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Baal, god of the Tyrians, ii. 133.
Baalis, king of the Ammonites, ii. 204.
Baasha, king of Israel, ii. 74, kills Nadab his predecessor, ib. dies, 76.
Babylon, derived from Babel, (confusion of languages,) i. 32, taken by Cyrus, under

the reign of Balthazar, ii. 223, the great number of Jews who lived there, 522,
Nebuchadnezzar's buildings at Babylon, ii. 218, its pensile gardens erected by

Nebuchadnezzar, in imitation of the mountains of Media, 219.
Badus, or Bath, a Jewish measure, ii. 16.
Bagoses, an enemy of the Jews, ii. 285.
Baladan, king of Babylon, ii. 176.
Balak, king of Moab, his conduct towards the Hebrews, i. 225, 226.
Balaam, the prophet, employed by Balak to curse the Hebrews, i. 226, his ass speaks

with a man's voice, 227, his sacrifices and predictions, 229, his advice to Balak

and the Midianites, 231.
Ballas, or Bera, king of Sodom, i. 40.
Balm, or Balsam, near Jericho, ii. 450.
Balthazar, or Naboandelus, king of Babylon, ii. 219, his terrible vision and its inter-
pretation, 220—223, his death, 223.

- Daniel's name, ü. 209.
Banacates, ii. 11.
Baris, a tower built at Ecbatana by Daniel, ü. 226.
Baris, king of Gomorrha, i. 40.
Baruch, well skilled in the Hebrew tongue, and left with Jeremiah, the prophet, in

Judea, at the Babylonian captivity, ii. 202.
Barzillai, i. 486.
Basan, or Baasha, king of Israel, ii. 74, slays Nadab, his predecessor, ib.
Basima, or Basmath, Solomon's daughter, ii. 11.
Baskets carried upon the head, i. 89.
Bassus, Ventidius, see Ventidius.
- Lucilius, sent with an army into Judea ; he besieges and takes Macheras,

iv. 331.
Baths, hot, at Calirrhoe, beyond Jordan, iii. 99.
Bathsheba, i. 463_466.
Bath, or Badus, a Jewish measure, ii. 16.
BathyUus, Antipater's freedman, iii. 81.
Battering ram, its description, iv. 59.
Battle at Taricheæ, upon the lake of Gennesareth, iv. 86.
Beast, a distressed, to be assisted, i. 258.
Bells, golden, at the bottom of the high-priest's garment, i. 176, their probable use,

ib. note.
Belshazzar, or Balthasar, king of Babylon, ii 219, his terrible vision, and its inter-

pretation, 220, 221, his death, 223.
Belus, the god of the Babylonians, and his temple, ii. 218.
Benaiah, a priest by birth, and a man of valour, i. 505, son of Jehoiada, 458, made

commander of some troops of Solomon's, ii. 11.
Beneficence, its commendation, and reward, i. 426.
Benefits to be commemorated by the Hebrews, twice a day, i. 246.
Benhadad, or the son of Hadad, king of Syria, besieges Samaria, ii. 118, falls sick,

and is smothered by Hazael, 123.
Benjamin, son of Jacob and Rachel, i. 75.
Benjamites, attacked for their enormous crime at Gibeah, and at last terribly defeat-

ed, and cut off, i. 304, 305, their tribe restored, 307.
Berachah, valley of, ii. 106.
Bernice, the widow of Herod, marries Polemo, iii. 283, leaves him, ib.

- Agrippa, senior's daughter, in danger of her life, iii. 503.
Berytus, where the cause between Herod and his sons was debated in a counsel


treation, account of the, i. 15, some parts of the narrative understood enigmatically,

16, note (*)
Crown, or Mitre, of the high-priest, i. 180.
Curses denounced from mount Ehal, i. 264.
Curtain of the tabernacle, i. 168.
Customs or taxes of Syria, Phoenicia, Judea and Samaria, eight thousand talents,

ii. 320.
Cyrus, king of Persia, ü. 230, purposes to rebuild the Jewish temple, 232, releases
the Jews from their captivity by an edict, 233, his death, 234.

, son of Xerxes, called by the Greeks Artaxerxes; made king, ii. 281, his letter
rescinding the edict of Haman, 278.


Dagon, the god of Ashdod, i. 349, his temple burnt, ii. 380.
Damascene colonies transported into higher Media, ii. 159.
Damascus, founded by Uz, i. 36, taken by Tiglath-Pileser, ii. 159, taken by the Ro-

mans, 446.
Dan, son of Jacob and Bilha, i. 68.
- misfortunes brought upon the tribe of, i. 307.

-, built by the Danites, i. 308.
Daniel, the prophet, ii. 208, is castrated, with his companions, ib. bis austerity of life;

209, predicts future events, 212, tells Nebuchadnezzar his dream, and interprets
it to him, 213, is honoured for it, 214, his companions are cast into a fiery furnace,
ib. explains the hand-writing upon the wall, 222, is carried into Media by Darius,
224, is made one of the presidents of the kingdom, ib. a conspiracy against him, ib.
is thrown into the lion's den, 225, builds a tower at Ecbatana, 226, the manner
and certainty of his prophecies, ib. his vision of the ram and the he-goat, 228, his
prophecy of the destruction of the Jews by the Romans, ib. of the profanation of

the temple by Antiochus Epiphanes, ii. 343.
Darda, fi. 12.
Darics, old coing, so called, i. 188.
Darius, son of Astyages, called by another name among the Greeks, üi. 224.
---- , son of Hystaspes, made king, i. 236, makes a splendid entertainment, 237,

proposes questions to be resolved, ib. his letters in favour of Zorobabel, for re-
building the temple, 241, has Cyrus's records searched about that temple, 247,
gives orders for its rebuilding, 248, his edict against the Samaritans, 249.

, Codomanus, the last king of Persia, ii. 286, defeated by Alexander the Greate
who puts an end to the empire of the Persians, 287.
Darkness, in Egypt, plague of, i. 136.
Dathan, i. 210.
David's genealogy, i. 343, is anointed by Samuel, 386, plays upon the harp before

Saul, 387, fights Goliath, 392, his and Jonathan's friendship, 396, is reconciled to
Saul by Jonathan, 397, is in danger of being killed by Saul, ib. his flight, 398, he
spares Saul's life, 413, promises to assist the king of Gath, 421, pursues after the
Amalekites, and puts them to flight, 429, makes a funeral oration for Saul and
Jonathan, 434, is made king of Judea, ib. and of the Israelites, 444, takes Jerusa-
lem, 446, casts the Jebusites out of it, 447, marries several wives, and begets ete-
ven children, 448, conquers the Philistines, 449, has the ark carried to Jerusalem,
450, is reproached by Michael, 452, purposes to build the temple, 453, his victo-
ries, 454, his liberality to Mephibosheth, 459, falls in love with Bathsheba, 463,
causes Uriah to be slain, 465, marries Bathsheba, 467, is reproved for all by Na-
than the prophet, ib, his son by Bathsheba dies, 469, he mourns for Absalom's
death, 491, orders the people to be numbered, 506, chooses the pestilence, rather
than famine, or the sword, 507, makes creat preparations for the building of the
temple, 510, exhorts Solomon to build it, ib. divides the priests and Levites into
twenty-four courses, 516, he dies, 521, ia buried with great pomp, ib, the trea.

sures hidden in his monument, 523.
Day, unusually lengthened, i. 283.
Deborah, the prophetess, obtains deliverance for Israel, i. 313.
Decree of Antiochus the Great, for keeping the Jewish temple without profanation,

ii. 316, the first of the Roman serate for a league with the Jews, 359, another fe:


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