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through one of their Samoa converts. Our hearts were very much cheered by what we saw, and our faith was greatly strengthened to believe that the gospel might speedily triumph throughout the Gilbert Islands.

"We touched at several of those islands, where no missionaries have ever lived, and found, on some of them, wide doors open for the entrance of a missionary. Could you have been with us, and seen the people in their heathen darkness, I know you would have pitied them; and many of you would have longed to remain among them, to tell them about Jesus, and how he died to save them. We hope we shall find some Hawaiian missionaries who will be glad to go and tell them the glorious news. At least eight men and their wives ought to go out, on the next trip of your little vessel to Micronesia. The people of Onotoa, Tapiteuea, Nonouti, Maiana, and Marakei, desire missionaries to come and reside among them.

"When the Morning Star entered the lagoon of Apaiang, where Mrs. Bingham and I had tried to teach the heathen for six years and a half, and from which we had been absent more than three years, it was my birthday; and I think we can never forget that there met us, just after we came to anchor, a converted heathen, whose joy at meeting us was so great that tears flowed freely down his cheeks. We learned that the king, or highest chief of the island, had been baptized, and there were a few others who were thought to be Christians. Joseph came also to see us, - of whom some of you have read in the story of the first Morning Star, and he seemed sorry that he had been such a wanderer. We must not forget to pray for him.

"When we visited Kusaie, a company of children came on board to examine your new gift to them, and sang, with their missionary, Rev. Mr. Snow, a song of welcome in their own language, the first two lines of which, as I remember them, are'Kol, kol, kol,

Morning Star, Morning Star;'

which means,

many of his people, to visit us, bringing presents of yams, sugar-cane, bananas, fowls, and pigs; and they sang a song, a part of which I thought I could understand, for it sounded like 'Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.'

The Christians and pupils at Ebon, Kusaie, Namerik, and Apaiang, made more or less donations to help on your little vessel in its errands of mercy. I know the missionaries were all very thankful for the new vessel, and so were many of the converted heathen; and I can assure you it was a great privilege for me to take out to them your noble gift. God has been very good to me in helping me to care for it; and I wish to thank him very much, that he has permitted me to bring it back safely to Honolulu again. Ever pray for your little vessel, that Jesus will make it 'wait on him' continually.

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"Your sincere friend,


The editor has also letters for the chil

dren from Messrs. Snow and Sturges, of Micronesia, brought to Honolulu by the of Central Turkey; but they must be kept Morning Star; and from Mrs. Schneider,

for another number of the Herald.


IN the Herald for October of last year, (page 316,) something was said about the support of mission schools, or pupils in such schools, by the children of this country. Many are asking, what it costs to support such a school, or a scholar in some of the boarding-schools. The cost differs with the size of the school, and in different countries. Most of the mission common-schools are in Syria, Persia, India, and Ceylon. They are all taught by native Christian teachers, who, besides the other studies, are expected to teach their pupils to read and to understand the Bible, and to sing Sabbath-school hymns.

Mr. Bird sends a list of schools in Syria like these:


25 pupils. Cost $77 a year.

Kefr Malta,-Converted Druze teacher,

Girls' school, female teacher,

Sail, sail sail,

Morning Star, Morning Star.'

"At Ponape a high chief came, with 40 pupils. Cost $196.

ratta, school at Ahmednuggur, $25; Madura school (Pasumalie), $25. Ceylon school, Batticotta, $30. Chinese schools, - Foochow, $35; Tientsin, $35.


Female Boarding-Schools and Seminaries. For one pupil a year:

Madura, One teacher, 38 pupils, 26 boys, 12 girls. Cost $105.

Undiur, - One teacher, 29 pupils. $56.

Bulgarian school, Eski Zagra, in charge Madura West, -One teacher, 40 pupils, of Misses Reynolds and Norcross, $35. 31 boys, 9 girls. Cost $77. Armenian, Marsovan, in charge of Cost Miss Fritcher, $35; Aintab, in charge of Misses Proctor and Hollister, $40; Harpoot, in charge of Misses Seymour and Warfield, $30.

Sudiur, One teacher, 26 pupils. Cost $50.

Some small schools cost still less.

Nestorian,-Oroomiah, in charge of Miss Rice and Mrs. Rhea, $28.

Other missionaries, in other fields, report in like manner. It costs, therefore, all the way from $30 a year up to about $200, according to the place and the size of the school.

