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Literary and Scientific Jntelligence.

The Highland Society of London has pre- tacus and Sappho of Mason, the Lycidas of sented its medal, and 50 guineas, to Mr. Arm- Milton, the Naids of Akenside, &c. strong, Gaelic Lexicographer to the King, in Mr. Brown is said to have succeeded in approbation of his Gaelic Dictionary.

impelling a carriage by gas, at the rate of five Amonst the newly-elected Peers are two miles an hour, up an acclivity of ten inches in individuals-Sir John F. Leicester and Sir ten feet. On level ground, the rate of motion Charles Long, now Lords De Tabley and is eight or nine miles an hour. Farnborouglı - distinguished by their love and patronage of the Fine Arts. The Foundation Stone of Edinburgh College

Works in the Press, fc. was laid in the year 1789: the last stone of The Revolt of the Bees, a Tale. the building was fixed in June 1826.

In five or six Parts, to form two quarto Letters from Captain Franklin, dated Sep- volumes, an Historical, Topographical, and tember 6, on the Great Bear Lake, announce Statistical History of Westminster; including that Captain F. had penetrated to the mouth Biographical Anecdotes of the most eminent of the Mackenzie River, which he found to dis- and illustrious Individuals connected with the charge itself into an open sea. The Expedi- || City, by Messrs. Neale and Brayley. tion was in high health and spirits, well sup

By Mr. Lass, author of the “ Journey to plied, and looking forward with confidence to Rome and Naples," a History of the Arts of the approaching season for action. Three Painting and Sculpture in England, for the last several expeditions-under Captain F. himself, | twenty-five years. Lieutenant Back, and Dr. Richardson-had By W. G. F. Richardson, author of “ Poetic been out, preparatory to the main attempt in Hours,” the Life of Carl Theodore Körner, the ensuing year.

written by his Father, with Selections from Major Laing, who is penetrating to Tim- | his Poems, Tales, and Dramas, translated from buctoo from Tripoli, was, on the 27th of De- the German. cember, at a place called Tuat, whence he was Network, or Thought in Idleness, a Series to proceed on the 28th for his destination. of Light Essays.

The Adventure and Beagle, under the com- The Principles of Light and Shadow, being mand of Captain King, have sailed from Eng- a Second Part of Hints on Composition in land for the purpose of surveying the coasts of Painting ; illustrated by Examples from the South America.

most eminent Painters ; by John Burnett. Captain Kotzebue has returned to Ports- A History of the Parish of St. John, at mouth in the Russian corvette Enterprize, after Hampstead. a voyage of survey and discovery, occupying The eleventh and concluding number of Mr. about three years.

Britton's Chronological Illustrations of EccleAt the end of October another earthquakesiastical Architecture, with three Double was experienced at Shiraz, in Persia, which Plates, numerous Tabular Lists, Indexes, &c. destroyed many buildings, overthrew the cele- By L. E. L., author of the Improvisabrated tombs of Hafiz, Sadi, &c.

trice," "The Troubadour," &c., The Golden It is said that the apple, engrafted on syca- Violet, with its Tales of Romance and Chimore stocks, is not likely to be affected by valry; and other Poems. frosts. The tree blossoms late, and the fruit The Sixth Number of Mr. Williams's Select attains a large size.

Views in Greece. A new dioramic picture, painted_by M. Illustrations of Conchology, according to the Bouton, is now exhibiting in Paris. The sub-System of Lamarck, in a Series of Twenty Enject is the Monastery of St. Vaudrille, near gravings on royal 4to., each Plate containing Rouen. M. Daguerre is finishing a picture many specimens ; by E. A. Crouch. from a sketch which he took during his last A Selection of Sacred Harmony, by J. Cogjourney into Switzerland. It will exhibit one gins. of the most majestic scenes of the Alps, placed Reflection, a Tale ; by Mrs. Hofland. in contrast with the details of an ancient Swiss Lectures on Astronomy, accompanied and village, &c. These pictures will, in succession, illustrated by the Astronomicon, or a Series of we have no doubt, be exhibited in London. Moveable Diagrams; designed for the use of

An English company of comedians is now Schools and Private Students; by W. H. Prior, performing at Amsterdam, under the manage- in 12mo. ment of Mr. Smithson.

