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out; then the Prophecy of lfaiah was fulfilled, Ifà. xlvii. 9. Iwo Things fall come to them in one Day, the Loss of Children and Widowhood, Darius took the City in the End of the fixth Year of his Reign, (at which Time the Jewish Temple was finished) he gave them up to the Plunder of his Perfian Army, impaled three thousand, who were chief Actors in the Revolt, beat their Walls down from two hundred Cubits high to fifty Cubits. After this, Babylon languished a while, and at lait ended in a perpetual Desolation.

13 Q: What farther Encouragement did the Jews receive from another King Artaxerxes? A. Artaxerxes the second, King of Persia, gave Ezra the Priest and Scribe a Letter and Đecree, to encourage the Jews yet remaining in Babylon to go up to Yerusalem and establish the Worship of the true God there, Ezra vii.

Note, This second Artaxerxes is supposed by Dr. Pris deaux to be Artaxerxes Longimanus, as the Heathen Hiitorians call him, and to be that same Ahasuerus who made Esther his Queen, and so became very friendly to the Jews.

14 Q. How did the King enable them to fulfil this Decree ? A. The King and his Counsellors freely offered much Silver and Gold for this Work, and being sensible of the Greatness and Power of the God of the Jews, whom he calls the God of Heaven, he fought to secure his Favour for him. self and his Family, and pronounced a speedy Sentence of Death, Banishment, Loss of Goods, or Imprisonment, on those who should dare to hinder this Building, ver. 15, 16, 17, 23, 26. i 15 Q. What did Ezra do in his Journey to Jeruralem? A. He proclaimed a Day of Fafting and Prayer to seek the Afiftance of God; for he was alhamed to ask the King for Soldiers to be their Guard, because he had told the King of the Power and the Mercy of their God, Ezra viii. 21, 22. .

16 Q. What did Ezra do when he came to Jeru: falem? A. He delivered the Orders of the King to the Governors of the Provinces, and the Gold and Silver to those who had the Care of the Building, and so promoted the Work, ver. 33–36.

17 Q. What Reformation aid Ezra work among the People? A. When he was informed that many of the Jews had mingled themselves in Marriages with the Heathens, he, together with the more religious part of the Jews, humbled themselves before God for all their former Iniquities in an excellent Prayer, and brought them into a Cove. nant and an Oath to put away their strange Wives, Ezra ix. and x.

Note, None of the Jews of either Sex might marry with Gentiles of any Nation, unless they were made Pro. felytes: And even then they suppose the Canaanites of the seven Nations, Deut. vii. and the Males among the Moabites and Ammonites to be excluded for ever, as they interpret, Deut. xxiii. 3.

18 Q. Did the Jews rebuild the City of Jerusalem? A. Yes, for the Babylonian Army had broke down the Walls, and burnt the Gates of it, Neo hem. i. 3.

19 Q. Whom did God raise up to carry on the rem. building of the City ? A. Nehemiah the 7ew who was Cup-bearer to Artaxerxes the King of Persia, Nebem. i. 11.

20 Q. How. was Nehemiah engaged herein? A. When he heard of the Continuance of the Desolaa tions made by the Enemies, he fafted and prayed to God, and then he obtained Leave of Artaxerxes the

King to go up to Jerufalem, and rebuild the City of the Sepulchres of his Fathers, Nebem. ii, 1–7.

210. What further Encouragement did. Nehemiah receive from the -Kiing? A. He received Orders for the Governors of the Provinces to affift him, and to give him Timber out of the King's Forest, ver. 7, 8.

22 Q. How did Nehemiah begin his Work? A, He rode round the City by Night, and took a private Survey of the Ruins thereof, and appointed a particular Part of the Walls and the Gates to be repaired by particular Persons and their Companies, Nehem. ii. and iii. · 23-0. What Opposition did the Jews meet with

in this part of their Work? A. Sanballat the Sa. maritan, and Tobiah the Aminonite, and their Accomplices, at first laughed the Jews to scorn, and then conspired to fight against them while they were at work, Nehern, iv. I7.

24 Q: How did Nehemiah prevent the Mischief they designed ? A. He encouraged the Jews to trust in their God, and appointed every Man that : laboured in the Work to have a Weapon ready to defend himself, ver. xiii-23.

25 Q. What Reformation did Nehemiah work: among them ? A. He reproved those that took Ufury, and oppressed their Brethren: and he fet him. self for an Example, who, though he was Gover: nor twelve Years, took no Salary, but maintained himself and one hundred and fifty y ews at his own Charge, Nehem. V.

26 Q. In what manner did they worship God when the City was built? A, On the first Day of the seventh Month all the People were gathered together in one Street, and Ezra the Priest


and Scribe read in the Book of the Law, and gave the Sense of the Words, that they might see their past Sins and Errors, and might be instructed to yield a more regular and exact Obedience for time to come: and this being done, he blessed the great God, and all the People answered Amen, Amerg Nchem. viii, 1–8.

Note, 'Tis a Remark of Dr. Prideaux, that though Ezra's Authority and Government expired before this time, yet he went on as a skilful Scribe of the Law of God, to preach Righteoulness, to perfect the Reformation, to gather the several parts of Scripture together, to set forth corret Copies of them, and to bring all things in Church and State to the Rules thereof : And this he did by the Aflistance of the next Governor Nehemiah, doing the same things by his Authority, which before he did by his own.

27 Q. How did they keep the Peast of Tabernacles ? A. By dwelling in Booths made of Branches of Trees seven. Days together, as God had commanded by Moses, and they read in the Book of the Law every Day of the seven, and explained it, ver. 13--18.

28 Q. How did they keep a Faft on the twentyfourth Day of the seventh Month A. One fourth part of the Day they confessed their Sins, and another fourth part they read in the Book of the Law, and then they entered into a Covenant with an Oath to be the Lord's People, and the Princes and the Priests and the Levites sealed it, Nehem. ix. and x.

29 Q. How were the people disposed of in their Habitations ? A. The Rulers dwelt at Jerufalem: the rest of the Priests and the People caft


Lots to bring one in ten to dwell at Jerusalem, and nine Parts in the other cities, that the Land might be peopled, Nehem. xi.

30 Q. How was the Wall of Jerusalem the holy City dedicated ? A. The Levites came from all - Places to Jerusalem, and joined with the Priests and the Rulers in two large Companies, and gave Thanks, and offered Sacrifices, and sung the Praises of God, so that the Joy of Jerusalem was heard afar off, Nehem. xii. 27-43.

31 Q. What farther Reformation did Nehemiah 'bring in among the People? 1. He turned Tobiab. the Ammonite out of his Lodging in the Temple. which Eliashib the High-Priest had prepared for him; he establilhed the Portion of the Fruits of the Earth which belonged to the Levites; he forbid the Profanation of the Sabbath, by buying and selling, and bearing Burdens; and punished the Jews who married strange Wives, Nehem xiii.

32 Q. What remarkable Infiance did Nehemiah give of his Zeal in punishing those who married Strangers ? A. He drove away one of the Sons of Foiada the Son of Eliashib the High-Priest, for marrying the Daughter of Sanballat the Hořonite, who had hindered the Jews so much in their building several Years before, ver. 28. 'Note, 'This young Man's Name was Manaseh, as you fephus informs us.

33 Q. Had Nehemiah no Prophet to aflif him in this difficult Work? A. 'Tis supposed that Malachi the last of the Prophets prophesied about. this Time, for he doth not reprove them for neglect of building, as Haggai did, Hag. i. 4, 9. nor does he speak of the finishing of the Temple, as Zechariah did, chap. iv. 7, 9. But supposing


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