The "Emden,"

Front Cover
Ritter, 1917 - 219 pages

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Page 16 - If Germany were extinguished tomorrow, the day after tomorrow there is not an Englishman in the world who would not be the richer. Nations have fought for years over a city or a right of succession; must they not fight for two hundred and fifty million pounds of yearly commerce...
Page 4 - The following wireless message has just been received from Tsingtao: 'On August first, his Majesty, the Emperor, ordered the mobilization of the entire land and naval forces of the Empire. Russian troops have crossed the border into Germany. As a consequence, the Empire is at war with Russia and with France.
Page 158 - ... D'Iberville once more, it was reported that a large merchantman was standing in. Even at a considerable distance we could make her out to be a merchant vessel. The captain then decided to capture her next. The D'Iberville could not escape us anyway. Our cutter was quickly lowered. The steamer received the usual signal, " Stop, we are sending a boat !" But hardly had our cutter gone alongside the steamer when we again saw a warship heading in from sea.
Page 6 - It is therefore probable that we shall encounter them. In that event, I feel confident that I can rely upon my men.
Page 123 - ... necessary repairs to the hull, machinery, and armament. In order to keep the crew fresh and clean, we rigged up a number of showers on deck, made out of old piping. Three times daily the entire crew was ordered to the showers, where each man could remain as long as he pleased. % The health of the men aboard the Emden was excellent. From the time we left Tsingtao until the final battle, we had not one single case of sickness. In the afternoons the ship's band played for quite a long time. The...
Page 136 - Tell me, how did you learn of the new and secret course laid out for merchantmen by the Admiralty?
Page 23 - ... passenger trade between Shanghai and Vladivostok. During war she would be armed and used as an auxiliary cruiser. She was a brand new, speedy ship, built at the German works of Schichau. The Emden and her prize rolled considerably in the heavy sea. It was not a simple matter to lower the cutter which was to carry the prize crew from the Emden to the Rjesan.
Page 12 - China, which in 1840 was overrun with war because the Chinese refused to buy opium of the English merchants; Egypt, which...
Page 29 - Spec, who, with the armored cruisers, " Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau," and the small cruiser, "Niirnberg," was in the South Pacific, steering northward.
Page 34 - The Watch on the Rhine." The entire crew was on deck, singing as the band played.

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