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work is perhaps the most coneerivnin qui y o consacré tant d'années plete necount that has yet appenred in d'études, et In nntion Anglaise, à laquelle the English language of any foreigu deil s'attesse spécialement. On aime i les pendency of the Crown; and to onr montrer au grand jour, on s'honore de les Loemine popolation, ribbed and continel in this

narrow Islands, a book which contains a round 2 lire, et on eat heureux de les posséder." universal rmation respecting of the outlying REVUE BRITANBIQUE, Fér.

fells of British enterprise, eammot be other than

Rreat boom. The natural capacities of the Bollo UTOR comprehem eness, deep and Ceylon, and the artificil resources which be

bronht to bear upon it the economical as well conscientious and extensive inves- the politie result of British rulere handleil in tigation, and that still raror quality of

style which not only shewa Sir Emerson to be

thoroughly innster of his wuleet, but Indiente mind, which takes equal interest in and min singularly capable of mastering a great vir equally suits itself to the widely varying

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stus. Starever the nation comes in it rate 16branches of a large subject, sciontific, kre the qualities of the scholar, the man at elence, historical, antiquarian, and descriptive,

and the pailitean and it is not too much

that is book will be for my ear the standd this book is a model, and standa unsur- work on Ceylon in English muraries, JON ROSE passed among the many remarkable works IR JAMES EMERSON TENwhich have been produced on the countries NENT'S Ceylon is undeniably a of our Eastern empire." GUARDIAN.

remarkusla work. As a physical, listoTHE most complete and satisfactory rica, and topographical account of one of

necount which we possess of the most important islanda under Britih Ceylon, Sir Emerson Tennent's work may

dominion, it is replete with interestins be usefully consulted. The author has and curious matter. Trom the estima anlled from writers of all nations tion of flebes to the historical details English, Spanish, Portuguese, Duteh, the planting of the uncred Bo-tree lot ard Trennlı, as well as from Oriental Anarajapoora (1.0.288) - from the fimsonrees-all that is most trustworthy and tastical varieties of orthopteronte inseesvolumble; and hins combined this with the which simulate inanimate niture in the fruits of his own personal observation.

forests of Ceylon, to the traditions of the bed

footstep uratiam's l'eak-lau, Flora, 12 His volumes will save the labour of re- mone very bruch pfwledzhas been for ference to these multifarious authorities :

toydil its truit to the imurin ardour of the Inte,

Goyment Seen Witten wurent ele they will assist those to whose care the ess, and be with insiderable descripti destinies of this rising colony. may be

power, and fortbou at all points with specife re unces to writhorities, this res of blacktratti

share not fail to rentre for a permanent liereafter confided, and instruct the the

among the local landbooks of science and histor looker-on who contemplates with passist il

all Larzelirates Unitarn valued

resunta in iroon to the resse riotic interest the unexampled operations af [British energy."

They show and the trouble they


The improvements in the present edition consist in the introduction of now

putter in hunerons places, the careful rovision and correction of the old, the 10 near To engraving of some of the illustrations, and the inertion of several hundreds of adidiLOGO

wional references in the INDEX congo PEP Jalsa si London: LONGMAN GREEN, and Co. Paternoster Romu

elf poeto TIGEO ssist those beoil delen Illl as

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