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tury, 34

the Use of Families and Young Persons, by Lives of the Right Hon. Francis North,
T. Bowdler, Esq. 31

Baron Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great
Narrative of the Surrender of Buonaparte, Seal under Charles II. and James II., the

and of his Residence on Board H. M. S. Hon. Sir Dudley North, and the Rev. Dr.
Bellerophon, by Captain F. L. Maitland, John North, by the Hon. Roger North, 82
C.B. 32

Notes of a Journey through France and Italy,
Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France, 82
during the Revolution, 32

Travels of Polycletes, in Letters from Rome,
Journal of a Voyage up the Mediterranean, by abridged from the Original Work of the
the Rev. Charles Swan, 32

Baron de Theis, by Mons. Rouillon, and
Gaston de Bloodeville, a Romance; St. Al- translated into English by M A. P. 83

ban's Abbey, a Metrical Tale, with some Travels in the Mogul Empire, by Francis
Poetical Pieces, by Anne Radcliffe; to Bernier, translated into English by Irving
which is prefixed a Memoir of her Life, Brock, 83
with Extracts from her Journals, 32

Four Years in France, or Narrrative of an
William Douglas, or the Scottish Exiles, 33 English Family's Residence there during
Montville, or the Dark Heir of the Castle, 34 that Period, 83
De Vavasour, a Tale of the Fourteenth Cen- Scenes and Sketches of a Soldier's Life in Ire-

land, 83
Vivian Grey, 35

Truth, a Novel, by the Author of Nothing, 83
Continental Adventures, a Novel, 35

Sir John Chiverton, a Romance, 84
Tales Round a Winter Hearth, by Jane and Alla Giornata, or, To the Day, 84
Anna Maria Porter, 35

Aben-Hamet, the Last of the Abencerages, 84
The Stanley Tales, Original and Select, 35, 85 Specimens of German Romance, 84
129, 226

Lorenz Stark, a Characteristic Picture of a
Field Flowers, a Collection of Fugitive and German Family, 84

other Poems, by the author of Odes,” The German Novelists. By Thomas Roscoe,
“ Portland Isle," &c. 36.

Solitary Hours, by the Authoress of Ellen Charles and Eugenia, 85
Fitz-Arthur, 36

Sibyl's Leaves : Poems and Sketches, by
A Collection of Popular National Airs, the Elizabeth Willsford Mills, 85

Words by T. Moore, with Symphonies and Essay on Mind, and other Poems, 85
Accon paniments, by H. R. Bishop, No. V. Progress of Licentiousness, 85

Essay on Craniology, 85
The Little Villager's Verse Book, by the Rev. Considerations on Volcanoes, by G. P. Scrope,
W. L. Bowles, 36

Poems, by Mary Jones, daughter of the late The Little World of Knowledge, 86

H. J. Pye, Esq. Poet Laureat to his Ma- | Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra, in
jesty George III. 37

1823, by John Anderson, Esq. 124
Worcester Field, or the Cavalier; a Poem in Travels in Chile and La Plata, By John
Four Cantos, 37

Miers, 125
Felix Farley: Rhymes, Latin and English, by Historical Researches on the Wars and Sports
Themaninthemoon, 37

of the Mongols and Romans. by John
Conversations on the Evidences of Chris- Ranking, 125

tianity, for the Use of Young Persons and History of the Mogul Dynasty in India, 125
Theological Students, 37

The Animal Kingdom described and arranged,
A Word in Favour of Female Schools, 38 in conformity with its Organization, by the
A Description of the New Patent Instrument Baron Cuvier, with Additional Descriptions

for extracting Teeth, also a Patent Method and other Original Matter, by Edward
of fixing Artificial Teeth; by J. P. De la Griffiths, F. L. S. and others, 126
Fons, 38

A Treatise on Diet, &c. by J. A. Paris, M.D.
A History of the Mahrattas, by James Grant F.R.S. &c. 128
Duff, Esq. 78

The Labours of Idleness, or Seven Nights
History of the Crusades against the Albigenses Entertainments, by Guy Penseval, 128

in the Thirteenth Century, from the French Recollections of a Pedestrian, by the Author
of J. C. L. Sismondi, 78

of “Journal of an Exile," 129
James's Naval History, &c. from 1793 to 1820, || The Rambles of Redbury Rook, by the Au-

thor of “ The Subaltern Officer, 129
Aventures of a French Serjeant, during his Mustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, by J. J.

