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Prayers are heard in heaven very much in proportion to our faith. Little faith will get very great mercies, but great faith still greater. SPURGEONGleanings Among the Sheaves.

Believing Prayer.


The first petition that we are to make to Almighty God is for a good conscience, the next for health of mind, and then of body.

SENECA-Epistles. XIV.

2 Bow, stubborn knees; and, heart, with strings of

steel, Be soft as sinews of the new-born babe.

Hamlet. Act III. Sc. 3. L. 70.

3 All his mind is bent to holiness, To number Ave-Maries on his beads.

Henry VI. Pt. II. Act I. Sc. 3. L. 58.

To pray together, in whatever tongue or ritual, is the most tender brotherhood of hope and sympathy that men can contract in this life.

MADAME DE STAËL-Corinne. Bk. X. Ch. V.


Holy Father, in thy mercy,

Hear our anxious prayer.
Keep our loved ones, now far absent,

Neath Thy care.

universally among the British troops in the
Great War.

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Go with me, like good angels, to my end; And, as the long divorce of steel falls on me, Make of your prayers one sweet sacrifice, And lift my soul to heaven.

Henry VIII. Act II. Sc. 1. L. 75.

Lord, thy most pointed pleasure take,
And stab my spirit broad awake;
Or, Lord, if too obdurate I,
Choose Thou, before that spirit die,
A piercing pain, a killing sin,
And to my dead heart turn them in.

STEVENSON—Celestial Surgeon.

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My prayers Are not words duly hallow'd nor my wishes More worth than empty vanities; yet prayers

and wishes Are all I can return.

Henry VIII. Act II. Sc. 3. L. 67.

My debts are large, my failures great, my shame secret and heavy; yet when I come to ask for my good, I quake in fear lest my prayer be granted.



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Speak to Him thou for He hears, and spirit with

spirit can meetCloser is He than breathing, and nearer than

hands and feet. TENNYSON—Higher Pantheism.

More things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of. Wherefore, let thy

voice Rise like a fountain for me night and day. For what are men better than sheep or goats That nourish a blind life within the brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer Both for themselves and those who call them

friend? TENNYSON–Morte d'Arthur. L. 247.

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Battering the gates of heaven with storms of

prayer. TENNYSON-St. Simeon Stylites. L. 7.

If you bethink yourself of any crime Unreconcil'd as yet to heaven and grace, Solicit for it straight.

Othello. Act V. Sc. 2. L. 26.



Earth bears no balsams for mistakes;

Men crown the knave, and scourge the tool That did his will: but thou, O Lord,

Be merciful to me, a fool.

“'Twas then belike,” Honorious cried, "When you the public fast defied, Refused to heav'n to raise a prayer, Because you'd no connections there." JOHN TRUMBULL-McFingal. Canto I. L.




Four things which are not in thy treasury,
I lay before thee, Lord, with this petition:-

My nothingness, my wants,
My sins, and my contrition.
SOUTHEY-Occasional Pieces. XIX. Imitated

from the Persian.

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Although we grope with little faith,

Give me the heart to fight-and lose.
i Prayer is
The world in tune,
A spirit-voyce,
And vocall joyes,
Whose Eccho is heaven's blisse.

HENRY VAUGHANThe Morning Watch.

2 Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.

Cease to think that the decrees of the gods can be changed by prayers. VERGN-Æneid. VI. 376.

3 Audiit, et voti Phæbus succedere partem Mente didit, partem volucres dispersit in auras.

Ae half the prayer wi' Phæbus grace did find The t'other half he whistled down the wind. VERGIL-Æneid. XI. 794. Trans. by Scott

-Waverley. Ch. XLIII. Same idea in Ho

MER-Iliad. XVI. 250. Prayer moves the Hand which moves the world. JOHN AIKMAN WALLACEThere is an Eye

that Never Sleeps. L. 19. (See also W. R. WALLACE under MOTHERHOOD)

5 Who is this before whose presence idols tumble

to the sod? While he cries out—"Allah Akbar! and there is

no god but God!” Wm. Ross WALLACEEl Amin. The Faith

ful. Making their lives a prayer. WHITTIER-T0 A. K. on Receiving a Basket of

Sea Mosses. 7 Though smooth be the heartless prayer, no ear

in heaven will mind it; And the finest phrase falls dead, if there is no

feeling behind it. ELLA WHEELER WILCOX-Art and Heart. St.


