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43 Q. How did he deliver them? A. By bringing a Present to Eglon, and then stabbing him with a Dagger, Judg. iii. 16, 17.

44 Q. What did Shamgar toward their Deliverance ? A. He rescued Israel from the Oppression of the Philistines, and flew fix hundred of them with an Ox's Goad, Judg. iii. 31.

:45 Q. Who was Deborah? A. She was a Woman, a Prophetess, who delivered Ifrael from the Tyranny of Jabin King of Canaan, who had nine hundred Chariots of Iron, Judg. iv, 2-4.

46 Q. How did the deliver Israel from his Hand? A. She sent forth Barak to Battle against him, who routed his Army, which was commanded by Sisera his General, Judg. iv. 5.

47 Q. How was Šisera sain? A. By the Hand of Jael, a Woman, who when he came to rest himself in her Tent, drove a Nail into his Tem, ples, Judg. iv. 18–22.

48 Q. Who was Gideon? A. The Son of Joash; he was called by an Angel, or by. God himself, to destroy the Worship of Baal, and to deliver Israel from the Hands of the Midianites, Judg: yi. 1114

Note, Gideon had sufficient Evidence that this was a Message from God himself, for the Angel talked with him ; and when Gideon had fetched some Flesh and Cakes to entertain him, the Angel bid him lay them upon a Rock, and pour out the Broth upon them, then with one End of his Rod the Angel touched them, and Fire arose and consumed them,

49 Q. How did he begin his Work? A. He first threw down the Altar of Baal the Idol by Night, and cut down the Idolatrous Grove, and then of. fered a Sacrifice to the Lord, according to the Ora der he had received from God, Jug. vi. 25-28.


50 Q. What further Sign did God give him of Success ? A. At his Request God made a Fleece of Wool wet, when the Ground all round it was dry; and again, he made a Fleece of Wool dry, when the Ground was wet, Judg. vi. 36.

51 Q. How many Men did God appoint for Gi. deon's Army? A. Out of thirty thousand he appointed but three hundred Men, Judg. vii. 3,6,7.

52 Q. How did three hundred Men conquer Mi, dian? A. Each of them, by Gideon's Order, took a Trumpet, and a Pitcher with a Lamp in it, and coming at Midnight on the Camp of the Midianites, they broke their Pitchers, and frighted them with a sudden Blaze of Lamps, the Sound of the Trumpets, and loud Shouting, J udg. vii. 20—23

530. Did Gideon reign over Israel after this great Victory? A. No, he refused it, for he laid God was their King, Judg. viii. 23.

54 Q. Did Gideon's Sons govern Israel afterwards ? A: None of Gideon's threescore and ten Sons set up themselves, but Abimelech, the Son of his Concubine, made himself King, Judg. ix. 1, 2, 6.

55 Q. How did Abimelech advance himself to the Kingdom? 4. He slew all his threescore and ten Brothers, except the youngest, who escaped, Judg. ix, s.

56 Q. How was: Abimelech pain? A. When he was besieging a City a Woman cast a Piece of Milftone upon his Head, Judg. ix. 51, 52, 53.

57. Q. Who was Jephthah!-A, mighty Man of Valour, who delivered Ifrael from the Power of the Ammonites, Judg. xi. I, 32, 33.

58 Q. What was remarkable concerning him? A. He made a rash Vow to sacrifice to God the first thing that came to meet him after his Victory, and that happened to be his Daughter, and onlý Child, Judg. xi. 30, 31, 34.

- Note, It is a Matter of Doubt and Controversy among the Learned, whether Jephthab, being a Soldier in those Days of Ignorance, did not really offer his Daughter for a Sacrifice, according to his Vow, as the Scripture seem to express it'; or whether he only reAtrained her from Marriage and bearing Children, which in those Days was accounted like a Sacrifice, and as a Sentence of Death passed on them.

59 Q. Who was Sampson ?. A. The Son of Manoah, and he delivered Ifrael from the Hands of the Philistines, Judg. xiii, and xiv, &c.

