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had forgiven her sins and was her Saviour, A CONTRIBUTION FROM SOLDIERS' ORPHANS. a very sad thought came to her, and she looked up into the teacher's face again and said: "Missionary, where are my father and mother? Why did you not come to tell us this before?" Her father and mother had died before the missionary came, without ever hearing of Jesus or the way of salvation. "Then I felt," said the missionary," as the tears rolled down my cheeks, that if I could only speak to the Christians and the Sabbath-schools of my native land, I would tell them to make haste and send out more missionaries, as fast as they could; for thousands and millions of heathen fathers and mothers, and boys and girls too, are passing away every year without so much as knowing that Jesus died to save them."


Strafford co. Conf. of Ch's.

Dover, Belknap Cong. ch. and so.
Tamworth, A member of the Cong.
ch. by Rev. S. H. Riddell,


Cumberland co. Aux. Soc.
Gray, C. A. Blodget,
Lincoln county.

Edgecomb, Cong. ch. and so. Warren, Cong. ch. and so. Penobscot co. Aux. Soc. E. F. Duren,

Acton, Rev. John U. Parsons,

Bangor, Central Cong. ch. and so. Union county.

Waterford, Cong. ch. and so.

Waldo county.

Searsport, 1st Cong. ch. and so. m. c. York co. Conf. of Ch's.

Biddeford, Cong. ch. and so.
Saco, 1st Cong. ch. and so. Benev.
Soc. m. c.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. Cheshire co. Conf. of Ch's. Geo. Kingsbury, Tr.

Stoddard, Cong. ch. and so.
Grafton county,

Campton, Cong. ch. and so. m. c.
Lyme, Cong. and Pres. ch. and so.
100, less express, 45c.
Piermont, Cong. ch. and so.
Hillsboro co. Conf. of Ch's. Geo.
Swain, Tr.

Manchester, 1st Cong, ch. and so.
New Boston, Pres. ch. and so. add'l,
(of wh. from John N. Dodge, to
const. JAMES S. DODGE, Methuen,
Mass., H. M. 100, m. c. 6.80;) to
const. Rev. D. C. FRINK, H. M.
New Ipswich, Cong. ch. and so.

m. c.

Merrimack co. Aux. Soc. Geo. Hutch

ins, Tr.

Concord, South Cong. ch. and so.
Hooksett, Cong, ch. and so.
Hopkinton, Cong, ch. and so. add'l,
friends, by Rev. W. H. Cutler,
Rockingham co. Conf. of Ch's.

Exeter, 1st Cong. ch. and so. m. c.
12.97, 2d Cong. ch. and so. m. c.
Chester, Emily J. Haseltine,
Greenland, Cong. ch. and so. ann.
Windham, Miss Achsah Hemphill,
15, Mrs. Jane Hemphill, 10;


16 55-37 55

10 00
229 17--239 17

22 00
3 75

35 26

13 00


115 00

160 60

5 00

99 55

30 00--134 55

8 38--283 98


A TEACHER in the "Soldiers' Orphans Home" at Davenport, Iowa, sends to the Treasurer of the American Board a small donation, and writes: "The children of the Orphans' Home' desire me to send you the inclosed amount (four dollars and eighty cents) as a contribution to the missionary work in Hindostan. The money has been collected by them through the sale of hickory and hazel nuts, gathered in the beautiful groves surrounding the Home.' They are of course poor as regards worldly affairs, but many of them are richly endowed with the graces of the Holy Spirit; and the kindly little hearts of all beat in sympathy for the noble missionaries of the cross in distant lands."


St. Johnsbury, North Cong. ch. and so. 49.92, South Cong. ch. and so. 38; Friends, 300; 387 92-440 92 48 26 Chittenden co. Aux. Soc. E. A. Fuller, Tr. Burlington, 1st Calv. Cong. ch. and 351 73


Rutland and Bennington Co's Aux. Soc.

J. Barrett, Tr.

East Dorset, Cong. ch. and so. m. c.
32 00 Windsor co. Aux. Soc. Rev. C. B. Drake
and J. Steele, Trs.
Stockbridge, Harriet Chapin,

24 57
11 50

5 25-41 32

19 50
5 00

88 85

25 00-198 35

10 00

50 00--60 00 690 20


Addison co. Aux. Soc. A. Wilcox, Tr.
Middlebury, Calvin G. Tilden,
Vergennes, Cong. ch. and so. 60 00-67 50
Caledonia co. Conf. of Ch's. T. L. Hall, Tr.
Barnet, Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 3.00
Peacham, A friend,
50 00


Barnstable county.

