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What are the distinctions between Prose and Verse? What is Poetry? Define the feet of English Verse. What are the principal lines? What are the chief forms of continuous or Stychic rse? What is a Stanza, and what are the bestknown forms? Describe the Spenserian stanza. Explain the form of the Sonnet. What are the chief French forms? What are the essential characteristics of a good rime? What is Alliteration? What is Assonance ? What is Epic Verse? What is Lyric Verse? What is Dramatic Verse? What is the Pastoral? What are some of the chief forms of Lyric Verse? What is the Ode? What is Elegiac Verse? Why is Prose Form more difficult of appreciation than Verse ? What is Diction? What are some of the most important points in which the Diction of good writers may differ? What is meant by poetic Diction as distinguished from prosaic? What is the effect upon style of short and long sentences respectively? What is the distinction between a periodic and a loose style? What is a balanced sentence? What is understood by Mass and Coherence as applied to the sentence? How do the principles of sentence structure apply to the Paragraph? What are some of the larger units of composition? What is the most important element of Style? Why is Prose later in development than Verse? What is Narration, and what are its three chief divisions ? What is Exposition? What are the chief forms of Oratory?





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