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Dictation.-There is three times as much water as land on the surface of the earth. The largest bodies of water are called oceans. There are five oceans. They are named Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Antarctic, and Indian.

of the ocean is salt.

The water

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Ill habits gather by unseen degrees,

As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.

po ny med al

par ing

hoe ing

-Dryden. din gy

mor tar

peel ing

hat ter

[blocks in formation]

To the Teacher.-See that the pupils pronounce Arctic correctly: ark'tic,

not ar tic; ant ark'tic, not ant arʼtic.


Speech is silver, silence is gold.-German Proverb.

An unlucky word, once escaped from us, cannot be brought back with a coach and six.-Chinese Proverb.

When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred.-Thomas Jefferson.

[merged small][graphic]

Write a story about the picture, using the words from the following


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Which of these birds have you seen? Which are named from the sounds they make? Which are the best singers? Which can swim? Which can talk?

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Make ten sentences, using in each the proper form of a word from Lesson 48 and one from Lesson 49. Ex.: The crow caws.

Copy, learn, and recite:


"Around each tender vine I plant

I find the little fox I can't.

Then fast as ever hunter ran,

Chase him with bold and brave I can."

[blocks in formation]

"No use in trying, lags and whines
This fox among my tender vines;

Then drive him low and drive him high,
With this good hunter, named I'll try.”

[blocks in formation]

"A little fox is hidden there,

Among my vines, named I don't care.
Then let I'm sorry-hunter true-
Chase him afar from vines and you."

To the Teacher.—Explain the meaning of the vines and foxes, and let the

pupils tell the story in their own language.

[blocks in formation]

Copy the names above. Find in your Reader five other names of girls and five of boys.


From my study, I see in the lamplight,

Descending the broad hall stair,

Grave Alice and laughing Allegra

And Edith with golden hair.-Longfellow.

54 The Sponge

Dictation.-Take your sponge in your hand. It was once a living animal. It was fastened to a rock at the bottom of the sea. Then it looked like a large piece of beef liver. You are holding the skeleton of the sponge.

[blocks in formation]

Deep in the wave is a coral grove

Where the purple mullet and gold fish rove.-Percival.

1 Coral is formed of skeletons of little animals, and often looks like a shrub or tree growing from the bottom of seas and oceans. It is of various colors, and is made into beads and other ornaments.

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