African, Gaboon, in charge of Mrs.
Bushnell, $20; Zulu, soon to be in charge
of Mrs. Edwards, $30.
Mrs. Bissell, $22.
Madura Mission,- Madura, in charge of
Miss Smith, $25.

Ahmednuggur, in charge of

Araman, A church member teacher, 50 pupils. Cost $154, &c.

Mr. Capron, of the Madura mission, in India, mentions schools of which these are samples :

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Boarding-schools and seminaries are for older scholars. They are under the care of missionaries, assisted by native teachers. The scholars in these are removed from the bad influences of their own homes and old associates, and placed under the best influences of a Christian family. A great many thus become Christians. The young men become teachers and preachers to their own people; and the young women, teachers, or the wives of the educated young men. Thus Christian homes are being established around all our mission stations, and their example is a great help to the missionary. Who can tell how much good may be done by these scholars, whom our Sabbath-schools are helping to become teachers to those who, but for them, would never hear of the way of life and of a Saviour's love? I think of it every time I look at the donations on the last page of the Herald, and see what the Sabbath-schools, and other good friends, all over the country, are doing.

Boarding Schools and Seminaries for Young Men. The cost in currency for each pupil in these, for a year, as nearly as it can be estimated, is in the Bulgarian school, at Philippopolis, $40. Armenian schools, at Marsovan, $40; at Marash, $35; and at Harpoot, $30. The Abeih school, Syria, $40. Nestorian school, at Oroomiah, $30. In Africa, Schools at the Gaboon, $20; Zulu school, at Amanzimtote, $50. In India, - Mah

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Ceylon, Oodooville, in charge of Miss Agnew, $30; Oodoopitty, in charge of Miss Townsend, $25.

Chinese, Peking, in charge of Mrs. Bridgman, $40; Foochow, $40.

The annual amount required for the support of a native preacher, or a colporter, in any one of the mission fields, is about $100; for a native Christian woman, to act as a Bible-reader, to visit families, and hold religious conversations and female prayer-meetings, about $45. Sixteen women are employed for these purposes in the Nestorian mission alone. The way is opening for such labor in the Armenian and in the India missions.

Individuals, Sabbath-schools, or Sabbath-school classes, can designate, if they prefer, the special object to which their contributions may be applied; and they will be so acknowledged in the Herald.

The missionaries have so much to do that they cannot always write to the Sabbath-schools, as they would be glad to have them; but when any Sabbath-school desires a special report from the school or pupil it is supporting, a report will be sent once a year, if this desire is expressed when the contribution is sent. It was proposed, last year, to send letters every quarter to all the Sabbath-schools helping in this work, but it has seemed to be better


to have something for them every month in the Herald; and we hope the missionaries will send us what will be of interest to our young friends.

Many Sabbath-schools have already engaged in this work. Thus one at Hardwick, Vermont, supports a mission-school


Cumberland co. Aux. Soc. Falmouth, 2d Cong, ch. and so. Freeport, Individuals,


8.00 15 00 20.00

Gray, Cong. ch. and so.


North Yarmouth, Cong. ch. and so. Portland, State st. Cong. ch. and so. 438 41

[blocks in formation]

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Cheshire co. Conf. of Ch's. Geo. Kingsbury, Tr.

Jaffrey, 1st Cong. ch. and so. Rindge, Cong. ch. and so. coll. 56.10, m. c. 17.89, less c'ft, 25c.; Grafton county.


13 00-107 83

€57 78

in the Oodooville field, Ceylon; one at Woodburn, Illinois, supports a pupil in the female boarding school at Foochow ; a class at Fredonia, N. Y., supports a girls' day-school at Foochow; a class at Portland, Maine, takes a school in the Madura field, India; and so on.


73 74-93 74

10 00

Danbury, Cong, ch. and so.
Groton, Cong. ch. and so.

Lyme, Cong. and Pres. ch. and so.,


Merrimack co. Aux. Soc. Geo. Hutchins, Tr.

8 25

Chichester, Cong. ch. and so.
Concord, 1st Cong. ch. and so., ann.
coll., to constitute Mrs. ELIZABETH
H. M. (206.56, less express,
35c.) 206.21; South Cong. ch. and
so., to constitute J. H. HILL, H. M.,

Warner, E. G. Currier, deceased,

Less c'ft,

Rockingham county.
Plaistow and North Haverhill, Cong.

ch. and so. m. c.

