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4 There shall I bathe my weary soul

In seas of heavenly rest, And not a wave of trouble roll

Across my peaceful breast.

554 Isaiah xl. 27–31. C. M. WATTS.
THENCE do our mournful thoughts

arise ?
And where's our courage fled ?
Have restless sin and raging hell

Struck all our comforts dead?
2 Have we forgot the Almighty Name

That formed the earth and sea ?
And can an all-creating arm

Grow weary or decay?
3 Mere mortal power shall fade and die,

And youthful vigour cease;
But we that wait upon the Lord

Shall feel our strength increase. 4 The saints shall mount on eagles' wings,

And taste the promised bliss,
Till their unwearied feet arrive

Where perfect pleasure is.

555 Psalm ix. 10.


Refuge of my weary soul,
On Thee, when waves of trouble roll,

My fainting hope relies.
2 To Thee I tell each rising grief,

For Thou alone canst heal;
Thy word can bring a sweet relief
For every pain I feel.

в в 2

3 But oh! when gloomy doubts prevail,

I fear to call Thee mine:
The springs of comfort seem to fail,

And all my hopes decline.
4 Yet, gracious God, where shall I flee?

Thou art my only trust;
And still my soul would cleave to Thee,

Though prostrate in the dust.
5 Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face?

And shall I seek in vain ?
And can the ear of sovereign grace

Be deaf when I complain ?
6 No, still the ear of sovereign grace

Attends the mourner's prayer. O may I ever find access,

To breathe my sorrows there. 7 Thy mercy-seat is open still;

There let my soul retreat ;
With humble hope attend Thy will,

And wait beneath Thy feet.

556 HOW

Heb. vi, 17-19. L. M.

WATTS 1 OW oft have sin and Satan strove

To rend my soul from Thee, my God! But everlasting is Thy love,

And Jesus seals it with His blood. 2 The oath and promise of the Lord

Join to confirm the wondrous grace:
Eternal power performs the word,

And Alls all heaven with endless praise. 3 Amid temptations sharp and long,

My soul to this dear refuge flies;
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,
While tempests blow and billows rise.

4 The gospel bears my spirit up;

A faithful and unchanging God
Lays the foundation for my hope
In oaths, and promises, and blood.

557 Matt. viii. 26. 104th M. NEWTON.

BEGONE, unbellet !


My Saviour is near,
And for my relief

Will surely appear.
By prayer let me wrestle,

And He will perform.
With Christ in the vessel,

I smile at the storm.

2 Though dark be my way,

Since He is my guide,
Tis mine to obey,

'Tis His to provide;
Though cisterns be broken,

And creatures all fail, The word He hath spoken

Shall surely prevail. 3 His love in time past

Forbids me to think He'll leave me at last

In trouble to sink: Each sweet Ebenezer

I have in review, Confirms His good pleasure

To help me quite through.

4 Since all that I meet

Shall work for my good, The bitter is sweet,

The medicine is food.

Though painful at present,

"Twill cease before long; And then O how pleasant

The conqueror's song! 558

Mal. iv. 2. 7.6. COWPER. 1 YOMETIMES a light surprises

It is the Lord, who rises

With healing in His wings.
When comforts are declining,

He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining,

To cheer it after rain. 2 In holy contemplation

We sweetly then pursue
The theme of God's salvation,

And find it ever new.
Set free from present sorrow,

We cheerfully can say,
E'en let the unknown morrow

Bring with it what it may. 3 It can bring with it nothing,

But He will bear us through:
Who gives the lilies clothing,

Will clothe His people too.
Beneath the spreading heavens

No creature but is fed ;
And He who feeds the ravens,

Will give His children bread. 4 Though vine nor fig-tree either

Their wonted fruit should bear;
Though all the field should wither,

Nor flock nor herd be there;
Yet God the same abiding,

His praise shall tune my voice;
For, while in Him confiding,

I cannot but rejoice.

559 Luke xxill. 42. C. M. HUMPHRIES: 10

THOU from whom all goodness flows,

I lift my soul to Thee:
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

Dear Lord, remember me.
2 When on my aching, burdened heart,
My sins lie heavily,

६ My pardon speak, new peace impart:

In love remember me.
3 When trials sore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot flee,
Lord, let my strength be as my day:

For good remember me. 4 When worn with pain, disease, and grief,

This feeble body see;
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief:

Hear and remember me.
5 If on my face, for Thy dear name,

Shame and reproach shall be,
All hail reproach, and welcome shame,

I Thou remeniber me.
6 When in the solemn hour of death,

I wait Thy just decree;
Saviour, with my last parting breath

I'll cry, Remember me! 560

Isaiah xxvi. 3. D.S.M. C. WESLEY. 1

TUO very present aid

In suffering and distress,
The soul which still on Thee is stayed,

Is kept in perfect peace.
The soul by faith reclined

On the Redeemer's breast,
'Mid raging storms exults to find

An everlasting rest.

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