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mi ca

car bon

min er

me tål'lic

122—Geography Dictation.—The United States extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The five Great Lakes are on the north. The Gulf of Mexico is on the south.

Starting at the west, let us journey across our country. Near the Pacific Ocean is a great highland. The Rocky Mountains are a part of this highland. Gold, silver, and many other valuable minerals are mined here.

123-Mining zinc


sul phur

goposum shaft quartz

plåt'i num cop per salt pē'ter min er al

tun nel ni ter mer cu ry

der rick 124—Geography Dictation.—The Great Plains lie east of the Rocky Mountains. This is a grazing region. Thousands of buffaloes used to feed here. Next come the fertile prairies along the Mississippi River. Lumber, grain, cotton, and sugar-cane grow in this valley.

The Alleghany Mountains, where coal and iron are found, and a fertile slope to the Atlantic Ocean, finish our journey across the United States.

125—Farming plow : har'row stěr'ile fer tile reap er

thresh er clay ey mow er fal'low

ar'a ble scythe swamp y


al lü'vi al sick le fruit ful

marsh y
He that by the plow would thrive
Himself must either hold or drive.-Franklin.

bog gy

bar ren


* * *

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126-Marks of Punctuation Comma [ ] Brackets

or Ellipsis ; Semi-colon

Apostrophe Ellipsis or Leaders : Colon



Diæresis + Dagger
^ Caret

1 Double Dagger ? Interrogation Quotation Parallels ! Exclamation Brace

Paragraph ( Parentheses $ Section PEP Index Copy the marks and their names.


127 Dictation.—A little neglect may breed great mischief : For want of a nail the shoe was lost ; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost, being overtaken and slain by the enemyall for want of care about a horseshoe nail.- Franklin.

Re-write, using words from the following list in place of the words in italics. fell cause

stum bled trou ble lack killed

horse man

neg li gence steed caught

un fas tened foe slight loos ened at ten tion to

in ju ry

so lo

128_Music so prä'no


trump et al'to du et


spin et con trăl'to trï'o


or gan

lüte trom'bone bar'y tone cho rus lyre

mu si cian bass

cor'net or'ehes tra Write the words, and mark every long sound of a vowel. To the Teacher.-Teach the pupils the use of the Marks of Punctuation, one by one, as they come up in other lessons.

ten or

quar tět'

har mony


129—Capital Letters

Rule.-Titles, when applied to persons, begin with capitals.

Dictation.—The famous Duke of Wellington won the battle of Waterloo. I met Sir Walter Scott at his home, Abbotsford. Among the guests were Senator Benton and Judge Story. We called on President Lincoln at the White House.

bar on

130—Titles king vis'count 1

māy'or prince

sen a tor duke bar'on et

em per or mar quis pres'i dent

czar earl gov ern or


ad mi ral
com'mo dore


131 Copy :

The house which the President of the United States occupies in Washington is officially named the “Executive Mansion." It was built of a soft sandstone and painted white. Hence it is familiarly called the “White House.” It is both the residence and the office of the President.

132-Synonyms se rēne' rus tic

waste ful com ic taç'it

fear ful pū'trid tur bid ru ral

plaç'id som'ber

ar dent lav ish tim id

Write the words in the first two columns, and opposite each write a word of like meaning from the last two columns.

si lent gloomy mud dy Alor'id rot ten mirth ful

stur dy

ea ger rud dy

hard y

Pronunciation._vi'kount ; * zär.

hom age

gib lets gēn'ius gen teel'

gib bet

gen e sis



133g soft, gem gym'nast

gen'ū îne gypsy

mag'is trate en'gine

gym nas'tics mar gin herb'age

gym nā'şi um Write sentences using the words engine, engineer, gesture, genuine, and gymnastics.

134—Compound Words A word formed of two simple words is called a compound word. If it has been in general use a long time, its parts are joined like the syllables of a simple word ; if not, a hyphen is placed between them.

Make as many compound words as you can of the following simple words; find out from the dictionary which should have a hyphen. Ex.: Rainbow, snow-bound. hand saw made cart

maid foot ball step stool

race school mate book house girl pen knife man

box work ta ble bag

folks shoe string black


hold er


mak er


How many compound words can you form, using as the first word head ? play? home? Copy :

Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains;
They crowned him long ago,
On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds,

With a diadem of snow.-Byron. What and where is Mont Blanc? What is meant by “monarch of mountains”? “ throne of rocks "? " robe of clouds”? and “ diadem of snow”?



Pronunciation.- jēn'yús or jo'ni tis ; ? ērbáj or hõrbej.

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Write the sentences, putting the right word in the right place.


It is not what we (8), but what we save that makes us rich.-Prov. A bird in the hand is worth (5) in the bush. -Prov. We (1) the silver (8) (5) them. I remember the (7)-trees, dark and high.Hood. A (1) is one-hundredth part of a dollar. Prunes are dried (2)s. A dog has (4) feet, but the (4) feet are the two front feet. And all the world would (3).—Cowper. The (1) of the roses will hang round it still.—Moore. Who (6) the stone (6) the window? Russian sable is a costly (7). (5) many cooks spoil the broth. Masons test a wall with a (2)-line. White marble (3)s lead to the Capitol.

137_The Date Palm

Dictation.—The date palm is the most useful tree to the Arab. The wood is used for fuel and building. The leaves are made into baskets, brushes, ropes, and mats. The fruit is his food. Wine and vinegar are made from the juice. The young

shoots are cooked and eaten. Oil is made from the seeds.

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