306 40 8.00

150-16 50

317 65
25-817 40


Addison co. Aux. Soc. Amos Wilcox, Tr.
Middlebury, Cong. ch. and so., add'l, 875
Ripton, Cong, ch. and so.
Caledonia co. Conf. of Ch's. T. L. Hall, Tr.
Peacham, D. S. Chamberlin, a thank-

offering for the opening of China
to the Gospel,


St. Johnsbury, South Cong. ch. and so., of wh. from I. C. 14; Franklin co. Aux. Soc. C. B. Swift, Tr. St. Albans, S. K. Goldsmith, Orange county.


Strafford county.

Centre Harbor, Cong. ch. and so. Durham, Cong. ch. and so., annual coll., to const. GEO. FFROST, Durham, N. H., and Rev. WILLIAM WILMOT, Hamilton, Mo., H. M. 16 55-193 80 Meredith Village, Cong. ch. and so. Sullivan co. Aux. Soc. N. W. Goddard, Tr. Claremont, D. M. Ide, for China,

173 25

Gorham, Cong. ch. and so.

800-16 75

20 00

50 70-70 70

5 00

Strafford, Cong. ch. and so.
Thetford, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 36.45,
S. Y. Closson, to const. JULIA R.
CLOSSON, H. M. 100;
Wells River, Cong. ch. and so.,
prev. dona's, to const. GEO. LESLIE,
H. M.
Rutland and Bennington co's Aux. Soc.
J. Barrett, Tr.

Arlington, Cong. ch. and so. 7.25,
Rev. W. O. Baldwin, 2;
Rutland, Cong. ch. and so.,



of annual coll. 22.75, m. c. 79.16; 101 91-111 16 Windham co. Aux. Soc. C. F. Thompson, Tr. 10 00 Jamaica, L. G. Chase, Westminster West, Friends of Morals and Missions, 63, Fem. Miss'y Soc. 38, to const. Mrs. BETSEY HALL, 101 00-111 00 H. M. Windsor co. Aux. Soc. Rev. C. B. Drake, and J. Steele, Trs.

Bethel, Cong, ch. and so.
Hartford, White River Cong. ch. and


Springfield, J. J. Barnard,

20 00 661 44 5 00

666 44


136 45

80 00-236 45


Berkshire county.

Curtisville, Cong. ch. and so. Lanesboro, Clarissa Briggs, Boston and vicinity. Boston, of wh. from a friend, 500; X. Y. Z. 400; one of the heirs of Rev. E. W. Tucker, Northfield, Conn., 100; a friend, 1; Chelsea, Broadway Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 37.51; Winn. Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 85.86; Rev. J. A. Copp, D. D. 100; Brookfield Asso'n. William Hyde, Tr. West Brookfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so., annual coll., add'l, Mrs. Lucy Ellis,

[blocks in formation]


Middleton, Cong. ch. and so.
Salem, a deceased friend,
Wenham, Cong. ch. and so. 62.80,
c'ft, 25c.;

Hampshire co. Aux. Soc. S. E. Bridgman, Tr.

Amherst, College ch. m. c.
East Hampton, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

m. c.

Hadley, 1st Cong. ch. and so. 176.10; Russell Cong. ch. and so., (of wh. m. c. 15.58,) 43.56; 2d Cong. ch. and so. 17;

Quincy, Evan. Cong. ch. and so. West Medway, Geo. Washburn, West Roxbury, South Evan. ch. and

80. m. c.

Hatfield, Cong, ch. and so. 74.20,
less express, 25c.;
Northampton, 1st Cong. ch. and so.,
(of wh. from m. c. 179.97,) 189.97;
Edwards Cong, ch. and so. m. c.
66.46; S. W. Hopkins, 10;
Prescott, Cong_ch. and so.
Southampton, Ladies' Society, 3; R.
Burnell, 5;

West Cummington, Cong. ch. and so. m. c., for China, Williamsburgh, Cong. ch. and so. 110.80, W. A. Hawks, 30; Middlesex county. Auburndale, Caleb Wright, from sales of "Life in India," Cambridgeport, Prospect st. Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 11.28; Stearns Chapel, m. c. 10.71; Charlestown, 1st Cong. ch. and so., annual coll.

Waltham, Trin. Cong. ch. and so., ann. coll. 200; Rev. Dorus Clarke, to const. Mrs. JANE H. CLARKE, Belmont, Mass., H. M., 100; Middlesex Union.

