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210-Apostrophe (')

1 To a singular noun add 's; boy's

Rule.-To denote possession 2 To a plural noun ending in s add ('); boys'; not ending in s add 's; women's.

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Dictation.—The cat's claws are long, sharp, and curved. A squirrel's nest is built in a tree. A bee's cell is always six-sided. A deer's antlers are longer than an ox's horns. The fly's wings are gauzy.

Rewrite the sentences, making all the names plural.

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Dictation. The shadow of the earth falling upon the moon gives us an eclipse of the moon. Kerosene is made from petroleum. The blossom of the willow is a catkin. A lozenge has four sides.

214-A Legend of the Rhine.

More than a thousand years ago, Charlemagne, the great emperor, was buried in the old historic city of Aix-la-Chapelle. He loved the beautiful Rhine more than all the rest of his vast dominions. It had pretty villages all along its borders, rich fields of grain in its valleys, green vineyards on its hill slopes, and gray old castles on its high and rocky peaks. A German legend says that his spirit, at a certain season of the year, revisits the Rhine. At Ingelheim, on a bridge of golden moonbeams, he crosses the river and wanders up and down its banks, leaving a blessing everywhere. He then returns to his tomb and sleeps until the appointed season comes again.


Rewrite the legend, using words below in place of italicized words.

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Copy the masculine names and write from memory the feminine

form for each. Copy the feminine names and write from memory the masculine form for each.

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Dictation.—The Pilgrim Fathers were forced to emigrate to America. Shall the Chinese immigrate to our shores? Venus is supposed to have emerged from the sea. He said, "I am immerged in a sea of trouble."

Give the meaning of emigrate, immigrate, immerge, and emerge.

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The repast was spread in the Town Hall. Americans revere the memory of George Washington. You must not deride the unfortunate. Sherman decided to march through Georgia to the sea. A light heart gives a springy step.

Rewrite the sentences, using synonyms for the words in italics.

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Copy the sentences, putting the right word in the right place.

(5) is the help of man.—Bible. In song he never had his (2).—Dryden. Strive to enter in at the (4) gate.—Bible. He cut a (5) in his hand. (1) on the door. Shallow (6)s intoxicate the brain.-Pope. The (2)s were of granite. A (3) commands a regiment. The (7) of wines keeps his stock in a (7). A (5) was on the church-steeple. (1) up warmly, for

the road is bleak. The (3) of the nut serves the squirrel for

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Copy the words and mark the long sound of i.

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The colors of the rainbow are red, orange,

yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Our national colors are red, white, and blue. The famous Tyrian purple was obtained from a shell-fish.

224 Geography

Topics for a city: Situation; size; for what noted.

Dictation.—The greatest fairs in the world are held at Nizhni Novgorod, a city on the Volga River, in the center of Russia. Nine months of the year it is deserted, but in the autumn it is thronged with traders from all parts of Asia and Europe. They come with tea from China, rare and costly stuffs from India, rugs from Persia, and perfumery from Turkey. The visitors number hundreds of thousands. Write an account of a city, using topics.

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