Cotuit Port, Union ch. and sc.
South Dennis, Cong. ch. and so. (of
wh. from Mrs. Seth Collins, for
China, 5;)
Berkshire co. Aux. Soc.

Gt. Barrington, 1st Cong. ch. and

15 00


103 05

Lenox Cong. ch. and so.
Pittsfield, Maplewood Institute, m.c. 49 19
Sheffield, Cong. ch. and so.
Boston and vicinity,
Boston, of wh from a member of
Central church, 45, Oliver H. Hay,
25, Mrs. Homer, for catechist at
Sholapore, 20, A lady friend, 10,
An ex-missionary, 2, Unknown,

Chelsea, Winn. Cong. ch. and so.
m. c. 349.06, Broadway Cong.
ch. and so. m. c. 20.13;
Essex county,
Lawrence, Eliot Cong. ch. and so.
for 6 months' salary of Rev. P. O.
Powers, to Jan. 1, 1868,

21 00

608 50


43 82-58 82

10 00 543 42

45 95---262 19

369 19---977 69

875 00

Essex co..North Aux. Soc. William Thurston, Tr

Amesbury and Salisbury, Union Ev. ch. and so. m. c.

Bradford, Cong. ch. and so. add'l, with prev. dona. to const. JOHN B. TEWKSBURY, H. M.

By field, Cong. ch. and so. ann. coll.

Haverhill, Centre Cong. ch. and so

ann. coll. to const. FRANKLIN S. MCKENNEY and Mrs. JULIA M. DAVIS, H. M.

Essex co. South Conf. of Ch's. C. M. Richardson, Tr.


50 00

16 00

211 53--286 53

Middleton, Cong. ch. and so. Franklin co. Aux. So. Lewis Merriam, Tr. Whately, Cong. ch. and so. with

prev. dona. to const. STEPHEN BELDEN, East Whately, H. M. Hampshire co. Aux. Soc. S. E. Bridgman, Tr Amherst, 1st Cong. ch. and so

Gents' and Ladies' Benev. Asso. 182.33; College ch. m. c. 7; the dying gift of Nehemiah H. Gage, a member of College church, to const. Rev. C. W. PARK, West Poxford, Mass., H. M. 50; Middlesex county. Cambridgeport, Stearns chapel, m.c. Hopkinton, Cong. ch. and so. Natick, Cong. ch. and so. 18.10;

Rev. N. W. Sheldon, 4.00; Newton, 2d Cong. ch. and so. m. c. North Leominster, Misses J. S. and E. A. Thurston, the gift of a sister deceased,

Winchester, Cong. ch. and so. Middlesex Union.

Acton, Cong. ch. and so.

Shirley Village, Cong. ch. and so. Westford, Cong. ch. and so. Norfolk county.


Worcester North Aux. Soc. C. Sanderson, Tr. Ashburnham, F.

12 08 56 33

22 10 29 34


28 00

2.00 14 55--136 40

30 00


16 17

16 25---38 67

Jamaica Plains, Central Cong. ch.
and so. (of wh. from m. c. 22,)
Roxbury, Eliot Cong. ch. and so.
add'l, (of wh. from a friend, 1, m.
c. 26.08,) 127.08; Vine st. Cong.
ch. and so. m. c. 40;
West Roxbury, South Ev. ch. and

167 08

so. m. c.

88 89

Wrentham, 1st Cong. ch. and so.

m. c.

7 00-284 97 Palestine Missionary Society. E. Alden, Tr. South Weymouth, Rev. J. P. Ter

ry's Cong. ch. and so. (coll. 39.65, Ladies, for a native helper, 37 50, m. c. 9.25,) 86.40, less c'ft, 25c.; Taunton and vicinity. Berkley, 1st Cong. ch. and so. Female Cent. Soc.

