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he and his daughters fled to a certain small for that she did not accompany him as his place, encompassed with the fire, and settled sister, but as his legitimate wife; and that in it. It is to this day called Zoar, for that God had promised to be gracious to him for is the word which the Hebrews use for a small the time to come, if this person were once thing. There it was that he lived a miserable secure of his wife's chastity: When he had life, on account of his having no company, and said this, by the advice of his friends he sent his want of provisions.

for Abraham, and told him not to be in the But his daughters, thinking that all man- least concerned about his wife, for that God kind were destroyed, approached * to their took care of him; and that it was by his profather, though taking care not to be perceived. vidence he received his wife again, without This they did, that the haman race might not suffering any abuse; and he appealed to God, utterly fail; and they bare sons: the son of and to his wife's conscience, and said he had the elder was called Moab, which denotes one not any inclination at first to possess her, if he derived from his father, the younger bare had known she was a wife; « But since, Ammon, which name denotes one derived said he, “she accompanied thee in the chafrom a kinsman. The former was the father racter of thy sister, I was guilty of no ofof the Moabites, which is even still a great fence.” He also intreated him to be at

peace nation; the latter was the father of the Am- with him, and to make God propitious to himn; monites, and both of them are inhabitants of and that, if he thought fit to continue with him, Celesyria. And such was the departure of he should have what he wanted in abundance; Lot from among the Sodomites.

but that, if he designed to go away, he should

be honorably conducted, and have whatever CHAP. XII.

sapply he wanted when be came thither.

Upon his saying this, Abraham told him, that OF ABIMELECH'S CONDUCT TOWARDS ABRAHAM ;-OP ISMAEL | bis pretence of kindred to his wife was not

a falsehood, because she was his brother's

daughter, and that he did not think himself BRAHAM now removed to Gerar of Pa-l safe in his travels abroad without this sort of A

lestine, leading Sarah along with him, | dissimulation; and that he was pot the cause under the name of his sister, using the like dis- of his distemper, but was only solicitous for simulation that he had used before : for he was his own safety. He said also that he was afraid of Abimelech, the king of that country; | ready to stay with him, whereupon Abimelech who actually fell in love with Sarah, and was assigned him land and money ; and they covedisposed to corrupt her; but he was restrained nanted to live together without guile, and took from satisfying his desires by a dangerous dis- an oath at a certain well, called Beersheba,t temper, which befel him from God. Now which may be interpreted the well of the oath, when his physicians despaired of curing him, and so it is named by the people of the country he fell asleep, and was warned in a dream unto this day. not to abuse the stranger's wife; and when Now in a little time Abraham I had a son he recovered he told bis friends that God bad by Sarah, as God bad foretold to him, whom inflicted that disease upon him, by way of pu- be named Isaac, which signifies laughter; Dishment for his injury to the stranger, and and indeed they so called him because Sarah in order to preserve the chastity of his wife ; laughed when God said that she should


tive travellers to examine the place; and for common inebriated, and their solicitous concealment of what they reports of country people, at a distance, they are not very did from him, showed that they despaired of persuading satisfactory.

him to an action, which, at the best, could not but be very * I see no wicked intention in these daughters of Lot, shocking to so good a man. in a case which appeared to them as an unavoidable + Gen. xvi. 31.

Ano. 1937. necessity. Incest is certainly a horrid crime; but whe Ś It is well worth observation that Josephus here calls ther in such a case of necessity as they apprehended this that principal angel who appeared to Abraham, and foreto be, according to Josephus, it was any such crime, I am told the birth of Isaac, directly God; which as he had not satisfied. In the mean time, their making their father done it before in his Coberence, c: 11. and does it after


