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AARON meets his brother Moses by the Divine appointment, i. 129, obtains the

high-priesthood, 181, a calamity befalls him in his children, 184, his priesthood

publicly approved by God, 217, his death, 222.
Abdon, judge of Israel, after Elon, i. 329.
Abednego, ii. 209.
Abel, his sacrifice and death, i. 20.
Abiathar, the son of Ahimelech, i. 409, saves his life, and flies to David, 409, is

high-priest, 480, is deprived of the high-priesthood, ii. 5.
Abigail, i. 417, married to David, 419.

Amasa's mother, i. 261.
Abihu, son of Aaron, destroyed by fire, i. 185.
Abijah, son of Rehoboam, i. 490, ii. 63, succeeds his father, ib. conquers the ten

tribes, ii. 71, his posterity, 64.
Abimelech, king of Gerar, falls in love with Sarah, but returns her to Abraham at

the command of God, i. 48, makes a covenant with Abraham at Beersheba, ib.
receives Isaac kindly, but afterward becomes envious of his posterity, i. 59, makes
a new covenant with Isaac, ib.

tyrannizes over the Shechemites, 1. 321, is expelled, 322, destroys them
all, ib. is killed by a woman, 325.
Abinadab, i. 352, ii. 11.
Abiram, i. 214.
Abishbag, a virgin, David's nurse, i. 512, Adonijah desires her in marriage, ii. 4.
Abishai, i. 457.
Abner, son of Ner, espouses the cause of İshbosheth against David, i. 435, kills Asa-

hel, 436, reconciles the Israelites to David, 439, assassinated by Joab, 440.
Abram, or Abraham, son of Terah, i. 36, marries Sarah, 37, leaves Chalden and

goes to Canaan, 38, lives at Damascus, ib. removes into Egypt is consequence of
a famine, 39, instructs the Egyptians in arithmetic and astronomy, 40, returns into
Canaan, and divides the country between himself and Lot, ib. rescues Lot and his
friends from the Assyrians, 42, is honourably treated by Melchisedeck, king of Sa-
lem, ib. God promises him a son, and ordains the rite of circumcision, 45, enter-
tains three angels in Mambre, and intercedes for the preservation of Sodom, ib.
removes to Gerar, and dissembles respecting his wife, 47, sends away Hagar and
Ishmael, 50, prepares to sacrifice Isaac at the command of God, 51, buries Sarah
in Hebron, 53, his posterity by Keturah, 54, sends his servant to betroth Rebeca
to his son Isaac, 55, his death and burial, 58, testimonies of Berosus, Hecateus, and

Nicolaus of Damascus, concerning him, 38.
Absalom revenges the violation of his sister Tamar, i. 474, flics to Geshur, 475, is

recalled by a stratagem of Joab's, 477, rebels against David, 478-487, his army

is put to flight, 489, hangs on a tree by his hair, ib. is stabbed by Joab, and dies, ib.
· Achar, guilty of theft, 277, remarks on his name, ib. note (1) his punishıment, 280.

Achish, king of Gath, i. 427.
Achmun, son of Araph, of the race of the giants, attacks David, i. 502, is killed by

Abishai, ib.
Actium, battle of, ii. 539, in the seventh year of Herod's reign, ib.
Ada, wife of Lamech. i. 22.
Adum, creation of, i. 16, his fall, 18, his expulsion from Paradise, 20, his posterity,

ib. his death, 23.
Adonibezek, king, taken prisoner, and punished with the amputation of his fingers

and toes, i. 296.
Adonijah pretends to the crown, i. 512, takes sanctuary at the altar, 515, demands

Abishag in marriage, i. 4, is refused and put to death, 5.
doram, ii, 17.

