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• The sun was pouring its

rays upon the

desert, when a — halted for and


The tents were for shade, the were unladen, and each tired reclining upon the sand, his favorite of the pipe, or to one of those long, dull tales, with which the of the East are wont to amuse each other in their through the desert."

cam els en joyed

lis tened A rā'bi an
car a van me rid i an
ar ranged Mus'sul man

in hab i tants jour' ney ings re fresh ment

lux u ly

Write the paragraph, filling the blanks with words from the list.

[blocks in formation]

el'e gant

ig no rant

cov'e nant clair voy'ant as sail'ant as sist ant

ar ro gant com'bat ant in dul gent in clem'ent be nef'i cent af flu ent de pend ent con sist ent bel lig er ent as cend'ant ex pē'di ent de fend ant im per

ti nent

dil'i gent

322—Suffixes-Adjective and Adverbial

ly-like, manner : womanly, like a woman ; calmly, in a calm manner.

ous-full of: mischievous, full of mischief. able, ible—can be : eatable, can be eaten.

[blocks in formation]

pay a ble


cul pa ble fal li ble au di ble blăm'a ble a vail a ble fēa'si ble leg i ble tam a ble ex cus a ble

ed i ble dis çern'i ble teach a ble re cēiv'a ble hor ri ble per mis si ble ten a ble in flăm'ma ble fu si ble

sus cep ti ble děs' pi ca ble for ci ble re spon si ble af fa ble in im'i ta ble sen si ble in cor'ri gi ble

ca pa ble

Ro man

325—Architecture Egyp'tian fa çäde'

pin'na cle aisle Moor ish tow er

min'a ret trůss spire por'ti co groin Goth ic col on nade'

саn opy Nor man

niche fes toon' Doric

bal us trāde' vo lute' ö'ri el I õn'ic

cor' nằce scroll ped'i ment Co răn’thi an capital nave ped es tal

dor mer

băl'co ny

[graphic][graphic][merged small][merged small]

326—Legend of the Corinthian Capital A young girl of Corinth died, and her nurse collected the articles which she had loved, put them in a basket on her grave, and laid a tile on top of it. By chance the basket was placed on the roots of an acanthus plant, and this, sprouting in the spring, partly covered the basket with its leaves, some of which, reaching the tile, turned downward, as shown in the picture.

An architect named Callimachus,' who happened to see it, was struck by its beauty, and thought it would make a finc capital for a column, and by changing it a little he made the Corinthian column, which thus got its name from Corinth.—Young Folks' Cyclopædia.

Read the story and re-write it in your own words.


Pronunciation,- kal lim'a kus.

327-Suffixes Rule.-Silent e Is dropped before a suffix beginning with a vowel. Add ing: strive, oblige, come, scare, blame, edge, rescue Add ish: thieve, rogue, style, white, blue, knave, brute Add al: remove, prime, arrive, doctrine Add ous: grieve, virtue, nerve Add able : sale, value, cure, move, believe, deplore, improve

Write the derivative words.

ē'qua ble suit a ble laud a ble pit i a ble a gree a ble vul'ner a ble at tain'a ble

328-able, ible
im mor'a ble
ir'ri ta ble
de plör'a ble
ter ri ble
vis i ble
cred i ble
el i gi ble

plau si ble in del i ble i ras ci ble di gest i ble ir re sist i ble com bus ti ble con tempt i ble


Dictation. Such a starved bank of moss

Till, that May-morn,
Blue ran the flash across ;

Violets were born !- Robert Browning.


ac crue' a thwart'

con quer

ath'lete a chiēve' vict uals 1 al'ien bou'doir a ghast cro chet ? al'ões

cal lous ba zäar'

anx ious ca det brų nette brựg'and

dul cet con gēal' car toon

drug get däunt'less Pronunciation.-1 vỉt'lz ; ? kro shâ' ; 3 bod ka'; 4 bod dwor'.

bou quet


burg lar



peo ple


Brood of Flock of Crowd of Fleet of Suite' of chick ens sheep

ships geese

at ten dants Class of

Clump of Clus ter of boys Gang of

trees grapes Drove of plants slaves shrubs stars

cat tle thieves

buf fa loes Suit of

Shock of Shoal of ar mor Team of corn


Herd of dogs

deer Crew of Ox en Běv'y of Lit ter of swine

dam sels pigs mules

el e phants Copy, and add to each list any words that can properly be used in the way indicated.

sail ors

hors es

cam els


Dictation. Do not think of your faults; still less of others' faults; in every person who comes near you, look for

; what is good and strong; honor that; rejoice in it; and as you can, try to imitate it; and your faults will drop off like dead leaves, when their time comes.-Ruskin.

[blocks in formation]

Pronunciation,- swēt; ' gôr'jús; 3 zwäv or zoo äv' ; 4 tộr'tis.


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