Assabet, Union Evan. Cong. ch. and


Norfolk county.
Brookline, Harvard Cong. ch. and


Grantville, a friend,
Jamaica Plains, Central Cong. ch.
and so.

Plymouth county.

Marshfield, 1st Cong. ch. and so. Worcester co. Central Asso'n. E. H Sanford, Tr.

Southboro, Pilgrim Cong. ch. and so. coll. 21.55, m. c. 15; Worcester co. South Conso'n. W. C.

230 00 30.00


62 55-397 55

236 66

73 95

[ocr errors]

13 17


266 43

11 50

8. 00

10 10

140 80-786 35

to const. Rev. NEWMAN SMYTH, H. M. 904.73; Jairus Putney, 10;

11 87


Legacies. Sunderland, Rev. Samuel
Ware, by Austin Ware, Ex'r, South
Deerfield, Mass., to const. E. P. W.
TIN WARE, South Deerfield, H. M.,
500, less tax, 30;
Waltham, Mrs. Narcissa B. Sherman,
(in part,) by Rev. D. M. Mitchell,
Ex'r, 150, less tax, 9;
West Stockbridge, Benjamin Cone,
add'l, by H. W. Taft and G. J.
Tucker, Trustees,

60 00

200 00 5.00

300 00--393 86

Palestine Missionary Soc. E. Alden, Tr.

Braintree, a friend,

155 00 24.90 100

Capron, Tr.

Mendon, A. H. and Sarah Reed, 1 each,

40 84-426 74

50 40 00

470 00

141 00

RHODE ISLAND. Little Compton, United Cong, ch. and so. m. c. 12.43, Male and Female Miss'y Soc. 51.66; Newport, a friend, Pawtucket, Cong. ch. and so., Gents Asso'n, bal. 47, Ladies' ditto, bal. 3; 50 00 Providence, High st. Cong. ch. and so.,

64 09 5 00

5 67

2,115 00-2,726 00 8,877 15

914 73

36 55

2.00 6,151 15

[blocks in formation]

Fairfield co. East Aux. Soc.
Newtown, Arthur Peck,
Stratford, G. Loomis,
Fairfield co. West Aux. Soc.
Beard, Tr.

Wilton, Cong. ch. and so. Hartford co. Aux. Soc. E. W. Parsons, Tr.

East Woodstock, Cong. ch. and so. coll.

Enfield, Cong. ch. and so. coll. Hartford, Centre Cong. ch. and so., (of wh. from A. S. 100, m. c. 34.40,) 134.40; Asylum Hill Cong. ch. and 8o. m. c. 22.75; Talcott st. Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 3 months, 5; Kensington, Cong. ch. and so. New Britain, Centre Cong. ch. and 8o. coll.

South Glastenbury, Cong. ch. and so. Torrington, Cong. ch. and so. Litchfield co. Aux. Soc. G. C. Woodruff, Tr.

Sharon, 1st Cong. ch. and so. Washington, Cong. ch. and so. West Wiusted, 2d Cong. ch. and Middlesex Asso'n. John Marvin, Tr. Hadlyme, Cong. ch. and so. New Haven City. F. T. Jarman, Agent. Of wh. from Howe st. Cong, ch. and so. 98, Centre Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 14.88, Davenport Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 7.90;

New Haven co. West Conso'n. E. B. Bowditch, Tr.

Middlebury, Benev. Asso'n, New London and vic. and Norwich and vic. C. Butler and L. A. Hyde, Trs. New London, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

A. E.

m. c.

Stonington, 2d Cong. ch. and so.

m. c.

Tolland co. Aux. Soc. C. H. Dillingham, Tr.

Andover, E. A. Miller,

North Coventry, Gents Asso'n, 67, Ladies' ditto, 62.62; Windham co. Aux. Soc. Rev. S. G. Willard, Tr.

Brooklyn, Cong. ch. and so. coll. 51.05, m. c. 8.90, a friend, 3.05; Wauregan, Cong. ch. and so. Willimantic, Cong. ch. and so. m. c., with prev. dona's, to const. Mrs. MARY B. ROBINSON, H. M. Woodstock, 2d Cong. ch. and so.

NEW YORK. Auburn and vic. I. F. Terrill, Agent. Auburn, 1st Pres. ch. Aurelius, Pres. ch.

Union Springs, Pres. ch.