Adultress, how detected by the Jewish law, i. 197.
Adultery, law of, i. 197.
Agag, king of the Amalekites, i. 381, put to death, 384.
Agones, or games every fifth year, in honour of Cæsar, instituted by Herod, ü. 561.
Agrippa's, Marcus, bounty towards the Jews, ii. 312, is splendidly entertained by

Herod, iii. 5, makes equal returns to him at Sinhope, 7, his expedition to the

Bosphorus, ib. he confirms their privileges 12, his letters in favour of the Jews, 31.
Agrippa the great, Herod's grandson, iji. 73, his various adventures, 159, is mana-

cled and imprisoned, 166, his future liberty and happiness foretold, 167, is releas-
ed and made lord of two tetrarchies, with the title of king, 173, gives Caius a
sumptuous entertainment at Rome, 188, is sent by the senate to Claudius, 239,
is sent back to his kingdom, 244, Claudius bestows on him almost all the domi-
nions of his grandfather, ib. his bounty towards those of Berytus, 253, he treats se-
veral kings splendidly, 254, enters Cæsarea with shows, appears himself upon the
stage in a magnificent dress, and is applauded as a god, 255, dies soon after an

unnatural death, 256, his posterity, 487.
Agrippa, son of the former, by Cypros, iji. 487.
Agrippa, son of the former, by Cypros, iii. 487, did not immediately succeed in his

father's kingdom, 258, Claudius gave him that of Chalcis, 488, to which he
added the tetrarchies of Philip and Lysanias, 281, he is hurt by a sling stone at the
siege of Gamala, iv. 98, his letters 'to Josephus, 5, his famous speech to the

Jews, to dissuade them from a war with the Romans, iii. 509518.
Ahab, king of Israel, ii. 78, is reproved by Elijah, 179, fights with Benhadad, and

beats him, 93, pardons him, 94, is afterward killed himself by the Syrians, 101,

his sons destroyed by order of Jehu, 131.
Ahaz, king of Judah, ii. 156.
Ahaziah, son of Ahab, king of Juah, ii. 102.
Ahijah the prophet, 68, his prophecy, ib.
Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok, i. 480.
Ahimelech, the high priest, slain by the order of Saul, i.407.
Ahitub, ii. 5.
Ahitophel, or Achitophel, i. 249, gives evil counsel, 483, hangs himself, 486.
Ai besieged and taken, i. 280."
Alcimus, or Jacimus, ii. 354, a wicked bigh-priest, calumniates Judas before Deme-

trius, 355 ; dies, 359.
Alexander, son of Antiochus Epiphanes, ii. 376, surnamed Balas, 383, king of Syria,

376, his letters to Jonathan, 377, engages in a battle with Demetrius, ib. demands
Ptolemy Philometor's daughter in marriage, ib. is killed in Arabia, and his head
sent to Ptolemy, 382.

-, and Aristobulus, Herod's sons, iii. 51, put in prison, 54, 'strangled by
their father's order, 64.

son of Aristobulus, iji. 456, troubles Syria, 459, makes war upon the Ro-
mans, and is conquered by Gabinius, ib. killed by Pompey's order, 463.

- Janneus succeeds his brother Aristobulus, ii. 421, a sedition raised
against him, 428, his expedition against Ptolemais, 422, he is called a Thracian,
for his barbarious cruelty, 431, dies of a quartan ague, after three years' sickness,


- the Great succeeds his father Philip, ii. 286, conquers Darius, 287,
pursues his victories through Asia, ib. sends a letter to the high-priest at Jera-
salem, ib. goes himself to Jerusalem, 288, his dream, 290, adores the name of
God on the high-priest's forehead, 289, enters the temple, 290, grants privileges
to the Jews, ib.; the Pamphylian sea gives way to his army, i. 145, note; his arms
divided and armour kept in the temple of Diapa at Elymais, ü. 349, his empire
after his death, 293.

Tiberius succeeds Cuspius Fadus, as procurator of Judea, iij. 276, pre-
curator of Egypt, 503, is made chief commander of the Roman army under Ves-

pasian, iv. 168.
Alexandra, Alexander Janneus's widow, holds the administration after his death,
ii. 435, falls sick and dies, 433–440, her character, ib.

- daughter of Hyrcanus, wife of Alexander, the son of Aristobulus Hyr-
canus's brother, and mother of another Aristobulus, and Mariamne, ii. 524,
writes a letter to Cleopatra, jb, sends the picture of her son and daughter to An-
tony. by the advice of Dellius, ib. is feignedly reconciled to Herod. 526, is suspect-
ed by Herod, 527, prepares to flee into Egypt, ib. bemoans the death of Aristo-
bulus, 529, acquaints Cleopatra with the snares of Herod, and the death of her
son, 530, is put into prison, 533, her indecent behaviour towards her daughter
Mariamne, 556, is killed by Herod's order, 558.
Alexandria, great part of assigned to the Jews, ii. 461, the Jews declared its citi

