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3 My God, Thy name is love,

A Father's hand is Thine; With tearful eyes I look above,

And cry, “Thy will be mine!" 4 I know Thy will is right,

Though it may seem severe ; Thy path is still unsullied light,

Though dark it oft appear. 5 Jesus for me hath died,

Thy Son Thou didst not spare ;
His pierced hands, His bleeding side,

Thy love for me declare.
6 Here my poor heart can rest,

My God, it cleaves to Thee ;
Thy will is love, Thine end is bless'd,

All work for good to me. 586 Eph. linea tu12th M. TERSTEEGEN.

Translated by J. 1 JHOU hidden love of God, whose height,

I see from far Thy beauteous light,
Inly I sigh for Thy repose :
My heart is pained, nor can it be

At rest, till it finds rest in Thee. 2 Thy secret voice invites me still

The sweetness of Thy yoke to prove :
And fain I would ; but though my will
Seems fixed, yet wide my passions rove;
Yet hinderances strew all the way;

I aim at Thee, yet from Thee stray.
3 'Tis mercy all, that Thou hast brought

My mind to seek her peace in Thee:
Yet while I seek, but find Thee not,
No peace my wandering soul shall see :
Oh when shall all my wanderings end,
And all my steps to Thee-ward tond?

4 Is there a thing beneath the sun

That strives with Thee my heart to share ?
Ah! tear it thence, and reign alone,
The Lord of every motion there.
Then shall my heart from earth be free,

When it hath found repose in Thee. 5 O Love, Thy sovereign aid impart,

To save me from low-thoughted care ;
Chase this self-will through all my heart,
Through all its latent mazes there :
Make me Thy duteous child, that I

Ceaseless may, “Abba, Father," cry. 6 Each moment draw from earth away

My heart, that lowly waits Thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and say,
“I am thy Love, thy God, thy All."
To feel Thy power, to hear Thy voice,
To taste Thy love, be all my choice.


Acts xxi. 13, 14. C. E1

Far from my home, on life's rough way, O teach me from my heart to say,

Thy will be done !" 2 If Thou should'st call me to resign

What most I prize, -it ne'er was mine ; I only yield Thee what was Thine ;

“Thy will be done!"
3 E'en if again I ne'er should see

The friend more dear than life to me,
Ere long we both shall be with Thee;

“Thy will be done!"
4 Should pining sickness waste away

My life in premature decay,
My Father, still I strive to say,

“Thy will be done!"

5 If but

my fainting heart be bless'd With Thy sweet Spirit for its guest, My God, to Thee I leave the rest;

“Thy will be done!”

6 Renew my will from day to day ;

Blend it with Thine, and take away
All that now makes it hard to say-

“Thy will be done!”
7 Then when on earth I breathe no more

The prayer oft mixed with tears before, I'll sing upon a happier shore,

“Thy will be done !"

588 Job 11. 10. 112th M. 8. F. ADAMS

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1 YOD sendeth sun, He sendeth shower,

Alike they're needful for the flower ; And joys and tears alike are sent, To give the soul fit nourishment; As comes to me, or cloud or sun,

Father, Thy will, not mine, be done. 2 Can loving children e'er reprove,

With murmurs, those they trust and love?
Creator, I would ever be
A trusting, loving child to Thce ;
As comes to me, or cloud or sun,

Father, Thy will, not mine, be done. 3 Oh! ne'er will I at life repine,

Enough that Thou hast made it mine;
When falls the shadow cold of death,
I yet will sing with parting breath,
As comes to me, or cloud or sun,
Father, Thy will, not mine, be done.

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So let our works and virtues shine,

To prove the doctrine all divine.
2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad

The honours of our Saviour God,
When the salvation reigns within,

And grace subdues the power of sin. 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,

Passion and envy, lust and pride ;
While justice, temperance, truth, and love,

Our inward piety approve.
4 Religion bears our spirits up,

While we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on His word.


Prov. xxiii. 17. C. M. DODDRIDGE
HRICE happy souls, who, born from

While yet they sojourn here,
Thus all their days with God begin,

And spend them in His fear.
2 'Midst hourly cares may love present

Its incense to Thy throne;
And, while the world our hands employs,

Our hearts be Thine alone. 3 As sanctified to noblest ends

Be each refreshment sought,
And by each various Providenco

Some wise instruction brought.

4 When to laborious duties called,

Or by temptations tried,
We'll seek the shelter of Thy winge,

And in Thy strength confide.
As different scenes of life arise,

Our grateful hearts would be With Thee, amidst the social band,

In solitude with Thee. 6 In solid, pure delights, like these,

Let all my days be passed ; Nor shall I then impatient wish,

Nor shall I fear, the last.


Heb. xii. 14.

L. M.




Nor dare Thy least commandment

slight; Yet pierced by sin, the serpent's tooth,

I mourn the anguish of the bite.
2 But, though the poison lurks within,

Hope bids me still with patience wait,
Till death shall set me free from sin,

Free from the only thing I hate. 3 Had I a throne above the rest,

Where angels and archangels dwell,
One sin unslain within my breast

Would make that heaven as dark as hell. 4 The prisoner sent to breathe fresh air,

And bless'd with liberty again,
Would mourn, were he condemned to wear

One link of all his former chain, 5 But oh! no foe invades the bliss,

When glory crowns the Christian's head:
One view of Jesus as He is,
Will strike all sin for ever dead,

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