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learned Men generally place two Plates or Dishes of Incense, as a Covering to the Loaves; but the Scripture does not give order for it.

The Vail V, which is hung on four Pillars, is to be lifted up, to fhew the Holy of Holies behind it, where the Ark of the Covenant stands.

On the Side of the Ark, and of the Altar of Incense, and the Table of Shew-bread, are Staves thrust through Rings, which were made to carry those Vessels on the Shoulders of the Pricfts, Exod. XXV.

The Reader, perhaps, may complain that he finds no Cherub upon the little Figure of the Ark in the most holy Place. The Reason of it is the fame which I gave for not describing Solomon's Temple, viz. because learned Men are so greatly divided in their Opinions about the Shape or Form of a Cherub: And though I have taken no small Pains to enquire into this Matter, both by the Comparison of all the Texts in the Bible where it is mentioned, and by consulting many learned Writers, yet I cannot arrive at any Satisfaction or Certainty what was the true Figure of those Cherubs which were placed on the Ark: and I que. stion whether, among the numerous Forms in which learned Men and Painters have described them, there is any one which has hit exactly on the Truth. To me it appears very probable, that if they had any Feet visible, they were cloven like the Feet of an Ox or Calf, and perhaps they might have the Face of an Oxalso. But a particular Dissertation on this Subject, as the Fruit of my Inquiries, could not be so proper for this place.


Dire&tions to the Book-binder.

THESE Figures relate chiefly to Chap. V.

1 Seet, 3, and 4. yet I desire them to be placed rather at the End of the Book, after this-Adver. tisement.

Observe, that these Plates or Tables are a little larger than the pages of the Book, therefore they must be placed with some Care just in the middle over-against the Pages; they must be folded once, and the Leaves of the Book must not be cut in too deep left the Figures be damaged.

The Vail of the most Holy Place marked V, is a small square Figure to be cut off on all Sides in the outmost Line, and a Straw's Breadth of the upper Edge of it, on the Back-side, is to be pasted on, so as just to cover the most holy Place, in Plate 3. that it may be lifted up from the Bottom to discover the most Holy Place.

BOOKS published by the same


1. SERMONS on various Subjects, - Divine

and Moral: With a facred Hymn suited to each Subject. Designed for the Use of Christian Families, as well as for the Hours of devout Retirement. In two Volumes. The 6th Edition, 8vo,

II. A Guide to Prayer; or, A free and rational Account of the Gift, Grace, and Spirit of Prayer ; with plain Directions how every Christian may attain them. The 8th Edition, 12mo. · III, The Chriftian Doctrine of the Trinity ; or, Father, Son and Spirit three Perfons and one God, asserted and proved ; with their Divine Rights and Honours vindicated by plain Evidence of Scripture, without the Aid or Incumbránce of human Schemes. Written chiefly for the Use of private Christians. 12mo. ,' · IV. Seven Dissertations relating to the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity. In two parts. F2mo,

V. Death and Heaven; or, The last Enemy conquered, and separate Spirits made perfect : Altempted in two Funeral Discourses, in Memory of Sir John Hartopp, Bart, and his Lady. The 4th Edition, 12mo.

VI. A Defence against the Temptations to Selfmurder; wherein the criminal Nature and Guilt of it are displayed: Together with some Reflections on Excess in strong Liquors, Duelling, and other Practices akin to this heinous Sin. 12mo.

VII. A Sermon on the Reformation of Manners.

VIII. A Caveat against Infidelity; or, The Danger of Apostasy from the Christian Faith. With an Answer to some Queries concerning the Salvation of the Heathens, and the Hope of the modern Deists, upon their Pretences to Sincerity. 8vo. · IX. A Sermon preached on Occasion of the Death of our late Sovereign George I. and the peaceful Accession of his present Majesty George II. The 4th Edition.

X. A Book of Catechisms complete : Contain

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I. A Discourse of Catechisms, how to write and to judge of them. The 3d Edition. -- 2. The first Set of Catechisms and Prayers for young Children of four or five Years of Age. The 3th Edition. · 3. The Second Set of Catechisms and Prayers for Children of eight or nine Years of Age. The 5th Edition.

4. The Assembly's Catechism, with Notes, for Children of ten or twelve Years of Age. The sth Edition.

5. A Preservative from the Sins and Follies of Childhood and Youth. Written by way of Question and Answer. To which is added a large Catalogue of remarkable Scripture-Names collected for the Use of Children. · The 3d Edition. .. N.B. All these are fold single.

XI. Prayers composed for the Use and Imitation of Children; suited to their different Ages and their various Occasions : Together with Instructi. ons to Youth in the Duty of Prayer, drawn up by way of Question and Answer, and a serious Ad


dress to them on that Subject. The 5th Edition, 12mo.

i XII. Discourses on the Love of God, and the Use and Abuse of the Passions in Religion ; with a devout Meditation Annexed to each Discourse. The 2d Edition, 12mo. . .

XIII. An humble Attempt towards the Revival of Practical Religion among Christians, and particularly the Protestant Diffenters, by a serious Address to Ministers and People, in some occasional Discourses. The 3d Edition, 12more.. • XIV. Humility represented in the Character of St Paul: The chief Springs of it opened, and its

various Advantages displayed ; together with some · occasional Views of the contrary Vice. 8vo.

XV. The Holiness of Times, Places, and People, under the Jewish and Christian Dispensations: Considered and compared in several Discourses, on the Sabbath, the Temple, Churches, Meetinghouses, 6. 12mo. ;.

XVI. The World to come; or, Discourses on the foys or Sorrows of departed Souls at Death, wand the Glory or Terror of the Resurrection.

Whereto is prefixed, a Proof of the separate State. Two Volumes, 8vo.

XVII. Horæ Lyricæ : Poems chiefly of the Ly. ric Kind. In three Books. Sacred, 1. To De. votion and Piety. 2. To Virtue, Honour, and Friendship. 3. To the Memory of the Dead. The 8th Edition, corrected, with the Author's Effigy, 12mo.

XVIII. Hymns and Spiritual Songs. In three Books, 1. Collected from the Scriptures. 2.. Com *** posed on divine Subjects. *3. Prepared for the Lord's-Supper. The 13th Edition..

ple TV. The news of the played;"

he Bodleian Library from word 5. Dopron, April 28,1917,

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