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C H A P. V.
of the Ceremonial Law of the Jews.

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il. W HAT was the Ceremonial Law ? A.

W All those Commands which seem to have some religious Design in them, especially such as related to their Cleansings from any Defilement, and their peculiar Forms of Worship. .

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Note, I have hinted before that several of the Political Laws which were given to the Jews by God as their King, have something Ceremonial in them, and they were designed to be Emblems, Types or Figures of some spiritual Parts of Religion. There were also some part of their Ceremonies of Purification, and their Rites of religious Worship which have a political Aspect, and were prescribed by God as King of their Nation, But I chuse to rank all their purifying Rites and their Rules of Worship rather under this Head of the Ceremonial or Religious Laws, because their Forms of Puri. fication, do more plainly and eminently typify or represent to us how much care the People of God should take to be separated and purified from every Sin and from the Communion of Sinners; and the Jewish Rites of Worship represent to us, by way of Type or Emblem, that Spiritual and Evangelick Worship which thould be paid to God especially under the New Teilament, as the Lord of Souls and Consciences; as well as those Blelling of the Gospel, which are brought in by Christ and the Holy Spirit, are represented hereby,

Sect. I. Of the Ceremonies of Purification. 2. W HAT were the chief Rites or Ceremo

nies appointed for Purification or Cleansing aming the Jews ? A. Washing with Water,


Lemonial Poliny unclean an dead Bodiled by Les

Sprinkling with Water or Blood, Anointing with holy Oil, shaving the Head of Man or Woman, together with various forts of Sacrifices, and fonie other Appointments, Heb. ix. 10, 13, 19. Lev. xv, xvi, and xiii. 33. Num. vi. 19. Exod. xl. 9.

3 Q. What were those Things or Perfons among the Jews which were required to be purified ? Ă. All Persons, Houses or Buildings, Garments or other Things which were set apart for the Service of God; and all such as had been defiled by Leprosy, by touching human dead Bodies, or the Carcases of any unclean Animal, or by other ceremonial Pollutions. See Lev. xi, xii, xiii, xiv, and xv. Exod. xl. 9- 15. Numb. viii. 6. and xix. 9, &C,

40. How were the Persons or Things of the Gentiles to be purified for the use of the Israelites ?

A. The things which could endure the Fire were to pass through the Fire ; other things were to be washed with Water, Num. xxxi. 20—24. And the Maidens were to have their Heads thaven, and their Nails pared, before an Israelite could take any of them for a Wife, Deut. xxi. 12.

5 Q. Were there not some things which could not be purified at all by any Ceremonies ? A: All the le-, veral Nations of Canaanites and the Males among other Gentile Captives in War who had refused the Offer of Peace were judged so unclean and polo luted, that they were all to be destroyed, Deut. vii, 1–4. Joh. vi. 21. vii, 26. and X., 28, 30, 32, 40, &c. Deut. xx. 13-17. And the Houles and Garments of the Israelites, where the , leprous Spots could not be taken away, were to be destroyed also, Lev. xii. 57, and xiv. 45. and those Ifraelites in whom the Leprosy prevailed, were to


be shut out of the Camp as unclean, Lev. xiii. 45, 46.

6Q. Were there any Crimes of real Immorality or Impiety, which could be taken away by any of thefe outward Ceremonies of Purification ? A. The mere outward Performance of any of these. Ceremonies did purify the Persons defiled no fur. ther, than to set them right in their political State, as Subjects under God as their King; and to cleanse them, as Members of the Jewish visible Church from ceremonial Defilements, Heb. ix. 13. The Blood of Bulls and of Goats, and the Ashes of an Heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth no further than to the purifying of the Fles. But Heb. X. 4. It is not possible that the Blood of Bulls and Goats fhould take away Sins ; i. e. as they are committed against God as the Lord of their Souls and Consciences, :7 Q. How then were the Sins of the Jews cleansed or pardoned, I mean their real Immoralities and Impieties against God as the Lord of Conscience ? A. They obtained Pardon of God according to the Discovery of Grace and Forgiveness scattered up and down through all the five Books of Mofes, and especially according to the Promises made and the Encouragements given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in general to all those who fincerely repent of Sin, and trust in the Mercy of God fo far as it was then revealed, and to be further ree' vealed in time to come, Exod. xxxiv. 6, 7. Deut. iv. 29, 30, 31. Ifai. lv. 7, &c. But this Forgiveness is owing to the effectual Atonement of Chrift, which was to be made in due time, and which took away Sins paft as well as to come, Rom. ili, 21, 24, 25, 26. '80. Did these outward Rites of Purification


then do nothing towards the removal of their mo. ral Defilements or Sins ? A. As their outward or ceremonial Defilements were appointed to be Emblems and Figures of the spiritual or moral Defilement of the Soul by Sin, so many of these Ceremonies of Purification, and particularly those by Water and Blood, were Pledges and Tokens to assure then that God would forgive Sin; and they were also Figures and Emblems of the Re. moval of moral Defilement or Sin from the Souls of Men by the atoning Blood of Christ, and by the sanctifying Spirit of God, which is represented under the Figure of clean Water. See Heb. ix. and x.

Note, The following Question perhaps might come in properly after the Account of Sacrifices: But having here enquired whether the Ceremonies of Purification did any thing toward the Removal of the moral De. filement of Sin, I thought it as proper to introduce it' here, as a kind of Objection again it the foregoing An.. swers.

9 Q. But were there not fome Jewish Sacrifices and Methods of Purification and Atonement apo pointed for some real Immoralities and Wickedness, as, when a Man had committed a Trespass against the Lord, by lying to his Neighbour, by cheating or robbing him, or by swearing falsly when he had found any thing that was loft, and with-held it from the Owner ? Lev. vi. 147. Is it not faid, He fhall bring his Trespass-Offering to the Lord, and the Priest shall make an Atonement for him before the Lord, and it Thall be forgiven him? A. This Trespass-Offering would set him right indeed in the sight of God as King of the Nation, against whose political Laws the Man had com

mitted this Trespass ; but it was never designed to free him from the Guilt of this Sin in the Sight of God as the Lord of Conscience, unless he repented of this Sin in his Heart, and trusted in the Mercy. of God so far as it was revealed in that Day; for it is a certain Truth, that the Blood of Beasts cannot take away Sin, Heb. x. 4.

. Sect. II. Of the Holy Perfons. HERE the Reader may take notice that re11 veral things mentioned in this and the two following Sections, (viz ) of Holy Persons, Places and Things, are described in Figures, to give a plainer Idea of them.

10 Q. Having finished the Rites of Purification, letres enquire now what were the most remarkable things relating to their forms of publick Worship? A. These five, (viz.) holy Persons, and holy Places, holy Things, holy Times, and holy Actions.

11 Q. What mean you by calling all these Holy? A. I mean such Persons, fuch Places, fuch Things, and fuch Times and Actions, as were devoted to God and his Worship, or appointed for his special Service, Numb. xvi. 5. Lev. xxi. 8. and xxii. 15.

12 Q. Who might be called the holy Perfons an mong the Jews or Israelites? A. The Prieits and the Nazarites and all the Levites, Lev. xxi.1, 6. Num. vii 2, 8. and viii. 14. though fometimes the whole Nation are called holy, Exod. xix. 6... .!..

13 Q. Who were appointed to be Priests?: A. First Aaron himself, and then the eldest of laron's Family were appointed to be High Priests in Succession, and the rest of his Sons and their


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