Taunton, Westville Cong. ch. and

5 00 71 25 122 56

239 83

Athol, Orthodox Cong. ch. and so. Phillipston, Cong. ch. and so. coll. Templeton, Cong. ch. and so. Ladies, 64.05, Gents and m. C. 56.66; 120 71 Westminster, Cong. ch. and so. coll. 64 34 Winchendon, North Cong. ch. and

8o. coll. 82.30, m. c. 14.10, less express, 30c.

21 00

30 00---51 00

86 15

96 10

479 96 Deduct printing Conf. tract, 11 98---467 98 Worcester co. Central Asso E. H. San

ford, Tr.

150 00

Barre, Oliver Barrett, deceased, by
Mrs. Phebe Barrett,
Holden, Cong. ch. and so. Gents'
Asso. 29.50, Ladies' do., 35, m.c.
87 00
10 00

Rutland, Otis Demond,
Worcester, Central Cong. ch. and so.
(Gents' Asso. 433, Ladies' do.

[blocks in formation]

71 85 25.00 8. 09 160 61

5 00-321 88

Weston, Cong. ch. and so.
North Stamford, Cong. ch. and so.
Ridgefield, 1st Cong. ch. and so.
Stamford, 1st Pres. ch. (of wh. from
JOHN P. HAMILTON, add'l, to const.
himself H. M.,) to const. ABEL
LOWER, Griffin, Georgia, H. M.
Hartford co. Aux. Soc. E. W. Par-
sons, Agent.

46 48

Berlin, 2d Cong. ch. and so. Collinsville, Cong. ch. and so. East Avon, Cong. ch. and so. with other donations, to const. Rev. GEO. CURTIS, H. M. Hartford, Asylum Hill Cong. ch. and so. coll. to const. C. J. BURNELL, J. H. ROBERTS, C. H. CAMP, J. S. TRYON, JR., ATWOOD COLLINS, MARY L. STRONG, ANNA P. TERRY, KATIE C. CAMP, MARY B. AYRES, H. M. 955; Pearl st. Cong. ch. and so. coll. 337.66; Wooster st. chapel m. c., for Protestants at Safeita, 24.81; 1,317 47 Manchester, 2d Cong. ch. and so.

m. c.

[blocks in formation]

34 16

Plantsville, Cong, ch. and so. Rocky Hill Cong. ch. and so. coll. Southington, Cong. ch. and so. Wethersfield, Cong. ch. and so. Hartford co. South Consociation. New Britain, South Cong. ch. and 80. ann. coll. Portland, Cong. ch. and so. a friend, 10 00-1,405 S^ Litchfield co. Aux. Soc. G. C. Woodruff, Tr.

1,395 84

Harwinton, Cong. ch. and so.
Milton, Cong. ch. and so.
New Milford, Cong. ch. and so.
Warren, Cong, ch. and so.
Watertown, Cong. ch. and so. ann.
coll., of which from Eli Curtiss to
const. C. S. CURTISS, H. M. 100; 168 50
West Winstead, 2d. Cong. ch. and

30 00 15 00 147 80 49 00

49 16-459 46

128 91

45 56-174 47

Centre Cong. ch. and so. 746.89; Yale Missy Soc. 9.50; Davenport Cong, ch. and so. m. c. 7.87; United m. c. 3.55; Mary B. Starr, 10:

New Haven co. East. Aux. So. F. T Jarman, Agent.

Madison, Ladies' Cent Soc. Wallingford, Cong. ch. and so. to const. Rev. J. J. WOOLLEY, Meriden, Conn., H. M.

New Haven co. West Consoc., E. B. Bowditch, Tr.

Birmingham, Cong. ch. and so. of which from Geo. W. Shelton to const. E. G. ATWOOD, Salem, N. Y., H. M. 100, H. S. 20, W. E. D. 15, 8. B. 10, M. B. B. 10, D. B. 10, others 88.30, M. C. 73.88; Derby, 1st Cong, ch. and so. Milford, 1st Cong. ch. and so. (an. coll. 260.93, m. c. 59.07,) 820; Plymouth Cong. ch. and 80. 79.75; Whitneyville, Cong. ch. and so. to const. HARMON HUMISTON, H. M. 108.75, less c'ft, 1;

New London and vic. and Norwich and vic. C. Butler and L. A. Hyde,


E. L.

Fitchville, Cong. ch. and so. ann. coll. 28, Mrs. Fanny Raymond, to const. Mrs. RHODA HUNT, Bozrah, Conn., H. M. 100;

Griswold, 1st Cong. ch. and so. ann. coll.