Campaigns in Italy, Spain, Germany, Rus. Conybeare, 129
sia, &c.
Written by Himself, 80

The Lusiad, translated from the Portuguese,
Mémoires Autographes de M. le Prince de by T. M. Musgrave, 129

Montbarey, Ministre Secrétaire d'Etat au The Crazed Maid of Venice, and other Poems,
departement de la Guerre, sous Louis by the author of Guisseppino, 130
XVI. 80

The Wanderer of Scandinavia, or Sweden
Mémoirs and Recollections of Count Ségur, Delivered, and other Poems, by Elizabeth

Ambassador from France to the Courts of Sibella Hatfield, 130
Russia, Prussia, &c. Written by Himself, || The Slaves of Zanguebar, and other Poems,

by Miss Manwaring, 130
Biographical Sketches of British Characters | The French Genders taught in Six Fables, 131
recently deceased, 80

The Gate of the French, Italian, and Spanish,

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unlocked by a new method of acquiring the | The Foscari, a Tragedy, by Miss Mitford, 269
Accidence, 131

Notes and Reflections during a Ramble in
Review of the Progress of Religious Opinions, Germany, by the Author of “ The Story of

during the Nineteenth Century, by J. C. L. a Life,” 269
de Sismondi, 131

The Torr Hill, by the Author of “ Brambletye
Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery House," 269
of a North West Passage, 172

Honor O'Hara, by Miss A. M. Porter, 271
History of the United States, from their first | Liesli, a Swiss Tale, 271

Settlement as Colonies to the Close of the Recollections of the Life of John O'Keefe,
War with Great Britain in 1815, 172

written by Himself, 271
The Progresses, Processions, and Magnificent Literary and Miscellaneous Memoirs, by J.

Entertainments of King James the First, by Cradock, Esq. M. A., 271
John Nichols, F.S. A. 172

Sacred Specimens, selected from the Early
Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of English Poets, with Prefatory Verses, 272

Napoleon Bounaparte, with Copious His- Select Specimens of English Poetry, from the
torical Illustrations and Original Anecdotes, Reign of Elizabeth to the Present Time, by

G. Walker, M. A. 272
Aphorisms, Opinions, and Reflections of the The Shadow of Life, a Funeral Sermon, 272

late Dr. Parr, with a Sketch of his Life, 172 || Sketch of the Progress and State of Litera-
Rough Notes taken during some Rapid Jour- ture for the Last Six Months; comprising

neys across the Pampas, and among the reviews (with extracts) of Malcolm's His-
Andes, by Capt. F. B. Head, 173

tory of India—Turner's History of Henry
The Complete Governess, by an Experienced VIII.-Llorente's History of the Inqui-
Teacher, 175

sition-Tales by the O'Hara Family-Galt's
Tales in Verse, Illustrative of the several Last of the Lairds - Almack's-Cunning-

Petitions of the Lord's Prayer, by the Rev. ham’s Paul Jones—Tales of a Voyager -
H. F. Lyte, 176

Story of a Wanderer- The Rifleman's Com-
The Weft of the Wye, a Poem, by Arthur St. rade - Miss Acton's Poems—Thoughts on
John, 179

Domestic Education - Hood's Whims and
Specimens of Romaic Lyric Poetry, by Paul Oddities- Friendship’s Offering, &c. 278
Maria Leopold Joss, 179

Review of Music :- Songs to Rosa; the Poe-
The Prophetess, a Tale of the Last Century, try by T. H. Bayley, Esq., the Symphonies
in Italy, 179

and Accompaniments by T. A. Rawlings, 39
The Odd Volume, 180

Sacred Melodies, No. 1. arranged with Sym-
More Odd Moments, by the Author of “Odd phonies and Accompaniments, by W. Fitz-
Moments,” 180

patrick; the Poetry by J. Bellamy, Esq. 39
Death's Doings, 218

The Lilac and the Rose, by W. Fitzpatrick, 39
Forget-me-Not, a Christmas and New-Year's Sweet falls the Eve on Craigie Burns, by
Present for the Year 1827, 221

