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Dictation.—Ireland is called the Emerald Isle from its verdure. The best opals come from Hungary. Diamonds are found mixed with gravel in the earth in South Africa. The Romans believed that wine drunk from a cup made of amethyst would not intoxicate.


Copy, putting the words from the following list in place of the italicized words :

A Roman matron, who was very rich and fond of show, once visited Cornelia, a Roman mother, who was very proud of her two sons. The lady exhibited her gems to Cornelia, who in her turn called in her two sons and said to her friend, "These are my jewels."

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quick'sil ver

Pronunciation.—1 kär nēl'yan; 2 măl'å kit; 3 tûr koiz'; ✦ săf'Ir or săf'êr.

nick'el graph'ite

em'er y


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I had most (5) of blessing.-Shakespeare. May I join the (3) invisible.-Geo. Eliot. (1)s and bleating lambs.-Milton. Added woes may (4) me to the ground.-Pope. (2)s are used in embroidery. (1) must (5) the dough to make good bread. The man who walked through the (7) had a peculiar (7). Have a care for the (8) chance.-Butler. Twenty (3)s make a ream. He bought a slice of sirloin (6). Me. is the abbreviation of (8). The Mistletoe (4) is a poem. Like a dew-drop from the lion's (8). Joan of Arc was burned at the (6). The wood of the (1) was used for making bows.

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188 Singular and Plural

Rule.-Letters, marks, and figures are made plural by adding an apostrophe and s ('s).

Dictation.-Dot your i's and cross your t's. How many

a's are there in separate? The +'s are between the 6's and 7's.

Rule. Of most compound words, only that part is made plural which is described by the rest.

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Aristotle, being asked what a man could gain by telling a falsehood, replied, "Not to be credited when he speaks the truth."

Sir Walter Raleigh said, "Hear much and speak little; for the tongue is the instrument of the greatest good and the greatest evil done in the world."


Dictation.-Paris is the second city in the world. It has very beautiful gardens, where one can enjoy bright flowers, trees, fountains, and statuary. The poor people sit in these gardens, knitting and sewing, while the children. play about.

The Seine flows through the city. The oldest church in Paris, Notre Dame' (Our Lady), is on an island in the river.

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Dictation.- -"I desire that my ashes may repose upon the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people, whom I have ever loved." So said Napoleon in his will.

Under the dome of the Hôtel des Invalides' (Soldiers' Home), in Paris, stands the red granite sarcophagus in which his ashes repose. Around it are twelve statues of Victory

and sixty flags captured by him in battle.

An oral spelling of difficult words should precede dictation.

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Pronunciation.—1 sān; not'r-dàm; ho těl'-děz-angʻva leed.

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Write the digits. Copy from an Arithmetic the definitions of integer, fraction, decimal, and multiple.

mul ti ple

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Write in a column, and opposite each tell what it is, and where.

Model: New York | city | New York.

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