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Copy the words. Copy the questions, and answer each with a sentence.

17-Review-Long Sounds

Mary's dog is named Rover. When comes near he wags his tail, leaps up, and capers round her. He will eat cake and meat. He likes to play, and he will not bite. He is useful, and Mary drives him in a cart.

Copy, and mark the long sounds of a, e, i, o, and we


A rolling stone gathers no moss.
A soft answer turneth away wrath.
Haste makes waste. Look before you leap.
A stitch in time saves nine. Better late than never.
A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.

Copy. Make a list of words in italics. Learn and recite proverbs.


[blocks in formation]

Copy :

Bread is the staff of life.
The cow gives us butter and beef.
The flesh of the deer is called venison.
Each day we have breakfast, dinner, and supper.
Lunch, or luncheon, is taken between regular meals.
We have pudding, pies, preserves, and fruit for dessert.'

[blocks in formation]

Pronunciation.- Shoog'or ; ' děz zērt' ; 3 biz'zý; • 100%.

[blocks in formation]


I will thank you for a match.
The happy lass gathers flowers.
Crash went the arrow through the window !

Copy the words and sentences. Mark the short sound of a.

[blocks in formation]

Dictation.–The case of the clock is made of wood. Its face is called the dial. There are two hands to show the time. The pendulum is made of brass. It swings back and forth. The weights make the wheels turn.

“See the neat little clock, on the mantel it stands,

And points out the time with its two slender hands;
The one shows the minute, the other the hour,
As often I've seen in the high church tower.
Go must I like the clock; have my face clean and bright;

: My hands, when they are moving, must always do right.” 23-, short, ebb

ědge fence hedge tempt wedge

smell shel ter red dish rem e dy wheth er

cent deaf dense meant health

něxt when necks sweat depth


Ben meant to write well.
The wedge has a sharp edge.
A dense hedge is around the garden.
Edward spent twelve cents for a red pencil.


Copy the words and sentences. Mark the short sound of e.

24-Capital Letters

Rule.-Names of the days of the week begin with capitals.

Dictation.—The days of the week are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The moon's day is Monday.
My sister and I play together on Saturday.
The first day of the week, Sunday, was named for the sun.


Copy :

Sixty seconds make a minute,
How much work can I do in it ?
Sixty minutes make an hour,
All the work that's in my power.
Four and twenty hours a day,
Time for work and sleep and play.

To the Teacher.-Give an oral drill on the lessons given to vowel sounds.

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26-1, short, ni



stiff quit milk miss

knit script whist


click kissed which bring

wink bridge kit ten

width cling switch glimpse fringe print

Write the words alphabetically. Mark the short sound of e.

27-In the School-room

rul er

wall cray on class pict ure shelf teach er

seats schol ars

chart black board chairs

satch el

pens tran som


pa per pro gram

shut ters

neat ness waste bas ket at ten tion

reg is ter

pen wip er

on the

The writes on the with a
The sit in their
A pretty

hangs on the The

belongs to Henry. I have in my desk

and The teacher praises us for and Throw scraps of

· in the not on the floor. A. - is made of cloth, and are made of steel.

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Copy words. Copy sentences, putting the right word in each blank.

To the Teacher.—Explain each lesson when it is assigned. In Lesson 27 have the pupils pronounce the words correctly. Call attention to the difficulties in spelling-silent letters, equivalents, etc.—using the blackboard for this purpose. Let them read the sentences, filling the blanks with the proper words.

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