New York and Brooklyn,-Of wh. from Madison Sqr. Pres. ch., (of wh. from A. P. Stokes, 300, G. W. Lane, 250, A. Livingston, 150, T. Roosevelt, 100, C. H. Isham, 100, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Slade, 100, C. E. Beebe, 100, T. Ketcham, 100, E. M. Kingsley, 50, J. Van Arsdale, 50, C. H. Ludington, 30, M. Hartly, 25, M. Woodruff, 25, F. F. Marbury, 25, S. N. Smith, 25, R. Nicol, 25, D. S. Dodge, 25, J. A. McGaw, 25, Rev. W. A. Halleck, 20,) 1,958.75; Lafayette Ave. Pres. ch. (Brooklyn,) (of wh. from W. W. Wickes, 500, m. c. 69.04,) 1,782.81; 14th st. Pres. ch. (of wh. from W. T. Booth, to const. Mrs. MARY H. BooтH, H. M. 100, Frederick Mead, to const. C. D. MEAD, H. M., 100, J. E. JOHNSON, to const. himself H. M., 100, m. c. 38.35,) 752.83; 13th st. Pres. ch. 212 05; West Pres. ch. m. c. 42.68; 4th Ave. Pres. ch. m. c. 32.13; Union Theol.

[blocks in formation]

538 34

8 60

10 81-552 75

Sem. m. c. 20.61; Central Pres. ch. m. c. 17.79; Mrs. M. N. W. 21;

Andover. Pres. ch.

Auburn, Society of Miss'y Inquiry in Auburn Theol. Sem.

Benton, Pres. ch.

Bridgehampton, Pres. ch. (O. S.)
Buffalo, a friend,

Canisteo, Pres. ch.

Cape Vincent, Pres. ch.

Durham, 1st Pres. ch. m. c. 10; Timo-
thy Dwight Williston, deceased, 15,
Rev. Timothy Williston, 5;
East Bloomfield, John Buell, deceased, 100 00
East Pembroke, Pres. ch. Rev. G. S.

30 00

Essex, Pres. ch.. quarterly coll.
Glen's Falls, Pres. ch., of wh. from
Mrs. Judge Rosekrans, 20, Mrs. Au-
gustus Sherman, 20, Mrs. Cheney,
10, Mrs. Judge Wing, 10;
Greenpoint, Willing Mind,' for China,
Greenville, Pres. ch. m. c.
Hornellsville, Pres. ch.
Leroy, Pres. ch., add'l,
New Berlin, Cong, ch. and so.
Owego, 1st Pres. ch.
Pittsford, Pres. ch., add'l,
Plattsburgh, 1st Pres. ch.

Silver Creek, Pres. ch.

Smyrna, 1st Cong. ch. and so.
Southport, Pres. ch.
Union, Mrs. Nancy La Grange,
Warsaw, N. D. Fisher, to const. LUCY
C. FISHER, Oberlin, Ohio, H. M.
Watertown, 1st Pres. ch., (collections
in 1867,) to const. Rev. J. J. PORTER,
D. D., H. M., 343.64; Stone st. Pres.
ch., annual coll., to const. JOHN
PROUTY, H. M. 125;
Weedsport, Pres. ch., to const. Rev.
Westfield, Pres. ch. 51; Sarah Dean, 1;
Williamstown church m. c., by Rev.
H. N. Millerd,








100 00 10.80

Potsdam, 1st Pres. ch., Freeman Shaw,
Potsdam Junction, Cong. ch. and so.
Poughkeepsie, Pres. ch. m. c.
Ripley, 2d Pres. ch. 22; 1st Pres. ch.
Rochester, Plymouth Cong. ch. and

so., (of wh. from H. E. Hooker, for Syria, 10;) ann. coll. 124, m. c. 20; 144 00 Sidney Plains church, by Rev. P. J.



113 17 200 6.00

52 46 5.00

35.00 22 95


10 00


10 00 30 75


Legacies. Austerlitz, Sally Dean, by
W. P. Clark, Ex'r,
Port Byron, Rev. David Wilson, bal-


48 54

16 25

10 00 10.00

100 00

468 64

51 12

52 00

Legacies.-Meadville, William C. Rey

nolds, in part, by Rev. R. Craighead,

386 25

120-1,665 88 7,107 28

4,888 65 5,441 40

908 80-1,295 05 8,402 33 1 00

A friend,


By S. Work, Agent

Delaware Water Gap, Mountain Pres.
ch. m. c.
Hartsville, Neshaminy Pres. ch., I.
Maple church,

Northern Liberties
Pres. ch. 325; Cedar st. Pres. ch.
15.25; A. Eckfeldt, 5;
345 25-381 75
Cherry Tree, Pres. ch., annual coll. 10 35
Lock Haven, G. B. Perkins,
Montrose, Pres. ch. m. c.
Philadelphia, J. D. L. 50; John M.