zens, on a brazen pillar, by Julius Caesar, 474.
Alliance between Ptolemy and Antiochus, ii. 326.
Altar of incense, i. 171, the brazen altar, ib. to be built of unhewn stone, 244, built

by the two tribes and a half on the banks of Jordan, 292.
Amalekites, their hostilities against the Hebrews, and their complete defeat, i. 154.
Amasa, general of the army, i. 487, killed by Joab, 498.
Amathus, i. 35.
Amaziah, king of Judah, ii. 143, makes war on Joash, king of Israel, 145, is beaten

and murdered in a conspiracy, 146.
Ambassadors sent with presents to Hezekiah, ii. 176, ambassadors of the Jews slain

by the Arabs, 541, this a violation of the law of nations, ib, ambassadors had a

right to sit among the Roman senators in the theatre, 477.
Ambassage sent by Jonathan to the Lacedæmonians, ii. 389, sent by the Jews to

Rome, 359.
Ambition and Avarice, causes of many mischiefs, i. 442.
Aminadab, or Abinadab, i. 352.
Ammon, progenitor of the Ammonites, i. 47.
Amon, king of Judah, ii. 180, slain, ib.
Amnon, David's son, i. 437, falls in love with his sister Tamar, 472, slain by Absa-

lom's order, 474.
Amorites given to the tribes of Reuben, and Gad, and the half-tribe of Manas-

seh, i. 238.
Amphitheatre built at Jerusalem, and another in the adjoining plain, by Herod the

Great, üi.561, another at Jericho, iii. 103.
Amram, father of Moses, i. 117.
Annanias, son of Nebedeus, made high-priest, iii. 276, his son Ananus, 491, both
sent in fetters to Rome, ib. slain together with his brother Hezekiah, 523.

- (different from the former,) ii. 249.
Ananus, senior, a high-priest, iii. 292.

_ junior, the son of Ananus, made high-priest, iii. 292, accused of the mur-
der of James the bishop, 293, deprived of the high-priesthood, ib. his death, ib.

son of Bamadas, one of Simon's life-guard, iv. 245, flies to Titus, 279.
Andreas, captain of Philadelphus's life-guard, ii. 297.
Andronicus, son of Messalamus, ii. 375.
Angels, fallen, supposed to have been the fathers of the antediluvian giants, i. 24.
Antigonus governs Asia, after Alexander's death, ii. 293.

son of Aristobulus, ii. 458, impeaches Hyrcanus and Antipater, 465, is
conquered by Herod, 491, invades Judea by the help of the Parthians, 496, cuts
off Hyrcanus's ears, and causes the death of Phasuelus, 501, surrenders himself to
Sosius, 517, is sent in fetters to Marcus Antonius, 519, was the first king whose

head was cut off by the Romans, 521, reigned before Herod, ib.
Antioch, the chief city of Syria, and the third in the Roman empire, iv. 38, the Jews

made citizens thereof by Seleucus Nicator, ii. 311, burned down, iv. 316, 317.
Ammonius, rebels against Demetrius, ii. 381.
Antiochus, king of Commagena, iii. 141, part of Cilicia, together with Commagena,
granted him by Claudius, 245.

Cyzicenus, ii. 411, assists the Samaritans, but is put to flight, 412, is taken
prisoner and put to death by Seleucus, 428.

- Dionysius, fourth son of Antiochus Grypus, king of Syria, makes an ex-
pedition against the Jews, ii. 432.

the Great, ii. 312, his letters in favour of the Jews, 316, his wars with
Ptolemy Philopator, and Physcon, 313, marries his daughter Cleopatra to Ptole-
my, 317.

- Epiphanes makes an expedition into Egypt, ii. 329, takes Jerusalem,
and plunders the temple, 330, goes into Persia, 339, designs to destroy the Jews
upon his return, ib. his answer to the Samaritans, 333, he dies and leaves the all-
ministration to Philip, 350.

Antiochus Eupator invades Judea, ii. 351, fights with Judas, 352, makes peace with
the Jews, 353, breaks it, ib.

- Pius, makes war with Seleucus, i. 428, is slain in battle, ib.

