the torturer's hand,

Nor the dungeon dark that bound thee; The loving angels round thee stand,

And lightning wings surround thee. 3 Fear no more the winter's cold;

That home it entereth never.
Thy glory-robe around thee fold,

And walk in white for ever.
4 Fear no more lest failing faith

In the mortal strife betray thee.
Thou hast been faithful unto death,
So in thy crown array thee.

897 TI

2 Tim. iv. 6. L. M. LOGAN. 1 WE hour of my departure's come,

I hear the voice that calls me home; At last, O Lord, let trouble cease,

And let Thy servant die in peace. 2 The race appointed I have run ;

The combat's o'er, the prize is won:
And now my witness is on high,
And now my record's in the sky.

3 Not in mine innocence I trust;

I bow before Thee in the dust;
And through my Saviour's blood alone

I look for mercy at Thy throne.
4 I come, I come at Thy command;

I give my spirit to Thy hand :
Stretch forth Thine everlasting arms,
And shield me in the last alarms.

898 John v. 28, 29. 8.8.6. C. WESLEY.


To Thee, against myself, to Thee,

A worm of earth, I cry;
A half-awakened child of man;
An heir of endless bliss or pain;

A sinner born to die !

2 Lo! on a narrow neck of land,
'Twixt two unbounded seas, I stand,

Secure, insensible;
A point of time, a moment's space,
Removes me to that heavenly place,

Or shuts me up in hell.
3 O God, mine inmost soul convert;
And deeply on my thoughtful heart

Eternal things impress :
Give me to feel their solemn weight,
And tremble on the brink of fate,

And wake to righteousness. 4 Before me place, in dread array, The pomp of that tremendous

day; When Thou with clouds shalt come, To judge the nations at Thy bar; And tell me, Lord, shall I be there,

To meet a joyful doom?

5 Be this my one great business here,
With serious industry and fear

Eternal bliss to ensure :
Thine utmost counsel to fulfil,
And suffer all Thy righteous will,

And to the end endure.
6 Then, Saviour, then, my soul receive,
Transported from this vale to live

And reign with Thee above;
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight,
And hope in full supreme delight,

And everlasting love.


Rev. iv. 8. P. M. HEBER

! Gratefully adoring, our songs shall

rise to Thee.
Holy, holy, holy ! Merciful and Mighty,

God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity. 2 Holy, holy, holy! all the saints adore Thee, Casting down their golden crowns around

the glassy sea; Cherubim and seraphim falling down before

Thee, Who wast, and art, and evermore shalt be. 3 Holy, holy, holy! though the darkness

hide Thee, Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory

may not see; Only Thou art holy : there is none beside

Thee Perfect in power, in love, and purity. 4 Holy, holy, holy ! Lord God Almighty ! Al Thy works shall praise Thy name, in

earth, and sky, and sea : Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and Mighty ! God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity!

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