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3 We for whom God the Son came down,

And laboured for our good;
How careless to secure that crown,

He purchased with His blood !
4 Lord, shall we lie so sluggish still,

And never act our parts ? Come, Holy Dove, from th' heavenly hill,

And re-create our hearts.
8 Then shall our active spirits move,

Upward our souls shall rise;
With hands of faith and wings of love,

We'll fly, and take the prize.

601 1 Cor. xiil.

1 .


C. C. Y.

THOUGHieangel's zeal, though prophet's


fire, Inspired my glowing tongue ; Though holier raptures waked my lyre

Than ever seraph sung;
Though faith, though knowledge from above,

My ardent labour crowned ;
Did I not glow with Christian love,

How vain would all be found ! 2 Love suffers long, is just, sincere,

Forgiving, slow to blame;
Friend of the good, she grieves to hear

An erring brother's shame:
Meck, holy, free from selfish zeal,

To generous pity prone,
She envies not another's weal,

Nor triumphs in her own.
3 No evil, no suspicious thought

She harbours in her breast; She tries us by the deeds we've wrough, And still believes the best.


Love never fails : though knowledge cease,

Though prophecies decay, Love, Christian love, shall still increase,

Shall still extend her sway. 4 How dimly, through life's shadowy glass,

We strain our infant eyes !
Soon shall the earth-born vapours pass,

And light unclouded rise.
Then hope shall sink in changeless doom,

Then faith's bright race be o'er; But thou, Eternal Love, shalt bloom

More glorious than before.



Col. iii. 14. L. M. DRUMMOND, 1

I may not ask for lessGive me the bond of perfectness; The highest grace of all the three

Enduring, heavenly charity:
2 Who, when she sees the sufferer bleed,

Heedless of name, or sect, or creed,
Comes with prompt hand and look benign

To bathe his wounds in oil and wine. 3 Thinking no evil, sín she hides,

And soothes and pities while she chides ; She lends an ear to every cry,

And asks no plea but misery. 4 Her tender mercies freely fall,

Like heaven's refreshing dews on all,
Encircling in their wide embrace

Her friends, her foes, the human race. ☆ Nor bounded by the earth alone,

Her love expands to worlds unknown,
And this her highest glory given,
To lead the wanderers back to heaven.


? thou

Luke x. 29–37. C. M. 1

Hast power to aid and bless : Whose aching head or burning brow

Thy soothing hand may press. 2 Thy neighbour ? 'Tis the fainting poor

Whose eye with want is dim, Whom hunger sends from door to door

Go thou and succour him.
3 Thy neighbour ? 'Tis that weary man

Whose years are at their brim,
Bent low with sickness, care, and pain

Go thou, and comfort him.
4 Thy neighbour ? 'Tis that heart bereft

Of every earthly gem;
Widow and orphan helpless left-

Go thou and shelter them.
5 Thy neighbour ? Yonder toiling slave,

Fettered in thought and limb; Whose thoughts are all beyond the grave

Go thou and ransom him. 6 Whene'er thou meet'st a human form

Less favoured than thine own, Remember, 'tis thy neighbour worm,

Thy brother, or thy son.
7 O pass not heedless-pass not on;

Perhaps thou canst redeem
The breaking heart from misery ;

Go, share thy lot with him.


Rev. 11. 2.

L. M. 1

Thy joy to do thy Father's will; It is the way the Master went, Should not the servant tread it still ?

2 Go, labour on; 'tis not for nought,

All earthly loss is heavenly gain:
Men heed thee not, men praise thee not;

The Master praises ; what are men ? 3 Go, labour on; enough, enough,

If Jesus praise thee, if He deign
To notice e'en thy willing mind,

No toil for Him shall be in vain.
4 Go, labour on; thy hands are weak,

Thy knees are faint, thy soul cast down; Yet falter not,--the prize is near,

The throne, the kingdom, and the crown. 5 Go, labour on, while it is day;

The long dark night is hastening on; Speed, speed thy work,-up from thy

sloth, It is not thus that souls are won. 6 See thousands dying at your side,

Your brethren, kindred, friends of home; See millions perishing afar,

Haste, brethren, to the rescue come. 7 Toil on, toil on ; rebuke, exhort,

Be wise the souls of men to win;
Go forth into the world's highway,

Entreat, compel them to come in.
8 Toil on, toil on ; thou soon shalt find

For labour rest, for exile home;
Soon shalt thou hear the Bridegroom's

The midnight peal, “ Behold, I come."
Rev. il. 10.

L. M. 1 H (AIL ! holy martyrs, glorious names,

Who nobly once for Jesus stood ; Rejoiced and clapped your hands in fames, And dared to seal the truth with blood.

2 Strong in the Lord, divinely strong,

Prisons and tortures ye defied;
Demons and men, à gazing throng,

Ye braved, and more than conquering died. 3 Father, though storms on storms appear

Let not our faith forego her hold;
Deliver us from craven fear,

And make us steadfast, firm, and bold. 4 Out of our weakness make us strong,

Arm us as in the ancient days,
Loose in Thy cause each stammerirg

And perfect e'en in us Thy praise.
5 Come, holy, holy, holy Lord;

O Father, Son, and Spirit, come ;
Be mindful of Thy changeless word,

And make the faithful soul Thy home. 6 Arm of the Lord, awake, awake,

In us Thy glorious self reveal;
Let us Thy sevenfold gifts partake,

Let us Thy mighty working feel.
7 If we can witness, Lord, for Thee,

Let us despise our fleeting breath;
Give us the opening heaven to see,
And make us faithful unto death.


606 Psalm lxxxvii. 7. C. M.

M The Time of my delights,

WATTS. 1 Y God, the spring of all my joys, The glory of my brightest days,

And comfort of my nights.
2 In darkest sliades if He appear,

My dawning is begun ;
He is my soul's sweet morning star,

And He my rising sun.

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