I preached as never sure to preach again,
And as a dying man to dying men.
RICHARD BAXTERLove Breathing Thanks

and Praise. Pt. 2. St. 29.


Faites ce que nous disons, et ne faites pas ce que nous faisons.

Do as we say, and not as we do.
BOCCACCIO Decameron. From the French of

SABATIER DE CASTRES—Troisième Journée.
Novelle VII.

(See also VILLIERS) 17 For the preacher's merit or demerit, It were to be wished that the flaws were fewer

In the earthen vessel, holding treasure,
But the main thing is, does it hold good meas-

Heaven soon sets right all other matters!
ROBERT BROWNINGChristmas Eve. Canto

(See also HERBERT)



Hear how he clears the points o' Faith

Wi' rattlin' an' thumpin'!
Now meekly calm, now wild in wrath,

He's stampin', an' he's jumpin'!
BURNSHoly Fair. St. 13.

The imperfect offices of prayer and praise.

WORDSWORTH-Excursion. Bk. I.

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There goes the parson, oh illustrious spark!
And there, scarce less illustrious, goes the clerk.
COWPEROn Observing Some Names of Little



Alas for the unhappy man that is called to stand in the pulpit, and not give the bread of life EMERSON--An Address to the Senior Class in

Divinity College, Cambridge. July 15, 1838.



I venerate the man whose heart is warm,
Whose hands are pure, whose doctrine and whose

Coincident, exhibit lucid proof
That he is honest in the sacred cause.

COWPER—Task. Bk. II. L. 372.

But in his duty prompt at every call,
He watch'd and wept, he pray'd and felt for all.

GOLDSMITH-Deserted Village. L. 165.


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They shall knaw a file, and flee unto the mountains of Hepsidam whar the lion roareth and the Wang Doodle mourneth for its first born-ah! Burlesque Sermon in Cole's Fun Doctor. At

tributed to ANDREW HARPER as a travesty on sermons preached by itinerant preachers on the Mississippi. Found in Speaker's Garland. Vol. VIII. Also claimed for Dow

Patent Sermons. 14 Judge not the preacher; for he is thy judge: If thou mislike him, thou conceiv'st him not. God calleth preaching folly. Do not grudge To pick out treasures from an earthen pot. The worst speak something good. If all want

sense, God takes a text, and preaches patience. HERBERTT'he Temple. The Church Porch.

St. 72. Quoting, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels." II Corinthians. IV. 7.

(See also BROWNING)

The things that mount the rostrum with a skip,
And then skip down again, pronounce a text,
Cry hem; and reading what they never wrote
Just fifteen minutes, huddle up their work,
And with a well-bred whisper close the scene!

COWPERTask. Bk. II. L. 408.



He that negotiates between God and man, As God's ambassador, the grand concerns Of judgment and of mercy, should beware Of lightness in his speech.

COWPERTask. Bk. II. L. 463.

Even ministers of good things are like torches, a light to others, waste and destruction to themselves. HOOKER. Quoted by GLADSTONE, 1880. See

MORLEY'S Life of Gladstone." Bk. VIII.
Ch. I.



The priest he merry is, and blithe

Three-quarters of a year,
But oh! it cuts him like a scythe

When tithing time draws near.
COWPER-Yearly Distress. St. 2.


A kick that scarce would move a horse, May kill a sound divine.

COWPER—Yearly Distress. St. 16.

Sir, a woman preaching is like a dog's walking on his hind legs. It is not done well: but you are surprised to find it done at all. SAMUEL JOHNSONBoswell's Life of Johnson.

(1763) 17 And he played on a harp of a thousand strings, Spirits of just men made perfect. Burlesque Sermon, ascribed to Rev. HENRY

TALIAFERRO LEWIS, in the Brandon (Miss.)
Republic (1854) Claimed for ST. GEORGE
Dow's Patent Sermons. T. L. Masson's
Masterpieces of Humor.


Go forth and preach impostures to the world,
But give them truth to build on.
DANTE—Vision of Paradise. Canto XXIX.

L. 116.


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