Lebanon, Cong. ch. and so.
Lisbon, Cong. ch. and so.

New London, 2d Cong. ch. and so. ann. coll.

Niantic, Geo. H. Webb,
Norwich. Broadway and so.
m. e's, 30.06, 1st Cong. ch. and so.
m. c. 14.16;

Preston, Cong. ch. and so. ann. coll. Tolland co. Aux. Soc. C. H. Dillingham, Tr.

Columbia, Cong. ch. and so. Gents,
27.18, Ladies, 49.27, with Sab. sch.
donation to const. SAMUEL LITTLE,
II. M.

Windham co. Aux. Soc. Rev. S. G.
Willard, Tr.
Killingly, D. C. Jencks, for Africa,

Of which from Broadway Tabernacle Cong. ch. and so. 503; South Pres. ch. (Brooklyn) (coll. in part 164.61, m. c. 68.89;) 233.50; 3d Pres. ch. (Brooklyn) 132 91; Puritan Cong, ch. and so. (Brooklyn) (of which from S. C. Hills, 50,) 101.64; South Cong, ch. and so. (Brooklyn) 45.28; Union Theol. Sem. m. c. 20.57; Mercer street Pres. ch. m. c. 16.80;

Oneida co. Aux. Soc. J. E. Warner,


Augusta, Cong. ch. and so

NEW YORK. New York and Brooklyn, Agency of the Board, Bible House.

Amsterdam Village, Pres. ch. m. c. Attica, 1st Cong, ch. and so. Auburn, 2d Pres. ch. with other donations to const. J. N. STARIN, J. R. PEARSON, and Mrs. SARAH E. BOARDMAN, H. M.

Brasher Falls, Pres. ch m. c. Chenang county, S. M. Chester, Pres. ch.

327 18 85 62

34 60

Durham, 1st Pres. ch. m. c.
East Bloomfield, 1st Cong. ch. and

107 75-920 80

399 75

75 91--110 54

128 00

147 49 10 00

83 00

69 59


783 81

280 00

3 50

5 00 103 00

20 00

44 22 38 26--551 56

76 45


7,741 82 100 00 7,841 82

1,059 70

32 13 1,091 83 76 53 38 00

so. (of which from coll. 115.22, m. c. 55.95, Wm. C. Tracy for China, 50;) 221.17; Myron Adams, 20; 241 17 Eden, Cong. ch. and so., for China, Gloversville, Cong, ch. and so. add'l, De Witt Smith,

9 00

Greenville, Pres. ch. m. c.
Guilford, 1st Cong. ch. and so.
Holley, Pres. ch.
Hudson, Pres. ch.

Lowville, Pres. ch. m. c. to const
Marathon, Pres. ch. add'l,
Masonville, A friend,

Mount Norris, 1st Pres. ch. Newburg, A friend, Niagara Falls, 1st Pres. ch. and cong. 55.35; A. H. Porter with prev. dona's to const. A. J. PORTER

and A. H. PORTER, Jr., H. M. 60; 115 35 Oneonta, Pres. ch. 17 80

Oswego, 1st Pres. ch. 446.94, less
exchange, 1.12;
Otto, Eunice H. Plumb,
Peekskill, 2d Pres. ch.
Penn Yan, Pres. ch.
Perry, John Borden,
Poughkeepsie, 1st Pres ch. m. c.
Richfield Springs church, by Rev.
F. H. Seeley,

Rome, Mrs. Ruth Foote,
South Amenia, Pres. ch. coll.
South Salem, Elizabeth Beers,
Spencerport, Cong. ch. and so.
Sweden, Pres. ch. (of which from
Adeline T. Cunningham,for China,

Walton, 2d Cong. ch. and so. Ladies'
Miss'y Soc.
Yonkers, 1st Pres. ch.


MARYLAND. Baltimore, 1st Const. Pres. ch. 117.81; Mrs. Sarah A. Hall, 275;


By William Scott, Agent, Cincinnati, 3d Pres. ch. m. c. Hanging Rock, 1st Pres. ch. Huron, Pres. ch.

