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274-Sometimes Confused

sculp'tor, a carver of stone.
sculpt'ūre, act of carving.
proph'e sy, to foretell.
proph'e cý, a prediction.
pre cede', to go before.
pro ceed', to advance.

light'en ing, to make light.
light'ning, electric flash.
pa'tients, sick people.
pa'tience, endurance.
diş eaşe', illness.
de çease', death.

Study the spelling and definitions. Write sentences, using the words.


1. His (prophesy, prophecy) was fulfilled.

2. Let us run with (patience, patients) the race that is set before us.Bible. 3. (Lightening, Lightning) must always (proceed, precede) thunder. 4. Enjoy the kingdom after my (decease, disease).—Shakespeare. 5. Phidias was a famous (sculpture, sculptor) of ancient Greece. '6. The captain ordered the (lightning, lightening) of the vessel. 7. The remedy is worse than the (disease, decease).-—Shakespeare. 8. The physician cured many (patience, patients). 9. He forth on his journey did (precede, proceed). 10. The Greeks ornamented their temples with (sculptor, sculpture).

Write the sentences, selecting the right words.



Ab er deen' Al tai' Ath'ens Bai'kal
A dri at'ic Am'ster dam At'las
A gul'has Ant'werp Aus'ti a Ban k8k
ny Ap'en nines A zõres'

Ba'ton Rouge
A leü'tian Arch än'gel Ba ha'ma Bel'gi um
Al giers'
As tra khản Bahia

Ben gal' Write in a column, putting opposite each what and where it is.

[blocks in formation]

Ages ago there were large pine forests in the northern part of Germany. Amber is the hardened gum of a pine tree. After a storm great quantities are found in the seaweed that has been washed on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. Insects and pieces of the cones are sometimes found in the amber. It is used for making beads, necklaces, earrings, mouthpieces of pipes, and is burned for perfume.

ex tent'

per se cute

cav a liēr'

treat y

pal i sade'

am bush

char ter
pil lo ry

de lu sion Pu ri tan
mas sa cre
de fi ance

em i grant a troç'i ty Quak er

treach er y authority am bus cade pes ti lence pros perity fron'tier witch craft dif fer ent tol er altion friend ship ac com plish co lo ni al

ex plo ra tion Sam o set

Rog er Wil liams Wil liam Penn Po ca hon tas Miles Stan dish James O'gle thorpe

280_Prefixes *

dis-not: disallow, not allow.

re—again : reset, set again. dis : believe, agree, credit, trust, content, courteous, regard,

loyal, oblige, approve. re : appear, create, gain, ascend, insure, join, assure, open,

deem, build, capture. Write the words with prefix added. Divide these words into syllables. Mark the vowel sound in the accented syllable. Give the meanings of the derivative words.

[blocks in formation]

Learn of the little nautilus to sail,
Spread the thin oar, and catch the driving gale.

-Pope. 282—Dictation

We meet,” said Penn,“ on the broad pathway of good faith and good will. No advantage shall be taken on either side, but all shall be openness and love. The friendship between you and me I will not compare to a chain ; for that the rains might rust or the falling tree might break. We are the same as if one man's body were to be divided into two parts; we are all one flesh and blood.”

* See list of prefixes in Part IV. Pronunciation.- mŭs's') ; 2 kw 'hỏg.

283-cy, sy in'ti ma cy

her e sy
leg a cy ur gen cy
in fan cy

ec sta sy
cur ren cy
ex i gen cy

em bas sy de cen cycon stan cycel i ba cy se cre cy

con spir'a cy jeal ous y
ac'cu ra cy

min strel sy re gen cyclem en cy brill ian cy e mer' gen cy

e mer' gen cy lep ro sy va can cy buoy an cy com'pe ten cy hy poc'ri sy

fal la cy

flu en cy

284- Often Confused

affect : The sun -s the earth with cold and heat. effect : Every

has its cause. in gēn'ious : James Watt was an boy. in gěn'u ous : Deceitful is the opposite of ve rac i ty: A man of is always believed. vo rac i ty: The of the shark is well known. lin i ment: is a kind of ointment. lin e a ment: Six wings he wore to shade

His -s divine. -Milton.


Ber mū'das Bös'po rus Cal lä'o Cin cin nä'ti Berne Böth'ni a Ca răc' cas

Col o rä'do Во go

' Brook'lyn Cås'pi an Co pen hā'gen Bom bāy'

Cā'diz Cay enne'? Cor'sì ca Bor deaux'i Cai'ro Ce vennes' 3 Cri mē'a Bôr'neo

Cal cut'ta Charles'ton De troit'


Copy words. Write opposite each what and where it is.

Pronunciation - bôr do'; ' kå yěn' or ki en'; 8 så věnn'.

[blocks in formation]

ef figy

re sist

pow der


writs bul let

in de pend'ent al li ance

děc la rā'tion mobbed

ram part as sem bly ca lam'i ty war rant car tridge pro hib it vol un teer'

tax a tion e vac'u ate suf frage re pealed' tyr'an ny rěv o lū'tion of fi'cial mĩ lĩ'tia

ū ni ver'sal re doubt' lib'er ty gov ern ment rep re sent'

un ion

pā'tri ot

op pres sion


By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.


If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms, never-never-never.— William Pitt.

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