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24 Q. How did the false Prophet Hananiah oppose Jeremiah ? A. He took the Yoke from the Prophet Jeremiah's Neck, which probably he had worn for some Years; and as he brake it, he declared, The Lord would break the Yoke of Nebuchadnezzar in two Years from the Necks of the Nations, Jer. xxviii. I-II. .

25 Q. How did Jeremiah answer him? A. That God had appointed Yokes of Iron instead of Yokes of Wood, for all the Nations to serve the King of Babylon, and that Hananiah should die that Year for his Falfhood, which came to pass in two Months after, ver. 10-17.

26 Q. Among all these Predictions of Distress did not Jeremiah prophesy any thing comfortable to the Nation of Israel? Ä. Yes, he foretold the Return of the Jews to their own Land with Joy after seventy Years. Captivity, and he encouraged their Faith and Hope by many gracious Promises of the Meffiah who was to come, Chap. xxv. xxix, xxx, and xxxi.

27 Q. How did King Zedekiah deal with Jeremiah the Prophet when Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem ? A. He shut him up in the Court of the Prison which was in the King's House, because he foretold that Jerusalem should be taken, and that Zedekiah the King should not escape, but be carried to Babylon, Jer. xxxii. 1–5.

28 Q. What did Jeremiah do in Prison, to assure them that the Jews Mould return from Captivity, and polless the Cities of Judah again? A. By express Order from God, he bought a Field of his Cousin Hananeel, paid him the Money, subscribed the Evidence, and sealed it before Witnesses, as an Emblem and Pledge of what should be done in Jeruter Jalem hereafter, ver. 6 16, 44.

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29 Q. What did Jeremiah do when he was 'at Liberty? A. He endeavoured to flee out of 7erusalem, but he was seized by the Guard upon suspicion of falling away to the Chaldeans, and he was thrust down into a Dungeon by the Princes, because he prophesied the Destruction of the City, Chap. xxxvii. 11-16. and xxxviii. 1-6.

30 Q. What Relief did the Prophet find here? A. When he sunk in the Mire, Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, a Servant in the King's House, drew him up with Ropes by Leave from the King, and he remained in the Court of the Prison till the City was taken, ver, 7-14.

31 Q. What Favour did God jew to Ebedme. lech on this Account? A. He assured him he Thould not die by the Sword, but his Life Ahould be given him, because he trusted in the Lord, Jer, xxxix. 16.

32 Q. When Zedekiah the King Tent for Jeremiah, what Message had be from God? A. He re. peated his Advice to the King of Judah, to go forth and submit to the King of Babylon, in order to save himself and the City, ver. 17, &C.

33 Q. Did the King hearken to his Advice? A. No; he did not obey the Prophet; so the City was taken, and burnt, the Princes of Judah were Nain, and the King's Sons were put to Death be, fore his Eyes: Then the King had his Eyes put out, and he was carried in Chains to Babylon, and died there, Jer. xxxix I-10. and lii.

Note, Then was fulfilled the Prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Zedekiah, Ezek. xii. 13. I will bring him to Babylon, the Land of the Chaldeans, yet fall he not Jee it, though he fall die there.

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34 Q: 34 Q. What became of Jeremiah after the City was taken? A. Nebuchadnezzar gave order to the Officers of his Army to take care of him; and to give him his Liberty to go where he pleased, Jer. xxxix, ul. and xl. 4, 5.

35 Q. Whither did Jeremiah chuse to go? A. He chose to continue in the Land of Israel, and put himself under the Protection of Gedaliah, whom the King of Babylon made Governor of the Land, ver. 6, 7.

36. Did Jeremiah continue under his Proteca tion? A. Gedaliah was quickly Nain by a Faction raised by Ishmael, and Ijhmael also was put to flight by another Faction under the Command of Johanan, Jer. xl. 41.

37 Q. What did Johanan do with Jeremiah ? A. He carried him and a Multitude of the People into Egypt, in direct Opposition to the Advice which feremiah gave him from the Lord, Chap. xlii. and xliii.

38 Q. What did Jeremiah do in the Land of Egypt? A. He feverely reproyed the Jews for their 'Idolatry there; he denounced Ruin upon them ; he took great Stones and hid them in the Clay at the Entrance of Pharaoh the King of Egypt's Palace, and foretold, that Nebuchadnezzar should conquer Egypt, and should fet his Throne upon those Stones, Jer, xliii. 9, 10.

39. Q. Among the several Prophecies against the Nations round about, did not Jeremiah foretel the Destruction of Babylon ? A. Yes, he pronounced the severe Judgments of God against Babylon who had plundered Jerusalem, in a notable and dreadful Manner, as Ifaiah did before him; all which were eminently fulfilled, partly when Cyrus the Persian


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took the City of Babylon, and partly in following Times, Jer. 1. and li.

40 Q. What Emblem or Pledge did Jeremiah · give of the Accomplishment of this Prophecy ? A. He · wrote in a Book all these Threatnings, and bid

Seraiah one of the Jewis Captives read it when he came to Babylon, then bind a Stone to it, and - cast it into the River Euphrates, and say, 6. Thus « Thall Babylon sink, and shall never rise again." Jer. li. 59–64.


The History of. DANIEL. 2. W HO was Daniel ? A. A young Man

of the Tribe of Judah, who was carsied Captive by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon in the Reign of Jehoiakia King of Judah, Dan, 1.1--6. : 2 Q. How was he disposed of in Babylon? A. Da.

niel and his Fellows, Shadrach, Memach, and A: bednego, were appointed to be nourished by the * King's Provision, and to be trained up in the Learning of the Chaldeans, 'that in three Years time they might stand before the King, ver. 5, 6.

3Q. And did they, being Jews, eat of the King's * Provision, which was prepared after the Manner

of the Heathens ? A. No; they chose to be fed with Pulse and Water, rather than defile themfelves with the King's Meat, ver. 8-14.

4 Q. How did they thrive by it? A. Their Countenances appeared fairer, and their Aspect was better approved by Melzar who took care of


Magicas the first pech. Nebuchadna, yet

them, than the rest who fed on Royal Dainties, ver. 15.

5 . How did they approve themselves when" they were called before the King ? A. The King found them far wiser and better than all the Aftrologers and Magicians in his Kingdom, ver, 20.

6Q. What was the first Special Occasion of Daniel's Advancement at Court? A. Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a Dream which much troubled him, yet he forgot it in the Morning; and fent Orders to destroy all the Wise Men and Astrologers, because they could not tell him both the Dream and the Interpretation thereof, Dan. ii. 1–13.

70. How did Daniel obtain this Secret from God? A. He engaged himself and his three Companions, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in Prayer to the God of Heaven, that he would reveal this Secret to them, that they might not all perish together with the Astrologers, whom the King had doomed to Death, Dan. ii. 16, 17, 18.

8 Q. What was this Dream which Daniel rés hearfed before the King? A. There appeared a bright and terrible Image, whose Head was Gold, his Breast and Arms of Silver, his Belly and Thighs of Brass, his Legs of Iron, and his Feet part of Iron and part of Clay, which was dashed to pieces by a Stone, and the Stone became a Mountain, and filled the whole Earth, ver. 31–35.

9 Q. What was the Interpretation of it? A. It fignifies the four great Monarchies of the World, (viz. the Assyrian, the Perhian, the Grecian, and the Roman, which should destroy one another in Succession, and the last of them should be destroyed by the Kingdom of Christ, which should spread through the Earth and remain for ever, ver. 31-45.: "1", in .'

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10 Q.

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