60 Q. What was his Character ? A. He was the strongelt of Men, but he does not seem to have been the wiseft or the best.

61 Q. Wherein did his Strength lie? A. He was a Nazarite , devoted to God from his Birth, and so was bound to let his Hair grow, and then God was with him : but when his Hair was cut, God left him, Judg. xiii. 7. and xvi. 17.

62 Q. What Instances did he give of his great Strength ? A. He tore a Lion afunder, he broke all the Cords with which he was bound, he flew a thousand Philistines with the Jaw-bone of an Ass; and when he fell in love with a Harlot in Gaza, and the Philistines beset the City-Gates, he carried away the Gates and Gate-pofts of the City with him, when he made his way out and escaped, Judg. xiv. 5, 6, and xv. 13, 14. and xvi. 3, 11, 13.

i 63 Q.

63 R. What befel him afterwards ? A. He fell in love with Delilah, another of the Philiftine Women, who cut off his Hair, and then the betrayed him to the Philistines, who put out his eyes, and made him grind in a Mill, J udg. xvi.

64 Q. What was Sampson's End? A: Thousands of the Philistines were gathered together to make sport with Sampson; and in order to revenge himself of the Philipines, and to destroy the Enemies of Israel, he pulled the House down upon their Heads and his own, Judg. xvi.

65 Q. Who judged Israel after Sampson ? A. Eli the High-Prieit is said to judge Israel forty Years ;. but he is not supposed to be one of the extraordinary Judges who delivered them, but rather, that he was made an ordinary Magistrate, perhaps, overfome Part of the Land, 1 Sam. iv. 18.

66 Q. Who was the last of these extraordinary Judges? A. Samuel the Prophet, the Son of Hana nab, a pious Woman who had no Child before, and requested of God to give her one, i Sam. i. 20.

67 Q. What is written in Honour of Hannah ? A. When she was greatly provoked and grieved in Spirit, she prayed to God at the Tabernacle, and she went away chearful, 1 Sam. i. 15–18.

68 Q. Where was Samuel brought up ? A. As he was requested of the Lord, so he was given to the Lord, and was brought up at the Tabernacle in Shiloh under the Care of Eli the High-Priest, 1 Sam. i. 22, 28.

69 Q. What was Samuels Office ? A. He waited on the Service of the Tabernacle as a Levite, being the First-born, and being given to God, Samii. 18.

70 Q: Was he not also a Prophet? A. Yes, God called him three times in one Night when he was a Child, and made a Prophet of him, and told him what Calamities should befall the House of Eli the High-Priest, i Sam. iii. · 71. What was the great Crime of Eli? A.

Though he loved and honoured God himself, yet he did not restrain his Sons from Wickedness, i Sam. iii. 13.

72 Q. In what manner did God few his Dis pleasure against the House of Eli? A. His two Sons were Nain by the Philistines in Battle, and the High-Priesthood went into another Branch of Aaron's Family, 1 Sam. ii. 27, &C. 1 Kings Ü. 27.

73Q. What became of Eli himself? A. When he heard that the Ark of God. was taken by the Philistines he fainted for Grief, and falling down backward he brake his Neck, I Sam.. iv. 17, 18.

74 Q. What did the Philistines da with the Arik of God? A. They brought it into the House of their Idol Dagon, and the Idol fell down and broke off his Head and his. Hands upon the Threshold, 1 Sam. v. 2-5.

75 Q. What Punishments did the Philistines suffer for keeping the Ark? A.In several Cities where they placed it, God destroyed many of the Inhabitants, and smote, the rest . with fore Diseases, 1 Sam. v. 6–12. .

76 Q. What became of the Ark then?. A. The Philistines put it into a new Cart drawn by two Milch-Kine, whose Calves were shut up at home, . and yet they carried it directly into the Land of Ifrael to Bethshemesh, 1 Sam. vi. 12.

77 R. What did the Men of Bethshemesh do? A. They looked into the Ark, which was utterly


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