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Dictation.-Queen Elizabeth was five-and-twenty years of age when she rode through the streets of London, from the Tower to Westminster Abbey, to be crowned. Her countenance was strongly marked, but on the whole, commanding and dignified. Her hair was red, and her nose something too long and sharp for a woman's. She was clever, but cunning and deceitful.-Charles Dickens.

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Dictation.In an absolute monarchy the ruler has entire control of the lives and property of his subjects. Turkey and Russia are absolute monarchies. The ruler of Turkey is called a Sultan. The ruler of Russia is called a Czar, a word derived from Cæsar.


Rule.—y after a consonant becomes i before a suffix not beginning with &

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Add es and ous: melody, fury, victory, ceremony, envy,

glory, study, luxury, mystery.

Add er, est, ly, and ness: greedy, tidy, saucy, worthy, lazy, busy, heavy, dainty, happy, ready.

Write the derivative words.

$425 50/100


Erie, Pa., Aug. 10, 1891.

Received of William English, Four Hundred Twentyfive 50/100 Dollars, in full of all demands to date.

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Pronunciation.-1 të hë'të; 2 tib'ět or ti bět'; 3 trẻ ěst'; 'woos'ter; 5 sěl'e běz;

• Ŏ kūtsk'.

Kam tchät'ka

Tăş ma'ni a

O khotsk'

355-Promissory Note


$375 20/100

New York, June 9, 1891.

Thirty days after date, I promise to pay John Rice, or order, Three Hundred Seventy-five 20/100 Dollars, value received.

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sca lene' al'ti tude right-an gled rhom'bus trap'e zoid i sŏs'ce lêş

hy poth'e nuse

e qui lat'e ral par al lel'o gram


Rest is not quitting the busy career;
Rest is the fitting of self to its sphere.
"Tis the brook's motion, clear without strife,
Fleeting to ocean after its life;

"Tis loving and serving the highest and best;
"Tis onward, unswerving, and this is true rest.
-J. S. Dwight.

Copy, learn, and recite.

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Rule.-Monosyllables and words accented on the last syllable, ending with a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, double the final consonant before a suffix beginning with a vowel. (∞, k, and v are never doubled.)

Add er, est, en: fat, mad, red, sad, glad

Add ed, er, ing: plot, squat,* stir, stab, stop, drum, whip Add ed, ing: refer, occur, regret, admit, pen, drop, brag, stun, allot, remit, equip,* acquit *

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And the night shall be filled with music,
And the cares that infest the day
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs,
And as silently steal away.-Longfellow.

* The letters qu, equivalent to kw, are consonants.

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Having seen in the "Herald" your advertisement for a clerk, I desire to apply for the position. 1 graduated from the Grammar School last June, and refer you to Mr. George Young, my former teacher, as to my character and qualifications.

Respectfully yours,

Henry Goulding.

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