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Isaiah lxi. 1. 148th M. DODDRIDGE, 1 O high;

ZION, tune thy voice,
Tell all the earth thy joys,

And boast salvation nigh;
Cheerful in God, arise and shine,

While rays divine stream all abroad. 2 He gilds thy mourning face

With beams that cannot fade;
His all-resplendent grace

He pours around thy head;
The nations round thy form shall view,

With lustre new divinely crowned. 3 In honour to His name,

Reflect that sacred light;
And loud that grace proclaim,

Which makes thy darkness bright.
Pursue His praise till sovereign love,

In worlds above, the glory raise. 4 There on His holy hill

A brighter Sun shall rise,
And with His radiance fill

Those fairer, purer skies ;
While round His throne ten thousand stars,

In nobler spheres, His influence own. 684 Isaiah 11. 11. C. M. DODDRIDGE. 1

YING, ye redeemed of the Lord ; Pilgrims, for Zion's city bound,

Be joyful in your King. 2 See the fair way His hand hath made,

How peaceful and how plain ; The simplest traveller shall not err,

Nor seek the road in vain.

3 A hand divine shall lead you on,

Along the blissful road;
Till to the sacred mount ye rise,

The city of your God.
4 There garlands of immortal joy

Shall bloom on every head;
While pain, and sorrow, and distress,

Like shadows all are fled.

685 Isaiah IX. 18.



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EAR what God the Lord hath spoken:

“O my people, faint and few,
Comfortless, afflicted, broken,

Fair abodes I build for you.
Thorns of heart-felt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your ways:
You shall name your walls, Salvation,

And your gates shall all be Praise.

2 “There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow :
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All His bounty shall bestow.
Still in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign :
Never shall you feel oppression,

Hear the voice of war again.
3 “ Ye no more your suns descending,

Waning moons no more shall sec;
But, your griefs for ever ending,

Find eternal noon in me.
God shall rise, and shining o'er you,

Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory,

God your everlasting light."

686 Jer. XXXI. 3.

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HE God of truth His church has bless'd,

And loved with an eternal love;
Hence we are drawn to Christ our rest,

And from His grace shall ne'er remove. 2 This love in every trying hour,

Saviour, shall cheer the trembling saint;
O draw us with increasing power,

That we may run and never faint.
3 Here would we dwell while others rove,

Here we are safe from all alarms;
Our hope is everlasting love,
Our rest the everlasting arms.

687 Isaiah 1x. 19.

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*RISE, crowned with light, Imperial Salem,

rise; Exalt thy towering head, and lift thine eyes; See barbarous nations at thy gates attend,

Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend. 2 No more the rising sun shall gild the morn,

Nor evening moon shall fill her silver horn; But in thy courts the Light Himself shall

shine Revealed, and God's eternal day be thine. 3 The scas shall waste, the skies in smoke

decay, Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt

away; But fixed His word, His saving power

remains, Thy realm for ever lasts, Messiah reigns.


688 Isaiah liv. 2.

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There they behold Thy mercy-seat : Where'er they seek Thee, Thou art found,

And every place is hallowed ground. 2 For Thou, within no walls confined,

Inhabitest the humble mind:
Such ever bring Thee where they come,

And going, take Thee to their home. 3 Dear Shepherd of Thy chosen few,

Thy former mercies here renew;
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim

The sweetness of Thy saving name. 4 Here may we prove the power of prayer,

To strengthen faith, and sweeten care,
To teach our faint desires to rise,

And bring all heaven before our eyes. 5 Behold, at Thy commanding word,

We stretch the curtain and the cord :
Come Thou, and fill this wider space,

And bless us with a large increase.
6 Lord, we are few, but Thou art near;

Nor short Thine arm, nor deaf Thine ear:
O rend the heavens, come quickly down,
And make a thousand hearts Thine own.


Heb. iv. 16. S. M. NEWTON. EHOLD the throne of grace,


There Jesus shews a smiling face,

And waits to answer prayer.

2 That rich, atoning blood,

Which sprinkled round we see,
Provides for those who come to God

An all-prevailing plea.
3 Beyond our utmost wants,

His love and power can bless :
To those who seek His face, He grants

More than they can express. 4 Thine image, Lord, bestow,

Thy presence and Thy love:
We ask to serve Thee here below,

And reign with Thee above. 5 Abiding in Thy faith,

Our will conformed to Thine, Let us victorious be in death,

And then in glory shine.
6 If Thou Thy blessing give,

And wilt our portion be,
Cheerful the world's poor toys we leave

To those who know not Thee.



Prov. xvi. 1. C. M. MONTGOMERY. 1

With reverence and with fear; Though dust and ashes in Thy sight,

We may, we must draw near. 2 We perish if we cease from prayer ; O grant us power

to pray : And when to meet Thee we prepare,

Lord, meet us by the way. 3 Burdened with guilt, convinced of sin,

In weakness, want, and woe, Fightings without, and fears within,

Lord, whither shall we go?

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