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No. Holy, holy, holy Lord

442 Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty ! 899 Holy Lord God, I love thy truth

591 Holy Spirit, from on high

433 Hosanna to our conquering King. 377 Hosanna to the Living Lord

785 Hosanna to the Prince of light.

318 How are thy servants bless'd, O Lord!.. 146 How beauteous are their feet...

794 How blest the man, whose conscious grief 41 How blest the righteous when he dies.. 658 How blest the sacred tie that binds .... 671 How can I sink with such a prop

535 How condescending and how kind 711 How did my heart rejoice to hear. 172 How fine has the day been! how bright 759 How glorious is our heavenly King 862 How happy is the pilgrim's lot

528 How honoured, how dear

103 How long the time since Christ began.. 479 How lovely are thy dwellings fair. 97 How oft have sin and Satan strove 556 How pleasant, how divinely fair

98 How precious is the book divine

408 How rich are thy provisions, Lord !.... 713 How rich thy favours, God of grace.. 622 How sad our state by nature is !

414 How shall I follow him I serve

350 How shall I praise th’ Eternal God .... 216 How shall the young secure their hearts 163 How strong thine arın is, mighty God.. 358 How sweet and awful is the place.... 714 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 326 How sweet to think that all who love .. 660 How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound.. 285 How vast the treasure we possess !

.... 608 How welcome to the saints, when press'd 789 How wondrous great, how glorius bright 215 ..., 229

I asked the Lord that I might grow.... 545
I cried unto the Lord most just.. 192
I love to steal awhile away..

I send the joys of earth away

I sing the almighty power of God
I think, when I read that sweet story .. 874
I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God.. 513
I waited patient for the Lord..

I will extol thee, Lord, on high.

If human kindness meets return

I'll praise my Maker with my breath 198
I'll speak the honours of my King 55
I'm but a stranger here

I'm not ashamed to own my Lord 493
In all my vast concerns with thee... 190
In all things like thy brethren thou.... 295
In God most holy, just, and true

In God's own house pronounce his praise 204
In sleep's serene oblivion laid...

In the Cross of Christ I glory

In the dark and cloudy day

In the day of thy distress

In thy name, O Lord, assembling. 796
In time of tribulation

In vain my fancy strives to paint 659
Indulgent Sovereign of the skies 829
Infinite pity touched the heart

Inspirer and hearer of prayer

Is heaven a clime where diamond dews 663
It is thy hand, my God


Jehovah reigns, exalted high..
Jehovah reigns, he dwells in light
Jehovah reigns, his throne is high
Jerusalem, Jerusalem!.
Jerusalem, my happy home!
Jesus, all-atoning Lamb
Jesus, and can it ever be.


No. Jesus, blest harmonious name

670 Jesus, full of all compassion

484 Jesus! I love thy charming name 340 Jesus Immanuel..

570 Jesus, in thee our eyes behold.

351 Jesus invites his saints..

710 Jesus is gone up on high

60 Jesus, Lord, we look to thee

674 Jesus, lover of my soul

356 Jesus, my Advocate above

516 Jesus, my All, to heaven is gone

329 Jesus, our Lord, our chief delight 344 Jesus, seek thy wandering sheep

519 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

91 Jesus the ancient faith confirms

702 Jesus, the name to sinners dear

327 Jesus, the very thought of thee

346 Jesus, the vision of thy face

647 Jesus, thy robe of righteousness 620 Jesus, thy sovereign grace we bless 700 Jesus, where'er thy people meet 688 Jesus, with all thy saints above ..... 262 Join all the glorious names...

324 Join all the names of love and power .. 323 Joy to the world! the Lord is comel.. 128 Just as I am-without one plea.. ...... 481 Keep silence, all created things

239 Kindred in Christ, for his dear sake .. 677 Laden with guilt, and full of fears 403 Lamb of God, whose bleeding love 720 Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace

407 Leader of faithful souls, and guide

523 all men praise the Lord

226 Let all our tongues be one

715 Let all the just to God with joy.

42 Let earth and heaven agree

328 Let overlasting glories crown

404 No.
Let every mortal ear attend

Let others boast how strong they be .. 462
Let the land mourn through all its coasts 811
Let the whole race of creatures lie 236
“Let there be light!” thus spake the.. 841
Let us with a gladsome mind..

Let worldly minds the world pursue 532
Let Zion and her sons rejoice

Let Zion's watchmen all awake.

Life is the time to serve the Lord.. 460
Lift up to God the voice of praise 228
Lift up your heads, eternal gates

Lift your voice, and thankful sing 186
Light of life, seraphic fire !....

Light of the soul, O Saviour bless'd.. 347
Light of those whose dreary dwelling 331
Like sheep we went astray

Lo! God is here, let us adore.

Lo! he comes with clouds descending.. 387
Lo, the storms of life are breaking 265
Lo! what a glorious corner-stone

Lone amidst the dead and dying

Long as I live I'll bless thy name

Long have I sat beneath the sound 475
Long have I seemed to serve thee, Lord 476
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye. 832
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious 383
Lord, at thy feet we sinners lie

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing 799
Lord, from whom all blessings flow 680
Lord God, my Saviour, day and night.. 108
Lord God, the Holy Ghost ...,

Lord, have mercy when we pray

Lord, how delightful 'tis to sec

Lord, I am thine; but thou wilt prove 14
Lord, I believe a rest remains

Lord, I have made thy word my choice 164
Lord, I will bless thee all my days

Lord, if thou the grace impart.... 576

.. 768

No. Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear .. 6 Lord, in the strength of grace

542 Lord, in this blest and ballowed hour.. 727 Lord, in thy great, thy glorious name.. 40 Lord, it belongs not to my care.. 642 Lord, look on all assembled here

810 Lord, make us know how frail

112 Lord, my strength, to thee I pray


34 Lord of earth, thy forming hand 224 Lord of hosts, how bright, how fair.

100 Lord of mercy and of might ... 264 Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows Lord of the Sabbath, thee we praise 776 Lord of the worlds above

102 Lord, teach us how to pray aright 690 Lord, thou didst arise and say

289 Lord, thou hast searched and seen me 191 Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray .. 5 Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand 115 Lord, to us be merciful

82 Lord, unto thee I lift a troubled heart.. 889 Lord, we adore thy vast designs

237 Lord, we are blind, we mortals blind

213 Lord, we come before thee now. 793 Lord, we confess our numerous faults.. 467 Lord, we sit and cry to thee

288 Lord, when my thoughts with wonder roll 352 Lord, when thou didst ascend on high 85 Lord, when we bend before thy throne 693 Lord, while for all mankind we pray

809 Loud hallelujahs to the Lord..

201 Love divine, all love excelling

337 Lowly and solemn be

645 May the grace of Christ our Saviour 801 Meet and right it is to sing...

447 Men of God, go take your stations 848 Mighty God, while angels bless thee 259 Millions within thy courts have met 779

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