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Write answers in complete sentences:

How long is the President's term of office?

Which Presidents had been generals in the army? Which President was author of the Declaration of Independence?

Of which President was it said, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen”?

Which President said, "Our Federal Union: it must be preserved"; "Ask nothing but what is right; submit to nothing wrong"?

Which President was the author of the expression, "The government of the people, by the people, and for the people ?"

Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable. -Daniel Webster.

I had rather be right than be president.-Henry Clay.

And sovereign law; that state's collected will,

O'er thrones and globes elate,

Sits empress, crowning good, repressing ill.

-Sir William Jones.

Aa ron, lofty

Boys' Names and their Signification


A bel, breath
Ad am, earth-man
A dolph', noble hero
Albert, illustrious
Al ex an'der, defender
Al fred, good counselor
Al phon'so,
A lon'so,
Al'phe us, exchange
Al vin, beloved by all
Am'a sa, burden
A mos, strong
An drew, manly
An'tho ny, priceless
Ar‍chi bald, very bold
Ar thur, noble
A sa, physician
Au gus'tus, exalted
Çæ sar, blue-eyed

Ca leb, a dog

Cal vin, bald

Charles, strong

Clar ence, illustrious
Clem ent, mild-tempered
Cy rus, the sun

Dan'i el, a divine judge
Da vid, beloved

Dex ter, the right hand

El mer,
Em'o ry, rich
E'phra im, very fruitful
Eras'tus, amiable
E than, firmness

Er nest, earnest

Ez ra, help

Fe lix, happy
Fran cis, free
George, a land-holder
Gilbert, famous

Gus ta'vus, a warrior
Guy, a leader

Hen ry, head of a house
Hi ram, most noble
Ho mer, a pledge

mind; spirit

Hu go,
Ira, watchful
Isaac, laughter
Ja cob, a supplanter

Jes se, wealth
Job, afflicted

Joseph, he shall add
Leon ard,



Le Ŏn'i das,
Le vi, adhesion
Lewis, bold warrior
Li'o nel, young lion
Luther, illustrious warrior
Ly cur'gus, wolf-driver
Mar cel'lus,

Mar cus, Mark,


Martin, warlike
Miles, a soldier

Na hum, consolation
Na than, a gift

Nich'o las, victory of the people
No ah, rest

Oc ta'vi us, eighth-born
Ol'i ver, an olive tree
Pat rick, noble
Paul, little

Pe ter, a rock

Philip, lover of horses
Phin'e as, mouth of brass
Reg'i nald, ruler
Rich ard, rich-hearted
Rob ert, bright in fame

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A da, happiness

Ag nes, pure

A me'lia, busy




William, a protector

Girls' Names and their Signification

Ger trude, spear-maiden

Har'ri et, feminine of Henry

I da, God-like

Ire'ne, peaceful

Jo'şeph îne, feminine of Joseph

Au gus'ta, feminine of Augustus Lau ra, a laurel

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Lil'i an, a lily
Lu cre'ti a, gain
Mar'ga ret, a pearl
Mar tha, sorrowful
Ma ry, star of the sea
Ma til'da, a heroine
Me lis'sa, a bee
Mi ran'da, admirable
My ra, she who weeps
O phĕ'li a, a serpent
Pe něl o pe, a weaver
Pris cil'la, somewhat old
Re bec ́ca, very beautiful
Ro sa, a rose
Ruth, beauty
Sa lome', peaceful
Sa rah, a princess
So phi'a, wisdom
Stella, a star
Su san, a lily

Viç to'ri a, victory
Viola, a violet

Win'i fred, a lover of peace

Additional Derivatives from Latin and Greek Words

The root of a derivative is the word from which it was formed. The meaning of the root is the leading idea in the meaning of the derived word. The forms of roots in derivatives are often changed more or less for the sake of euphony or for other reasons.


Amo, amatum, to love. Root forms: am, amat.

amiable, amity, enamor, amicable, amateur. Animus, anima, mind, soul, life. Root form: anim. animal, animation, animosity, magnanimity. Audio, auditum, to hear. Root forms: aud, audit. audible, audience, auditory, inaudible, auditor.

Bene, well; good.

benefactor, benediction, benison, benefit, benevolence. Brevis, short. Root forms: brev, bref.

brevity, brief, abbreviate, breve.

Bis, twice; two. Root form, bi.

biped, biennial, bisect, bivalve, biscuit.

Capio, captum, to take. Root forms: cap, capt, cept. captive, receptacle, capable, captor, reception. Credo, creditum, to believe. Root forms: cred, credit. creed, credible, credulous, credit, credential.

Clamo, clamatum, to cry out. Root forms: clam, clamat. exclaim, clamorous, acclamation, proclaim, claimant. Dico, dictum, to say. Root forms: dic, dict.

diction, dictate, contradict, predict.

Duco, ductum, to lead. Root forms: duc, duct.
introduce, conductor, ductility, reducible.
Fluo, fluxum, to flow. Root forms: flu, flux, fluct.
fluency, fluctuation, fluid, superfluous, influx.
Fundo, fusum, to pour. Root forms: fund, fus.
infuse, confuse, diffuse, refund, fusion.

Gradior, gressus, to walk. Root forms: grad, gress. progress, egress, congress, transgress, retrograde.

Grex, gregis, a flock. Root form: greg.

aggregate, segregate, congregate, gregarious.

Habeo, habitum, to have; to hold. Root forms: hab, habit. inhabit, prohibit, exhibit, habitable.

Hæreo, hæsum, to stick. Root forms: her, hes. adhere, cohesion, incoherent, hesitate.

Jungo, junctum, to join. Root forms: jung, junct. adjunct, junction, subjunctive, conjuncture. Lego, lectum, to choose; to read. Root forms: leg, lect. select, election, elegant, legible, lecture.

Locus, a place. Root forms: loc, lieu.

local, locomotive, locality, localize, lieutenant. Loquor, locutus, to speak. Root forms: loqu, locut. loquacious, colloquy, soliloquy, circumlocution.

Manus, the hand. Root forms: man, main.

manual, manuscript, manacle, manufacture.

Mitto, missum, to send.

Root forms: mit, miss.

transmit, omit, intermittent, missionary.

Moveo, motum, to move. Root forms: mov, mot. motive, promote, commotion, remote, movable. Root forms: nom, nomin.

Nomen, nominis, a name.

noun, denominator, pronominal, cognomen.

Nosco, notum, to know, to mark. Root form: not. notable, notice, incognito, denote.

Omnis, all.

omnibus, omniscient, omnivorous, omnipotent.

Oro, oratum, to speak; to pray.

adore, inexorable, oral, oration.

Root form: orat.

Pono, positum, to put; to place. Root forms: pon, posit. postpone, posture, depository, propose.

Plico, plicatum, to fold. Root forms: plic, plicat.

multiplication, simplicity, duplicity, triple.

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