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forty Stripes fave one, from the Jews who so much bated him, i Cor. xi. 24? A. Because they pretended to be very scrupulous in observing the Law exactly, and therefore they never inficted more than thirty-nine Stripes, left they should happen to mistake in the Tale, while they were inflicting forty, and thus transgress the Law.

23 Q. What were their most common ways of putting Criminals to Death ? A. By hanging them on a Tree, or by stoning them with Stones, Num. XXV. 4. Deut. xxi. 23. xiii. 9, 10. Num. xv. 35.

24 Q. How many Witnesses were necessary to condemn a Criminal to Death ? A. At the Mouth of two or three Witnesses shall he that is worthy of Death be put to Death, but not at the Mouth of one Witness, Deut. xvii. 6,7.

25 Q. What was the Design of God in giving them so many peculiar Laws about their Civil or Political Affairs ? A. (1.) To let them know that God was their King as well as their God, and to keep them distinct and separate from the rest of the Nations as his own People and Kingdom.

(2.) Many of these Laws were in themselves excellently suited to the Advantage of that People, dwelling in that Country and under those Circumstances. . . (3.) Some of these Laws had a moral or fpiritual Meaning in them, which might partly be known at that time, and which was further dircovered afterwards.

26 Q. What Instances can you give of moral Leefsons taught by thefa Political Laws? A. Thou mält not take the Dam with the Young, Deut. xxii. 6, 7. is to teach Men Mildness and Compassion.


Thou phalt not muzzle the Ox that treads out the Corn, Deut. xxv. 4. is to flew that Ministers who provide us spiritual Food, ought to be maintained themselves, 1 Cor. ix. 9, 10, for so the Apostle Paul has explained it. :

CH A P. VI. Of the Sins and Punisheñents of the Jews in

the Wilderness.

IQ. AFTER all this Account of the Moral,

41 Ceremonial, and Judicial Laws, can you tell me whether the People of Israel obeyed them or no ? A. No; they often broke the Laws of God and finned against him, and were often punished, Ifai. Ixiii. 10. Psal. lxxviii. 32, 33, 34.

2 Q. What were their most remarkable Sins a. gains God in the Wilderness? A. Besides their Murmurings at some Difficulties in the Beginning of their Journey, their first remarkable and notorious Crime was their making a golden Calf, and worshipping it at the foot of Mount Sinai, Exod. xxxii. 4, 8.

3 Q. What Temptation, or what Pretence could they have for such a Crimé ? A. Mofes was gone up into Mount Sinai, and tarried there fo many Days longer than they expected, that they want. ed some visible Token of God's Presence among them; and so they constrained Aaron to make this golden Image to be a Representation of the Prefence of God, but without God's Appointment, Exod. xxxii, la acro


Note, It is scarcely to be supposed that this was the mere Image of a common Calf, or that the Jews could fall down and worship such an Image; or that they could suppose an Ox or Calf, which was the Idol of their Enemies the Egyptians, was a proper Emblem of the God of Israel, their Deliverer from Egypt. Probably therefore 'twas the smage of a Cherub, partly in the form of a winged Ox: and since God was represented im. mediately afterward by Mofes as dwelling among the Cherubims on the Mercy-seat, this might be a common Opinion or Notion before-hand among the People, even of that Age*: And it might be made as a visible Re. presentation of the Presence of God, for they proclaimed a Feast to Jehovah, ver. 5. in the same manner as Jeroboam, long afterward, made perhaps the same sort of Images for the same Purpose, which are called Calves But both this and that being done without God's Appointment, it was all Idolatry, and in a way of utmost Contempt it was called Worshipping a Calf ; and was accordingly punished as highly criminal. See Chap. V. Quejt. 37

4 Q. How did God punish them for the golden Calf? A. The Children of Levi were com


* There were some Things relating to the Worlhip of God which that people had some general Notion of before Mofes went up into the Mount to learn all the Particulars from God; as for Instance, they had Altars and Sacrifices, and sprinkling of Blood, Exxxiv. 4, 6, 8. They had Priests, Ex. xix. 22, 24. and a Tabernacle or moveable Chapel, Exod. xxxiii. 6,7. And they might know that God dwelt among Angels or some glorious winged Beings as his Attendants ; and these Cherubs might be sometimes figured as flying Men with Calves Feet, or as flying Oxen, as part of the Equipage or Attendants of God.

27, 28.

manded to say their Brethren, and they new three thousand of the Children of Israel, Exod. xxxii.

ŠQ. What was another of their remarkable Sins ? A. In the next Stage, after Sinai, they loathed the Manna which God sent them, and murmured for want of Flesh, Num, xi. 4.

6 Q. How was the murmuring punished ? A. God gave them the Flesh of Quails in abundance, and sent the Plague with it, Num, xi. 31, 33.

Q. What was a third of their remarkable Sins ?. A. Being discouraged by the Spies who searched out the Land of Canaan, and brought an ill Report of that promised Land, they were for making a Captain to return to Egypt, Num. xiii. 32. and xiv. 3, 4, 36.

80. How was this Rebellion chastised? A. Ten of the Spies died immediately of a Plague, and all the People were condemned to wander forty Years in the Wilderness, till all those who were above twenty Years old should die by degrees in their Travels, Num. xiv. 29–37..

9 Q. Who of the Spies were saved ? A. None but Caleb and yohua, who followed the Lord fully, and gave a good Account of the Land of Promise, Num. xiv. 6, 23, 24, 37, 38. and xxvi. 65.

10 Q. What was their fourth remarkable Sin? A. When Korah, Dathan and Abiram stirred up a Rebellion against Moses and Aaron, Num. xvi. 1,&C. .

11 Q. What was the Occasion of this Rebellion of Korah and his Companions ? A. They pretended that all Israel were holy, and that Aaron and his Family had no more Right to the Priesthood than they; and that Mojes took too much



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upon him to determine every thing among them, Num. xvi. 3, 10.

12 Q. How were Korah, Dathan and Abiram punished? A. They and their Families were swallowed up by an Earthquake *, and their two hundred and fifty Companions were burnt by a Fire which came out from God, ver. 31, 35. and when the Congregation murmured against Mofes and

Aaron for the Death of thefe Sinners, God fmote · above fourteen thousand of them, and they died of the Plague, ver. 41–50.

13Q. What Miracle did God work to herw that he had chosen Aaron's Family to the Priesthood ? A. He bid the Heads of the People chuse twelve Rods for the twelve Tribes of Israel, and write Aaron's Name upon Levi's Rod, and lay them up in the Tabernacle till the Morrow : At which Time they took each Man his Rod, and Aaron's Rod blola Yomed, and yielded Almonds, Num. xvii.

14 Q. What was done with this Rod of Aaron? A. It was laid up in the Ark to be a lasting Testimony against these Rebels, ver. 10, and to confirm Aaron's Right to the Priesthood. : 15 Q. What was a fifth remarkable Sin of the People? A. They murmured because of the length of the Way, and for want of better Food than Manna, Num. xxi. 4, 5.

16 Q. How was this new Murmuring punised? A. God sent fiery Serpents among them, which destroyed many of them, Num. xxi. .

17 Q. How were the People healed which were bitten by the Serpents ? A. By looking up to a Serpent of Brass, which Mofes put upon a high Pole at God's Command, Num. xxi. 8, 9.


18 Q. * Yet in Num, xxyi. 11, the Sons of Korak are ex. - cepted.




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