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Resplendent seat of light and peace,
In thee the sounds of conflict cease,

And glory ever dwells.
2 For thee the early patriarch sighed,
Thy distant beauty faint descried,

And hailed the blest abode :
A stranger here, he sought a home,
Fixed in a city yet to come,

The city of his God. 3 Oft by Siloa's sacred stream, In heavenly trance and raptured dream,

To faithful Israel shewn, Triumphant over all her foes, The true celestial Salem rose,

Jehovah's promised throne.
4 We too, O Lord, would seek that land,
Follow the tribes that crowd its strand,

From every peril saved ;
And wake as when in elder time,
Were marshalled all Thy hosts sublime,

And high Thy banner waved.

639 2 Cor. ii. 18.

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Look forward to that heavenly place, The saints' secure abode; On faith's strong eagle pinions rise, And force your passage to the skies,

And scale the mount of God. 2 That great mysterious Deity We soon with open face shall see ;

The beatitic sight
Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with

And wide diffuse the golden blaze

Of everlasting light

3 The Father shining on His throne, The glorious Co-eternal Son,

The Spirit, one and seven, Conspire our rapture to complete ; And, lo! we fall before His feet,

And silence heightens heaven. 4 In hope of that ecstatic pause, Jesus, we now sustain the cross,

And at Thy footstool fall;
Till Thou our hidden life reveal,
Till Thou our ravished spirits fill,

And God is All in all.

640 I

Heb. xi. 16. 6'8 & 4's, T.R. TAYLOR 1 PM but a stranger here,

Heaven is my home; Earth is a desert drear,

Heaven is my home; Danger and sorrow stand Round me on every hand; Heaven is my Father-land,

Heaven is my home. 2 What though the tempests rage ?

Heaven is my home;
Short is my pilgrimage,

Heaven is my home;
And time's wild wintry blast
Soon will be overpast :
I shall reach home at last,

Heaven is my home.
3 There at my Saviour's side,

Heaven is my home; I shall be glorified,

Heaven is my home: There are the good and blest, Those I loved most and best; And there I too shall rest,

Heaven is my home.

4 Therefore I murmur not,

Heaven is my home;
Whate'er my earthly lot,

Heaven is my home;
And I shall surely stand
There at my Lord's right hand ;
Heaven is my Father-land,

Heaven is my home.

1 Cor. XV. 42-44. 148th M. C. E



1 HEAVEN, abode of saints,

Where sin can never come,
For thee my spirit faints;

I long to be at home.
O world of peace, O land of rest,
When shall I reach thee and be bless'd ?

2 O Death, once dreaded foe,

Thy name no fear inspires ;
Thine icy hand, I know,

Will quench corruption's fires ;
And not a spark be left within
Which aught can kindle into sin.

3 The worm will sweetly feed

On my unconscious form;
But I shall then be freed,

And safe from every storm;
And when that form is raised anew,
It will be fair and spotless too.

4 My Advocate above,

Repairer of my fall,
Oh! by Thy dying love,

Receive my mournful call:
Thy voice can calm the storm within,
Thy blood can wash away my sin.

642 1 Cor. xill. 12.


C. M. BAXTER. ORD, it belongs not to my care,


To love and serve Thee is my share,

And this Thy grace must give. 2 Christ leads me through no darker rooms

Than He went through before ; He that into God's kingdom comes,

Must enter by this door. 3 Come, Lord, when grace hath made me

meet, Thy blessed face to see; For if Thy work on earth be sweet,

What will Thy glory be?
4 Then I shall end my sad complaints,

And weary sinful days;
And join with the triumphant saints,

Who sing Jehovah's praise.
5 My knowledge of that life is small,

The eye of faith is dim; But 'tis

enough that Christ knows all, And I shall be with Him.


Rey, vii. 17. 8.7. CONDER. H, the hour when this material

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When, amid the wide ethereal,

All the invisible shall crowd ;
And the naked soul, surrounded

With realities unknown,
Triumph in the view unbounded,

Feel herself with God alone!
2 In that sudden, strange transition,

By what new and finer sense
Shall she grasp the mighty vision,

And receive its influence?

Angels, guard the new immortal

Through the wonder-teeming space
To the everlasting portal,

To the spirit's resting-place.
3 Will she then, with fond emotion,

Nought of earthly love retain ?
Or, absorbed in pure devotion,

Will no mortal trace remain ?
Can the grave those ties dissever,

With the very heart-strings twined ?
Must she part, and part for ever,

With the friend she leaves behind ?

4 No, the past she still remembers;

Faith and hope, surviving too,
Ever watch those sleeping embers,

Which must rise and live anew.
For the widowed, lonely spirit,

Waiting to be clothed afresh,
Longs perfection to inherit,

And to triumph in the flesh.

5 Angels, let the ransomed stranger

In your tender care be bless'd,
Hoping, trusting, safe from danger,

Till the trumpet end her rest;
Till the trump which shakes creation,

Through the circling heavens shall roll, Till the day of consummation,

Till the bridal of the soul.

6 Can I trust a fellow-being ?

Can I trust an angel's care ? O Thou merciful All-seeing,

Beam around my spirit there. Jesus, blessed Mediator,

Thou the airy path hast trod: Thou the Judge, the Consummator,

Shepherd of the fold of God.

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