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2 One gentle sigh their fetters breaks,

We scarce can say “They're gone!”
Before the willing spirit takes

Her mansion near the throne.
3 Faith strives, but all its efforts fail,

To trace her in her flight;
No eye can pierce within the veil

Which hides the world of light.
4 Thus much (and this is all) we know,

They are completely bless'd;
Have done with sin, and care, and woe,

And with their Saviour rest.
5 On harps of gold they praise His name,

His face they always view;
Then let us followers be of them,

That we may praise Him too.


PALMS of glory, raiment bright,

Rev, vil. 9. MONTGOMERY. 1

Crowns that
Gird and deck the saints in light;

Priests, and kings, and conquerors they 2 Yet the conquerors bring their palms

To the Lamb amidst the throne,
And proclaim, in joyful psalms,

Victory through His cross aloné.
3 Kings for harps their crowns resign,

Crying as they strike the chords, Take the kingdom,-it is Thine

“King of kings, and Lord of lords !” 4 They were mortal too, like us.

Ah! when we, like them, shall die,
May our souls, translated thus,
Triumph, reign, and shine on high !

661 Rev. vil. 15. 878. MONTGOMERY.



THAT are these in bright array,

Round the altar, night and day,
Hymning one triumphant song?
Worthy is the Lamb once slain,
Blessing, honour, glory, power,
Wisdom, riches, to obtain,

New dominion every hour."
2 These through fiery trials trod :

These from great affliction came.
Now before the throne of God,
Sealed with His Almighty name,
Clad in raiment pure and white,
Victor palms in every hand,
Through their dear Redeemer's might,

More than conquerors they stand. 3 Hunger, thirst, disease unknown,

On immortal fruits they feed;
Them the Lamb amidst the throne
Shall to living fountains lead :
Joy and gladness banish sighs;
Perfect love dispels all fears;
And for ever from their eyes
God shall wipe away the tears.


W main,

1 Thess. iv. 13. D.S.M. SIGOURNEY. E mourn for those who toil,


Or him who hopeless tills the soil

Beneath the stripe and chain;
For those who in the race,

O'erwearied and unblest,
A host of restless phantoms chase ;

Why mourn for those who rest ?

2 We mourn for those who sin,

Bound in the tempter's snare,
Whom syren pleasure beckons in

To prisons of despair ;
Whose hearts by passions torn,

Are wrecked on folly's shore ;
But why in sorrow should we mourn

For those who sin no more ?
3 We mourn for those who weep;

Whom stern afflictions bend
With anguish o'er the lowly sleep

Of lover or of friend :
But they to whom the sway

Of pain and grief is o'er,
Whose tears our God hath wiped away ;-

O mourn for them no more.

663 Rev. xxi. 3, 4. D.C.M. BAILEY.*

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S heaven a clime where diamond dews

Glitter on fadeless flowers,
And mirth and music ring aloud

From amaranthine bowers?
Is heaven a place where pearly streams

Glide over silver sand;
A rest of high luxurious ease,

In a strange gorgeous land? 2 Saviour, the heaven Thy blood hath bought

Is all from sense refined ;
The pure ethereal blessedness

Of the eternal mind :
For we shall all be one with Thee,

In Thy dear likeness shine;
Partake Thy wondrous nature, Lord,

And be ourselves divine.
3 Heirs of our God, in heaven we take

Possession of our own :
We shall receive the infinite,

We shall ascend the throne :

And never to created thing

Shall our high love be given, For God Himself shall be our joy,

And God Himself our heaven.

664 Rom. viii. 19. D.C.M. BAILEY.*


YALL all who love Thee, Lord, to Thee;

To leave these broken lays, and aid

In heaven's unceasing song.
Earth is the place of severance,

Sin, danger, and defect;
Call all who love Thee, Lord, to Thee,

Accomplish Thine elect.
2 Father, the whole creation groans,

Til in Thine own abode, Complete in number and in bliss,

Shine all the sons of God:
Let them be manifested, Lord !

One countless, sacred host,
From every world and bygone time,

From every clime and coast.
3 Prophets, apostles, martyrs, kings,

The sage, the little child;
Confessing through one wondrous death

They all are reconciled.
Then shall they all be one with Thee,

For ever safe from sin;
Lord, close the Book of T'ime, and let

Eternity begin.






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Heb. xil. 18. C. M.

WATTS. 1 COT to the terrors of the Lord, Not to the thunder of that word

Which God on Sinai spoke : 2 But we are come to Zion's hill,

The city of our God,
Where milder words declare His will,

And spread His love abroad. 3 Behold the innumerable host

Of angels clothed in light; Behold the spirits of the just,

Whose faith is turned to sight. 4 Behold the blest assembly there

Whose names are writ in heaven; And hear the Judge of all declare

Their vilest sins forgiven.
5 The saints on earth and all the dead

But one communion make;
All join in Christ, their living Head,

And of His grace partake.

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