By Dr. Elliotson, a translation of the last Weber's funeral took place, in a compara- Latin Edition of the Institutions of Physiology, tively humble style, at the Roman Catholic by J. F. Blumenbach, M.D., Professor of Chapel, Moorfields, on the 21st of June. Medicine in the University of Gottingen.

The Rondinini Faun, a celebrated antique With Plates, The Sheffield Anti-Slavery statue, has been purchased for the British Album, or the Negro's Friend, containing Museum.

Zambo and Nila—The Missionary—A Word Beattie's Minstrel has been translated into for the Negroes—The Discarded Negro- The Italian by Mr. Mathias, the author of “The Voice of Blood-Sandanee's Dream-Zangara Pursuits of Literature," &c. Mr. M. is also -The Voyage of the Blind - Anticipationknown in Italy as the translator of the Carac- Alonso-Sabastian - The Negro Slave, &c. &c.

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At Bath, John Pistor, Esq., to Elizabeth, OF Sons. — The lady of Capt. Jasper Hall.

second daughter and co-heiress of the late C. The lady of Sir W. E. R. Boughton, Bart.-- Worthington, Esq. of Lansdowne Crescent. 'The lady of Lieut. Fred. Wood, R.N.- The At Kensington, James Henry Clough, Esq., lady of Capt. Digby, R.N.- Lady Delamere.- to Miss Stone, of Rolleston Park, Staffordshire. The lady of the Hon. J. T. Leslie Melville, Lady Barbara Newdigate. Op DaughtERS.- Lady Radstock. The

DEATHS. lady of Sir Oswald Mosley, Bart. The lady of

At Paris, Lady Sydney Sinith, the lady of Augustus Bosanquet, Esq.— The lady of P.

Admiral Sir William Sydney Sinith. Horrocks, Esq. M.P.-The lady of Sir

T. E.

At Boulogne-sur-Mer, the Right Hon. Lord Croft, Bart. — The lady of the Rev. H. G.

Viscount Nevill, eldest son of the Earl of AberCholmondeley.-The lady of Dr. Paget.— The

gavenny lady of Lieut. Col. Thackwell.- Lady Caroline At Dublin, aged 80, Leland Crosthwaite, Stewart.

Esq., President of the Chamber of Commerce,


Aged 86, the Rev. Baptist Noel Turner, At Stapletown, County Carlow, the Hon.and | M.A., Rector of Denton, Lincolnshire, and Rev. Henry Stopford, Archdeacon of Leitrim, of Wing, Rutland. third son of the Earl of Courtown, to Annette, At Shroton House, Dorset, Rear Admiral daughter of Wm. Browne, Esq., and nice to Ryves. the Earl of Mayo.

At Cupar, Fife, Colonel David Boswell. At Cranbrook, the Rev. Henry Cleaver, of At Cheltenham, Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. Hawkhurst, Kent, to Caroline Charlotte Wil

Col. Eyre. helmina, daughter of the Right Hon. Lady At Bath, aged 70, the Dowager Countess De Louisa de Spaen.

Lawarr, relict of John Richard Earl De Lawarr. At St. Mary-le-bone, Francis A. Morris, Esq., In Manchester Square, the Right Hon. Lady late of the Royal Lancers, to Sophia, youngest

Charlotte Lemon, daughter of J. J. Holford, Esq. of York Place, At Great Dumford, Wilts, aged 72, Mrs. and of Kelgwn, Carmarthenshire.

Louisa Margaret Harris, sister to the late, and At Calcutta, the Ven. John Hawtayne, Arch- aunt to the present Earl of Malmesbury. deacon of Bombay, to Margaret, eldest daughter The Right Hon. Lady Louisa Boyle, youngof the Hon. Sir John Franks, Knt., one of the est daughter of the Earl of Cork and Orrery, Judges of the Supreme Court.

aged 19. At St. Mary-le-bane, Capt. George Probyn, At Battersea, aged 74, Lady Elizabeth Pratt, to Alicia, daughter of Sir Francis Workman daughter of the late and sister of the present Macnaghten, of Roe Park, county Derry. Lord Camden.