256 10 00

Collins, 10; Mrs. Mary R. Mitchell, 5; J. H. Bulkley, for China, 5; 70.00 Pittsburgh, 3d Pres. ch. ann. coll. 1,475 00-1,567 91 1,949 66 50 00 1,999 66


6.00 25 50

DELAWARE. Glasgow, Pencader Pres. ch., of wh. from Pencader Beneficent Asso'n, 74.83, m. c. 13.56, with prev. dona., to const. SUSAN A. FERRIS, H. M. Odessa, Pres. ch. Wilmington, Hanover st. Pres. ch.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Washington, 1st Pres. ch., of wh. from Francis H. Smith, to const. OCTAVIUS KNIGHT, H. M. 100;

TENNESSEE. Lookout Mountain Educational Institutions m. c.


By William Scott, Agent. Cincinnati, 2d Pres. ch. (coll. 322, m. c. 8.85,) 330.85; 3d Pres. ch. m. c. 35.35; Eckmansville, Rev. J. R. Gibson, Moscow, Pres. ch.

Walnut Hills, Lane Sem. ch. m. c. Ashtabula, Pres. ch. m. c. Bryan, S. E. Blakeslee, Canton, Pres. ch. Cincinnati, 1st Ortho. Cong, ch. and so., to const. W. R. KIDD and Mrs. A. H. KIDD, H. M., 200; Philip Hinkle, to const. HENRY SAGE, H. M. 100; Cleveland, 1st Pres. ch. m. c. Delaware, Rev. J. II. Jones, to const. Rev. J. VOGT and Rev. JOHN FITCH, H. M.

Farmington, Pres. ch.
Fostoria, E. J. Alden,
Greenwich Station, William M. Mead,
Huntington, Cong. ch. and so. 12.60;
Rev. A. R. Clark and wife, 50;
Johnston, Cong. ch. and so.
Oberlin, Henry Viets,
Ripley, Mrs. Sarah Mathers, deceased,
by Rev. D. E. Bierce,
Warren, 1st Pres. ch.
Youngstown, 1st Pres. ch.

88 39 1255 115 82-216 76


Greencastle, 1st Pres. ch.
Madison, 2d Pres. ch. coll.
Rockville, N. S. Pres. ch., to const. M.

366 20 300 8 55

800 00 24.00

Allegan, 1st Cong. ch. and so.
Dowagiac, Horace F. and Lucy T. Col-
by, for China,
Edwardsburgh, Julia S. Smith,
Flint, Pres. ch.

Grand Blanc, Edward Parsons,
Niles, Pres. ch.

Somerset, Cong. ch. and so.
Stockbridge, Pres. ch.
Webster church,

100 00




ILLINOIS. Avon, Cong. ch. and so. Chesterfield, Cong. ch. and so. Condit Township, Jersey Pres. ch. Dover, Cong. ch. and so. Galva, Cong, ch. and so. Marshall, Cong, ch. and so. Minonk, Mrs. C. H. L. Brown, Mount Sterling, 1st Pres. ch. m. c. Pittsfield, Cong. ch. and so. Plainfield, C. W. Murray, Quincy, Centre Cong. ch. and so. Riley, Cong. ch. and so. Sandwich, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. Somonauk, Pres. ch. m. c. 13, Harriet N. Crawford, deceased, 20; Sterling, Cong. ch. and so., with prev. dona., to const. Rev. MARTIN POST, H. M. Sycamore, Cong, ch. and so.

601-383 76 14 58 4.00

54 41

62 60 755


40.00 112 65

MINNESOTA. Mankato, 1st Pres. ch. m. c. Red Wing, 1st Pres. ch. and s. s. (of


34 55

152 25-783 94

1,167 70

100 00-252 65

6 25 7.00 20.00 46.00

15 20


10 00

38.50 21.00


40 25 8.50 885

33 00

367 50

9 18

50 00 4.00 81 00 5.00

100 00 12 60

9 31

25.00 23 50-311 05

8 50

10 00

25 70-297 48

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