W. Fitzpatrick, 39
The Amulet, or Christian and Literary Re- Overture to Aladdin, by H. R. Bishop, 40
membrancer, for the Year 1827, 222

Come Love to me, 40
A General Biographical Dictionary, containing | Oh Merry Row, 40

a Summary Account of the Lives of Emi- || Divertimento for the Piano-forte, introducing
nent Persons of all Nations, previous to the the air “ Cara Mano,” by Pio Cianchettini,
Present Generation, 224

The History of Scotland, from the Roman | Rondo Brilliant pour la Piano-forte, par J. B.

Invasion till the Suppression of the Rebellion Cramer, 86

in 1745, by the Rev. Alex. Stewart, 225 Le Due Sorelle, a Duet, by Miss Essen, 86,
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Lindley 133

Murray, written by Himself, with a Pre- Select Airs from Boiledieu's “ Dame Blanche,"
face, &c. by Elizabeth Frank, 225

arranged for the Piano-forte, with Flute
The Nun, by William Elliot, 225

Accompaniments, by C. A. Whitcomb,
The Minstrel's Tale, and other Poems, by Nos. I. and II., 86, 133
George Moore, 226

Ditto Ditto by Burrowes, 86
The Beauties of Eininent Writers, selected Grand Allegro de Bravura seguito da una bril-

and arranged for the Instruction of Youth, liante Polacca, by N. C. Bochsa, 86
in the proper reading and reciting of the Non, Je ne veux pas chanter, arranged as a duet
English Language, 226

for the Harp and Piano-forte, with Intro-
The History of the Reign of Henry VIII, duction and Coda, by N. C Bochsa, 87

comprizing the Political History of the Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp, a Fairy
commencement of the English Reformation; Opera, in Three Acts, by H. R. Bishop, 131
by Sharon Turner, F.S. A., 265

Here! Aladdin, here! 131
The History of the Inquisition of Spain, Abridg- | Doctor, Doctor, 131

ed and Translated from the Original Works Genius of Flame, 131
of D. J. A. Llorente, 265

Here! Here! Here! 132
The Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry New Lamps for Old, 132
and Romance, for 1827, 265

Who first will strike the Deer, 132
Friendship's Offering; a Literary Album, | Thou art gone, 132
Edited by T. K. Hervey, 269

That Doom is Death, 132
Our Village; Sketches of Rural Character | It is Night beneath the Sea, 132

and Scenery, by Mary Russell Mitford, 269 Hours of Rapture, 132

Vauxhall; or, 'tis this, the best of all lights, De Ditto, with Variations, by G. Kialmark, -273

The Sun is o'er the Mountains, a Rondeau,
La Scatola, a Rondo for the Piano-forte, by by ditto, 273
Chas. Neate, 132

A Collection of Popular Melodies, arranged in
Romance, with Variations, for the Piano-forte, a familiar style, by T. P. Chipps, 274
by C. M. Von Weber, 132

Mozart's twelve admired Airs, with Embel-
Are you Angry, Mother? arranged by E lishments by R. Dresler, 274
Knight, 133

Sacrifice Interrompu, with Embellishments by
A Military Divertimento for the Piano-forte, Saust, 274
by D, Lee, 133

Dame Blanche, with embellishments by ditto,
“ Draw the Sword, Scotland," sung by Mr. 274

Braham, altered and arranged, by G. H. Napoleon's Grand March and Quick Step,
Rodwell, 180

with an Accompaniment for Flute, by A.
The Daughter of Love, a Serenade with an Wiesbecker, 274

Obligato Piano-forte Accompaniment, by Slow and Quick Marches of the 4th Dragoon
C. E. Horn, 180

Guards, by E. Hull, 274
When the Birds are sleeping, a Cavatina, by English Theatricals, 8c. - Haymarket, 47, 81,
A. Meves, 180

133, 181, 228;-Miss Macauley's Reci-
Lilies of the Valley, by Sir John Stephenson, tations, 42, 135;-English Opera House,