50 00

3 25

100 00



NEW JERSEY. East Orange, 1st Pres. ch. Newark, Park Pres. ch. m. c. PENNSYLVANIA. By Samuel Work, Agent. Delaware Water Gap, Pres. ch. m. c. Neshaminy, Pres. ch. Girard, Pres. ch. Harborcreek, Pres. ch., ann. coll. add'l, of which from Zalmon Tracy and wife, 1, Emily Luther, 1; Lock Haven, G. B. Perkins, Peckville, E. Weston, Philadelphia, J. M. Van Harlingen, 100, J. D. L., 50; Pine Grove, Pres. ch. Prompton, Pres. ch. Providence, Pres ch. ann. coll. of wh. from W. W. Winton, 11; Waymart, Pres. ch. add'l, Wellsboro', Pres. ch.

Marietta, Rev. E. B. Andrews, Perrysburg, 1st Pres. ch.



40 10

134 63

10 00

445 82 5 00 49.94 150 00 1,131 65 34 13

13 50

5 00 106 50 2.00 40 11


Glasgow, Pencader Pres. ch. m. c. with
other cont's to const. Mrs. MARY J.
Odessa, Pres. ch.

17 46

14 10 331 18-3,675 72

4,767 55

57 19 100 00--157 19


56 70-61 70 40 75


5 65 5.00

150 00 625 5 00

[blocks in formation]

Walnut Hills, Lane Sem. ch. m. c. 18 71-105 72 By T. P. Handy, Agent, Claridon, Cong. ch. and so. Newburgh, Pres. ch. (of which from Rev. W. C. Turner, 5);

8 00

40 31

[blocks in formation]

ILLINOIS. Altona, A family contribution, Bunker Hill, Cong. ch. and so. Centralia, Pres. ch. Chicago, 3d Pres. ch. 558.15; 1st Cong. ch. and so. (of wh. from H. Z. Culver, to const. A. M. CULVER, H. M., 100), 357.50;

Concord, Cong. ch. and so.
Kankakee, II. H. Johnson,
Newark, Horace Day,
Rockford, Westminster Pres. ch.
Rock Island, A friend,

Tolono, William Keeble,
Union, Cong. ch. and so.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

5.00 10 00

145 00 9.00

MINNESOTA. Minneapolis, Plymouth Cong. ch. and


Troy, Pres. ch.

West Grove, Pres. ch.


A friend, for Rev. C. H. Wheeler, Baraboo, Pres. ch.

Caledonia, Cong. ch. and so.

96 80

915 65

25 55

15 00

Fond du Lac, Cong. ch. and so. add'l,
Lancaster, Cong. ch. and so.
Racine, 1st Pres. ch. 100; " M. W. M.
Y." 10;

100-141 11

246 83

MISSOURI. St. Louis, Individuals of 1st Pres. ch. CALIFORNIA. Oakland, 1st Cong. ch. and so. m. c. 2 mos.

Petaluma 1st Cong. ch. and so.

98 00--267 00

513 83

5 55 25.00 4.00

4 10

80 00

50 100-70 15

8 25 76.00

33 45

146 03 860

10 00


93 57

3 00

5 00 10 75-1,185 22

50 00

IOWA. Muscatine, Cong. ch. and so. Newton, Wittemburg Cong. ch. and so. 19 15 Shunem, Pres. ch.


5 00 400


10 00 500

81 00

11 00

11 00

500 00

1,685 22

6 00 76 78

100 00

10 00-476 31

450 00

926 31

[ocr errors]

98 58 22 35

45 43

-83 25





13 40

110 00-173 40 22 18

San Francisco, 1st Cong. ch. and so ann. coll. 1,352.60; Green St. Cong. ch. and so. for Umzumbi, Zulu Mission, to const. H. H. LAWRENCE, II. M. 100; 2d Cong. ch. and so. add'l, 11.05; D. S. Sutton, 10;

MISSION SCHOOL ENTERPRISE. MAINE. Brewer, 1st Cong. s. s. 9.96; Cumberland, Cong. s. s. 19: Edgecomb, Cong. s. s. 1.50; Lebanon, Cong. s. s. 4.50; Rockland, Cong. s. 8. 13.38; Sandy Point, Cong. s. 8. 7.50; Waterford, Cong. s. s. 12.07; Winslow and North Vassalboro, Cong. s. s. 5.50;