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bear a son, she not expecting such a thing, take necessity for her guide. But as soon as as being past the age of child-bearing, for her necessary provisions failed, she found hershe was ninety years old, and Abraham a self in an evil case; and when the water was hundred, so that his son was born to them almost spent, she laid the young child, who both in the last year of each of those decimal was ready to expire, under a fir-tree, and numbers; and they circumcised him * upon went on further, so that he might die while the eighth day; and from that time the Jews she was absent; but a divine angel came to continue the custom of circumcising their sons her, and told her of a fountain hard by, and within that number of days; but as for the bid her take care, and bring up the child, Arabians, they circumcise after the thirteenth because she should be very happy by the year, because Ismael, the founder of their preservation of Ismael. She then took counation, who was born to Abrabam of the con- rage upon the prospect of what was promised cubine, was circumcised at that age, concern- her, and, ineeting with some shepherds, by ing whom I will hereafter give a particular their care she got clear of the distresses she account.

had been in. As for Sarah, she at first loved Ismael, who When the lad was grown up, he married a was born of her handmaid Hagar, with an | wife, by birth an Egyptian ; from whence the affection not inferior to that of a mother, mother was herself derived originally. Of for he was brought up in order to succeed in this wife were born to Ismael twelve sons; the government; but when she herself had | Nabioth, Kedar, Abdeel, Mabsam, Idumas, born Isaac, she was not willing that Ismael | Masmaos, Massaos, Chodad, Theman, Jetur, should be brought up with him, as being too Naphesus, and Kndmus. These inhabited ali low for him, and able to do him injuries when the country from Euphrates to the Red Sea, their father should be dead. She therefore and called it Nabatene. They are an Arapersuaded Abraham to send him and his bian nation, and name their tribes from these; mother to some distant country.

Now at both because of their own virtue, and because
first he did not agree to what Sarah was zea- | of the dignity of Abraham their father.
lous for, and thought it an instance of the
greatest barbarity to send away a young

child, † and a woman unprovided of neces-
saries; but at length he agreed to it, because

God was pleased with what Sarab had de-
termined; so he delivered Ismael to his mo-
ther, as not yet able to go by himself, and NWW Abraham greatly loved Isaac, as
commanded her to take a bottle of water, and him at the borders of old age, by the favor
a loaf of bread, † and so to depart, and to of God. The child also endeared bimself to

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ward, c. 13. and v. 8. is not very strange in a great reader much the same age as is a damsel of 12 years

old called and admirer of Philo, who does it so often; which lan. wardiov, or little child, Mark v, 39–42, five several times. guage of Josephus's here prepares us to believe those Herod also is said by Josephus to be vie wartásaru, a other expressions of his, tbat Jesus was a wise man, if it be

very young man, at 25; and Aristobulus is styled wariator, lawful to call him a man (Antiq. XVIII. 3.) and of God


, a very little child, at 16 years of age, Antiq. the Word, in his last homily concerning Hades, may be | XV. 2. Domitian is also called by him waylanatilor both genuine ; nor is the other expression of divine

a very young child, when he went on his German expedie angel, presently, and before, also of any other significa- tion, at about 18 years of age. Of the war, VII. 4. Samtion.

son's wife, and Ruth, when she was a widow, are called * This circumcision is not after, but on, the eighth day : 1) Waidos, children, Antiq. V. 8 and 9. as it is elsewhere expressed by Josephus. The like con- Xenophon, we have wałdes for children, till 16 or 11 years struction to which we meet with in the New Testament, of age Küpe Ilaid, Edit. Hutch, page 12. Matthew xxvii. 63. Luke ii. 21. John xx. 26. This is 1 Gen. xxi. 14. Reland's observation.

§ Note that both here, and Heb. xi. 17. Isaac is called + Josephus here calls Ismael výmov, a young child, Abrahani's, movoysvñ, only begotton son, though he at the or infant, though he was above 13 of

same time had another son, Isınael. The Septuagint escalls himself and his brethren vius, young men, whenthey press the true meaning by rendering the text å vammodo were 47, and he had two children; and they were of the beloved son.

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age, as Judas

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