88, 134, 181, 228;-Drury Lane, 227, 274;
Sing on, such Tears are bliss, 180

-Covent Garden, 228, 275
The Death of Weber, the Poetry by Planché, Fine Arts' Exhibitions, fc. - British Institution,

the Music composed and selected by J. 42, 89, 136 ;-Society of Painters in Water
Braham, 180

Colours, 43;-Society of British Artists,
Monody on Weber, the Words by W. Mac- 43;—Coronation of Charles X. 43;— Poe-

gregor Logan, the Music by J. Barnet, 181 cilorama, 43, 89;-Cosmorama, 43, 89;-
A Selection of Airs from Medea in Corinto, Panstereomachia, 44, 90;-Diorama, 89;-

arranged for the Harp by N. C. Bochsa, in National Gallery, 136
Three Books. Book I. 181

Fine Arts' Publications :- British School of
Cherry Ripe, arranged for the Harp, with an Painting, 4+;-Indian Scenery, Costume,
Introduction, by T. P. Chipp, 181

&c. 44, 276; – The Extinguisher, 44;-
Mary, Think of me, 226

Ecce Homo, 90 ;--Belshazzar's Feast, 90;
The Summer Rose, 226

-The Princess Charlotte's Cenotaph, 90;
I will Listen, 226

-Othello, 90;- Leicester's Visit to Amy
La Speranza : a Canzonett, by G. Rovedino, Robsart, 90;-Marine Sketch Book 90;-

Sketches of Shipping, 90;-Views in Rus-
Fantasia on the Duet, Non palpitar mia vita, sia, 90;-Lodge's Portraits', 81, 276;-

in the Opera of Medea, by P. Cianchet- Dr. Jenner, 91;-Madame Pasta, 91;-
tini, 226

Ornamental Villas, 91; Brighton Palace,
Sonatina for the Piano-forte, with Violin or 136; - Emperor of Russia, 137 ;- The
Flute, by J. B. Cramer, 226

Enchanted Island, 137 ;-Young Shrimp-
Fantasie for the Piano-forte and Flute, on Catchers, 137; - Phrenological Illustra-

Airs in the Sacrifice Interrompu, by J. B. tions, 137; Castellated, Monastic, and Do-
Cramer, 227

mestic Architecture, 137; - Miss Love,
Before Breakfast, an Operatic Piece, Com- 137 ;– The Rivals, 137; — Scotch Maps,
posed by John Barnet, 272

137 ;- Portrait of the King, 182;— Portrait
The Charm of Love, a Scottish Air, adapted of the Duke of York, 183;— Portrait of
by W. F. Collard, 272

Mr. Canning, 183; – Views in Greece, 183;
Lovely Rose, a Cavatina, by J. Blewitt, 272 - Mexico, 183; Portrait of Reynolds,
I've been Roaming, arranged as a Rondo, 183;— The Devil's Bridge, 183; -- Views in
with Introduction for the Piano-forte, by Scotland, 183;-London from Greenwich,
T. A. Rawlings, 273

183 ;– Burmese War, 228 ;-- Voyage Pitto-
The Minstrel's Harp, arranged as a diverti- resque, 229;-- Portrait of Talma, 276;-

mento for the Piano-forte, by T. A. Raw- C. Kemble and Fawcett, 276 ;--- Death of
lings, 273

Botzaris, 276 ;-Scarborough, 276;-Wa-
Select Melodies, from the Oracle, arranged for terloo Bridge, 276;- The Misers, 276 ;-

the Piano-forte, with the Flute, by R. Passions of the Horse, 276;-Map of the
Lacy, 273

World, 276
Select Melody from the Interrupted Sacrifice, Varieties :--Dancing, 138;— The Waltz, 138;

arranged as Duets for the Piano-forte, by S. - Female Presence of Mind, 138;-- Female
F. Rimbault, 273

Gallantry, 138;-Mr. Canning, 138
Hommage aux Dames, a Divertimento for the Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 45, 91,
Piano-forte, by C. Pleyel, 273

139, 181, 229, 276
Are you angry Mother? à Divertisement, by | Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 46, 92, 140,
T. A. Rawlings, 273

186, 232, 277



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