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HE Volumes, I am now prefenting the World with, are, truly speaking, no other than loofe Papers; and the Author, that great and venerable Prelate, whofe Name they bear, does not feem to have defign'd them for the Prefs: And upon this Account it is I have debated for fome Time with my felf, whether a Publication of them would any ways leffen the Efteem of that Good and Excellent Man; whofe Labours, in the Learned Languages as well as our own, have justly gained high Applaufe, and done fo much good in the World already. Upon confulting then with feveral Eminent Divines, and other Pious and Learned Gentlemen, my very good Friends, they did, after Ferufal, conceive of them as juft and choice Fragments, containing a Summary of the Chriftian Doctrine; the feveral Topicks being digefted in a most excellent Method, confirm'd from feveral Parallel Places of Scripture; and very often illuftrated, in the like concife manner, from the Teftimonies of Fathers, Councils, &c. And upon thefe Confiderations, I perfwade my felf, what I offer will be in fome meafure ferviceable to all in general that apply themselves to the Study of the Holy Scriptures, especially the Clergy, who will


bere meet with fo fure a Guide, and have fo true a Foundation laid for the Superstructure they shall think fit to raise upon it. And I have been ftill more inclined to think they may ferve thefe good Ends, after thofe many Letters I have received from feveral Parts of this Kingdom, as well as from abroad, full of earneft Sollicitations to oblige the World with the Remains of that Perfon, whofe profound Learning, exemplary Piety, and fingular Humility has fo much endear'd bis Memory to the whole Chriftian World; and more efpecially to thofe that have a just sense of Religion on their Minds.

A CATALOGUE of the Greek, Latin, and English Works of the Right Reverend Father in God William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St. Alaph.


E Linguarum Orientalium præfertim Hebraica, Chaldaicæ, Syriace, Arabicæ & Samaritanæ, cum Grammatica Syriaca tribus libris tradita, per G. Beveridgium. 8vo. Londini 1658.

N. B. This was writ when the Author was about Eighteen years of Age: and Published when he was Twenty.

Inftitutionum Chronologicarum Libri duo: una cum totidem Arithmetices Chronologica Libellis. Per. G. Beveridgium, M. A. Londini 1699.

ETNOAIKON Sive Pandecta canonum, S. S. Apoftolorum & conciliorum ab Ecclefiæ Græca receptorum, &c. 2 Tomes, Fol. per Guil. Beveridgium. Oxon, 1672.

Codex canonum Ecclefia Primitiæ Vindicatus ac Illuftratus, authore G. Beveridgio, Londini 1678.

Private Thoughts upon Religion, digefted into twelve Articles, with Praatical Refolutions form'd thereupon. Written in his younger Years for the fettling of his Principles and Conduct of his Life. The fifth Edition 12m0. Price Is. 2 d. in Sheep, and I s. 6 d. Calf. The 8vo. Price 35. 65.

N. B: This Book was writ when the Author was about Three or Four and Twenty Years old.

The Great Neceffity and Advantage of publick Prayer, and frequent Communion, defigned to revive Primitive Piety; with Meditations, Ejaculations and Prayers, before, at, and after the Sacrament, the third Edit. Price 3 s Svo. and I s. 6d. in 12me.

Sermons on feveral Occafions in Ten Volumes.

Price 5 s. each Volume.

The Church-Catechifm explained, for the Ufe of the Diocese of St Afaph. Price I s. bound in Sheep, and 1 s. 4 d. in Calf.

All the English Works Printed for R. Smith, at his Warehouse in Exeter Changa in the Strand.


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GEN. i. 26.

And God faid, Let us make Man in our own Image, after our Like




כדמותנו בצלמנו

HE Trinity or Plurality of Perfons in the Godhead is here implied.

1. There is but one God: And God faid. 2. A Plurality of Perfons were imployed in the Creation of Man, M.

3. He was made in the Image of that Plurality,

How many are thefe Perfons? Three.
How doth that appear?

1. In the Old Teftament, 2 Sam. xxiii. 2. Pfal. xxxiii. 6. Ifa. xlii. 1.

2. In the New, Matt. iii. 16. 17. Luk. i. 35. 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

Wherein is delivered,

1. Their Names.

1. God the Father. This none deny. Vol. I,


2. God

2. God the Son, Job. i. 1. 1 Job. v. 20.
Job. xx. 28. Phil. ii. 6,7. Otherwise he
could not be our Saviour.

3. The Holy Ghost, 1 Cor.iii. 16. Matt. xii.
31, 32.

2. Their Order, Matt. xxviii. 19.
3. That they are but One God, I Job. v. 7.

OBSERV. II. All Three Perfons concurred

in the Creation of Man.

1. Because he was the Head of the Creation.

2. Made in the Image of God.

5. Immortal, Matt. xxv. 46.

II. In his Uprightnefs, Ecclef. xii. 29. Eph.iv.


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