Twenty-six Reasons why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus

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Feldheim Publishers, 2007 - 266 pages
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This seminal work was written for Jews, Christians, and the theologically curious. It answers the 2000-year-old question,"Why don't the Jewish People 'believe' in Jesus?" A Christian Old Testament scholar, many Orthodox rabbis, and a former Christian missionary who converted to Judaism have all declared that this book is the indispensable tool for understanding why the Jewish People still await the coming of the true messiah. The author provides Jews, from the unschooled in Torah to the Talmudic scholar, definitive answers to questions and challenges by Christian friends, relatives, and co-workers. In addition, Jews desperately need an easy to understand yet comprehensive resource to understand and reject the claims of so-called 'messianic Jews, ' who specifically target Jews for conversion. Author Asher Norman explains, "Most people would be shocked to learn that according to Jewish theology, when a Jew (not a Gentile) worships Jesus they commit the sin of idolatry, punished by 'kores, ' separation from God forever in the World to come. So-called 'messianic Jews' are a particular problem because they often use highly deceptive practices. They falsely claim that it is possible to be both a Jew and a Christian. Leaders of so-called "messianic synagogues" pretend to be rabbis but are usually ordained Christian ministers. They deceitfully wear and utilize Jewish symbols and mimic Jewish services while worshiping Jesus. There are no over 100 "messianic synagogues" in the 30 states and an additional 15 in foreign countries. With candor and scholarship, the author explains, "Jesus did not fulfill the six main messianic criteria established by prophets of Israel." Significantly, the messiah will be a mortal man, not a 'divine being.' Most people are not aware that Jesus' supernatural history was not original. Jesus was preceded by the pagan religions of god-men/women, such Attis, Adonis, Isis, Mithras and Dionysus. They were all born of virgin mothers on December 25th, Dionysus had 12 disciples and was resurrected after three days in the ground. Mithras utilized a sacred meal using the body and blood of a bull and used baptism to purify initiates." Asher Norman is a lawyer, an Orthodox Jew, and an expert on Jewish-Christian polemics. He has lectured nationally on this subject for several years. He utilizes his legal training to put Christianity's faith claims about Jesus on trial. His Verdict: The Jewish People will never 'believe' in Jesus.

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I will assume for a few moments for this review that the thesis is not biassed
assume the first two reasons are accurate
and still reason 3 is a trick
"the commandments of the torah are eternal
is a trick
not only are sacrifices not eternal, because they are limited to the temple, but even maimonides=a jew-representer wrote in "moreh nebukim" that the sacrifices will not return when messiah comes and the new temple will be rebuilt
commandments are not eternal
in fact the jew-tradition specifically said the opposite in talmud bkorot [babylonian] as well as the rabbinic commentaries rashi and mkilta which consistently and specifically limited the time span of commands
but reason two is also not jewish faith, because the claim "jewish salvation is keep gods commands" is not jewish. jewish tradtion specificaly said: not only in the book isaia [which does not matter to most jews, so i will quote the talmud that they love] "all righteousness is like dirty clothes but also the talmud [babylonian brakot] said that there are only six righteous this is the jewish faith according to talmud brakot
furthermore the term "salvation" is a trick because according to jewish tradition "all israel have a portion in the world to come" so salvation is a gift according to jewish tradition and not based on any action or command
in summary: the book in general "does not represent the jewish religion traditionally" but a new foreign religion replacing the traditions of judaism, and specificly "the reason" why Jews do not believe in jesus, is in maimonides, not these twenty six but other ones
so if you want to know the concept "on the cover" do not buy the book because it is a trick and instead read maimonidies available free online


reason Christianity is not completed Judaism and Judaism
The Jewish salvation program is to love God fear
The commandments of the Torah are eternal
Jesus both affirmed and opposed laws of the Torah
Jesus was a false prophet
Jesus was not a perfect being who never sinned
God is not a man and Jesus is not the son of God
The Epistles and Gospels were not written
Matthew and Lukes birth and infancy accounts
The Gospel stories of the betrayal of Jesus
The resurrection accounts are deeply conflicted
The historicity of Jesus is problematic
Jesus history appears to have been harvested from
The Gospels strongly suggest that the Romans
The Torah Provides For Personal Salvation

Jesus was elected god in 325 c ɛ
The Jewish Bible warned against Jesus
The authors of the Christian Bible employed a number
The Jewish Messiah ben David is not supposed to
Jesus blood did not atone for our sins
There is no messianic prophecy that the Messiah
There is no messianic prophecy that the hands and

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