NEW HAMPSHIRE. - Greenland, Cong.
s. s. 10.02; New Boston, Pres. s. 8.
for a scholar in Syria, 25; West Bos-
cawen, Cong. s. s. 29;
VERMONT. Bennington, 2d Cong. s.
s. (of wh. from the Infant Class for
Girls in Harpoot school, 25;) 75,
Guide Board s. s. 50; Bridport,
Cong. s. s. 5; Coventry Cong. 8. s.
22.45; West Haven, Cong. s. s. 5;
MASSACHUSETTS. Auburndale, Fred-
eric W. Walker, for sch. at Diarbekir,
1, Dean A. Walker, for sch. at Ilar-
poot, 1; Methuen, Cong. s. s. for
Madura schs. 25; Newbury, 1st Cong.
s. s. 8.10; Peru, Cong. s. s. for Cey-
lon sch. 23.71, less c'ft. and express,
50c.; Uxbridge, Young Ladies' Miss.
Society for scholars in Mana Madura
and Oroomiah, 56;
CONNECTICUT. - Columbia, Cong. s. s.
24.11; Harwinton, Cong. s. 8. 30;
Stamford, 1st Pres. s. s 18.29;
NEW YORK. Albany, Robert Boyd
Pratt, 1.25; Brooklyn, 3d Pres. s. s.
100; Buffalo, Bible Class in Lafay
ette st. Pres. ch. for supt. of
in Rev. II. S. Taylor's sch. Madura,
27.70; Fredonia Ameretta Jones'
8. 8. class, for girls' sch. Foochow,
China, 4; Mount Morris, 1st Pres. s.
s. for Female Sem., Harpoot, 30;
Niagara Falls, 1st Pres. s. s. 25;
PENNSYLVANIA.- Harborcreek, Pres. s.
8. 4.50; Scranton, Miss. s. s. 2.25,
F. E. Nettleton, 7.75;
DELAWARE. Glasgow, Pencader Pres.
s. s. for girls' sch. Mallankineru,

[blocks in formation]

1,473 65-1,594 58

Miss. Soc., for a pupil in Miss Rice's sch. Oroomiah,

OHIO. Bellevue, George Ford, for Rev. L. Bissell's sch. Mahratta Mission. 30; Painesville, 1st Cong. s. 8. for Harpoot, 30; Piqua, 2d Pres. s. 8., infant class, 2;

INDIANA. - Indianopolis (last gift of a little boy), for Dr. Pratt, Marash, Turkey, 1; Rising Sun, Pres. 8. s. 15; Southport, s. s. 15; ILLINOIS. Pecatonica, Cong. 8. 8. MICHIGAN. Muir, Pres. s. s. IOWA.- Davenport, Children of the "Orphans' İlome," proceeds of hickory and hazel nuts, 4.80; Grand View and IIarrison, Ger. Cong. s. s. 13; Stacyville, Cong. s. s. 23.30; WISCONSIN. Windsor, Union s. s. MISSOURI. St. Louis, 1st Pres. s. 8., Georgie Warne,

Donations received in November, Legacies,




Total, from Sept. 1st, 1867, to Nov. 30th, 1867,

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Music by Geo. F. Root.

earth to dwell: ones might be: hears my praise!

Save me, Because He loved
me, Because He loved
an - gels, Because He loves

sure ly know, below, go,

this foot-steps here I shall sure

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It is not intended that THE LITTLE CORPORAL shall come in competition with any of the Sunday School Papers. Being larger and more costly, and being made up entirely of original and expensive matter from the best writers in the country, it o pies a field of its own, as a brst-class Boys' and Girl Paper for the home fireside. Though intended especially for the children, there are few adults who will not real it with as mach interest as do the young people. While it is tre from all denominational bias, its mission is, anter lubicates, to actively labor in leading the chila en curongh pleasant paths, away from all that is wrong, and towards all that is good, and pure and true.

Is its


Sheets like this leaf, (with these two pieces of origmal music,) sent post paid to any address for Twenty-five cents a hundred.

Address ALFRED L. SEWELL, Publisher of The Litte Corporal, CHICAGO, ILL


་་་ ་་་

those who do go. we can now up our attain

sults. How can we train our petitions how can we bring the batteries of our fai to bear, unless we know the enemy's condition, and the successes or disasters of ti.

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