-Eusebes, the brother of Demetrius, besieges Jerusalem, ij. 404, raises the
siege, 406, makes an expedition against the Parthians, is defeated and killed, 407.

grandson of Seleucus, and son of Alexander, commonly called the god,
ii. 312.
Antipas, Herod's son by Malthace, a Samaritan, iï. 70, is tetrarch of Galilee, 448,

goes to Rome to get to be a king, 454, what was left him by Herod, 102, what was

given him by Cæsar, 124, once declared king by Herod, 443.
Antipater, Herod's father, called Antipas, excites troubles, ü. 442, 443, is sent ambas-

sador to Aretas, by Scaurus, 456, his wife Cypros, an Arabian, and his children,
462, his valour, 464, he advises Hyrcanus to put himself under the protection of
Aretas, iii. 332, makes his son Phasaelus governor of Jerusalem, and Herod of Ga.
lilee, ü. 468, is honoured by Cæsar, and made citizen of Rome, 465, his defence
against Antigonus, ib. is made governor of Judea, ib. is greatly esteemed among
the Jewe, 470, is poisoned, 488.

-, son of Herod, iii. 15, is sent to Rome to Cæsar, 17, while he is there, he,
by letters, sets his father against his brethren, 402, is recalled by Herod, 82, is
hated by every body, after the slaughter of his brethren, 83, 435, attempts his
father's life, 68, is concerned for himself, 442, appears before Varus's tribunal, 84,

is bound, 442, is put to death, 101.
Antonia, the tower, called Baris before, iii. 323, is taken by Titus, 381.
Antony, Mark, his valour, ii. 457, his and Dolabella's decree in favour of the

Jews, 478 he marches into Asia, after Cassius's defeat, 491, his letter to Hyrca-
nus, 492, to the Tyrians, 493, he falls in love with Cleopatra, 495, makes Phagae
lus and Herod tetrarchs, ib. orders their accusers to be put to death, ib. sojourns

at Athens, 509.
Antonius, Lucius, Mark Antony's son, sends a letter to the Sardians, in farour of

the Jews, ü. 481.
Anubis, a god, iii. 145.
Apame, Darius's concubine, ii. 239.
Apion, ambassador for the Alexandrians to Caius, üi. 178.
Apollo's temple at Gaza, ii. 427.
Apollonius Daus, governor of Cælesyria, ü. 377, challenges Jonathan to an engage-
ment, and is defeated, 378, 379.

- governor of Samaria, ii. 333.
Arabians cireumcise their children when thirteen years old, i. 49, twelve towns
taken from them by Alexander, king of the Jews, iii. 444, Arabia borders on

Judea, ib. Petra the king's residence, ib. Zabdiel their lord, 382, are defeated, 543.
Aram, ancestor of the Syrians, i. 36.
Araske, a temple, ii. 174.
Arauna, the Jebusite, i. 508, his threshing-floor, ib. the place where Isaac was to

have been sacrificed, and where the temple was afterward built, 509.
Archelaus, king of Cappadocia, comes to Herod, iii. 45, goes with him to Antioch,
415, reconciles Herod to his son Alexander, and to his brother Pheroras, 414.

- , son of Herod the Great, 70, is made ethnarch, ii. 124, marries Gla-
phyra, 129, is proclaimed king, after Herod's death, 103, his speech to the peo-
ple, 104, he endeavours to appease the people, ib. goes to Rome, 108, is accused
there by the deputies of the people, 111, is banished to Vienna in Gaul, 130, his

dreams and Glaphyra's, ib.
Aretas, king of the Arabians, ii. 427, makes an expedition against Aristobulus, 444,

succeeds Obodas, iii. 50, affords succours to Hyrcanus, 332, impeaches Sylleus,

jointly with Antipater, before Cæsar, 77.
- king of Colesyria, makes an expedition into Judea, ii. 433...
Areus, king of the Lacedæmonians, ii. 326.
Arioch, captain of Nebuchadnezzar's life-guard, ii. 210.
Aristeas, or Aristæus, one of Ptolemy Philadelphus's life-guard, ii. 296.
Aristobulus, son of Hyrcanus l. č.418, the first high-priest who assumed the title of
king of the Jews, ib. called a lover of the Greeks, 421.

, son of Alexander Janneus, an enterprising and bold man, ii. 436, com-
plains of the Pharisees, ib, reproarhes his mother Alexandra, 437, endeavours to

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