The Rev. Herbert Oakeley, third son of Sir At Plymouth, Lieut. Col. Westropp. Charles Oakeley, Bart., to Athol Keturab Mur. At Guy's Cliff, Warwickshire, Mrs. Bertie ray, daughter of the late Lord Charles Aynsley, Greathead. and niece of his Grace the Duke of Athol. Aged 33, Bridget Anna, wife of John Gur

Edward Osborne, Esq., to Mary Anne, | don, Esq., of Assington Hall, Suffolk. youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Fiy, Vicar In Lower Brook Street, aged 21, the Right of Willesden, and Chaplain to his Majesty's || Hon. Lord Dorchester. Household.

In Great Portland Street, aged 39, Carl Edward Knight, Esq., of Chawton House, Maria Von Weber, the composer of Der FreisHants, to Mary Dorothea, eldest daughter of chutz, Oberon, &c. Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart.

At Belew, Her Imperial Majesty Elizabeth, At St. Mary-le-bone, the Rev. J. H. Cotton, relict of Alexander I., Emperor of Russia. Precentor of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, In Great George Street, Westminster, Lady to Mary Lawrens, eldest daughter of Dr. Sam. Pretyman Tomline, lady of the Bishop of Fisher, and niece of the Bishop of Salisbury. Winchester.

At Dover, Peter Hesketh, Esq., of Roas. At Richmond, aged 46, Louise Isabella, hall Hall, Lancashire, to Eliza Debonnaire, only wife of John Payne, Esq,, and eldest daughter daughter of Sir Theophilus John Metcalfe, Bart., of the Right Hon. Hugh Elliot. of Fernhill, Berks.

On his passage from Arracan, aged 23, George At Walton, Surrey, Sir John Powlett Orde, M. S. Robe, youngest son of the late Sir Wm. Bart., to Eliza, daughter of the late Peter Robe, K.C. B. Campbell, Esq.

At Vienna, Lord Ingestrie, eldest son of the At St. James's Church, Mathew Wilson, jun., Earl of Talbot. Esq., to Sophia Louisa Emerson, only daugh- At Cheltenham, the Hon. Mr. Vavasour, of ter of the late Sir Wharton Amcoits, Bart., of Haslewood Hall, Yorkshire. Kettlethorne Park, Lincolnshire.

At Bodryddan, Flint, aged 81, William Davis Sir T. S. Pasley, Bart., to Jane Matilda Shipley, the Very Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph. Lilly, eldest daughter of the Rev. Montague J. Annabella, widow of Count General James Wynyard, Rector of West Rounton.

Lockhart, of Lee and Carnwarth, Scotland.





EMBELLISHMENTS. A Portrait of the Most Noble ANNE, MARCHIONESS OF WINCHESTER, engraved by J. Thomson, from a Painting by T. STEWARDSON.

A beautiful coloured whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Marine Dress.
A beautiful coloured whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Morning Dress.


ILLUSTRATIVE MEMOIR of the Most Noble Notes of a Journey through France and
Anne, Marchioness of Winchester 47 Italy

82 Contemporary Poets, and Writers of Fic- Travels of Polycletes.......

83 tion - No. X.-The late Mrs. Radcliffe 51 Travels in the Mogul Empire....... ib. Loreley, a Legend of the Rhine......... 56 Four Years in France

ib. Domestic Manners and Customs of the Scenes and Sketches of a Soldier's Life in Fourteenth Century. 63 Ireland

ib. Eustace St. Valerie 66 Truth, a Novel......

ib. A Scrap of History

70 The Necessity of a Revelation of the ORIGINAL POETRY. Being and Will of God........

ib. Lines on the Death of Sir Stamford

Sir John Chiverton, a Romance............ 84
Alla Giornata ; or, to the Day

ib. Raffles

71 The Soldier's Dirge

Aben Hamet, or the Last of the Abenib. cerages

ib. A Reflection from the Mirror of Life...... 72

ib. Recitativo and Rondo

Specimens of German Romance
Lorenz Stark, by J. J. Engel ..

ib. Stanzas to A. S. ib.

ib. The Future

The German Novelists, by T. Roscoe
The Stanley Tales

85 CABINET OF TASTE; OR, MONTH- || Charles and Eugenia

ib. LY COMPENDIUM OF ENGLISH | Sibyl's Leaves, Poems and Sketches, by AND FOREIGN COSTUME.

Elizabeth Willsford Mills......

ib. No. I.-Marine Dress.......

74 Essay on Mind, with other Poems ib. No. II.-Morning Dress

ib. The Progress of Licentiousness............ ib. General Observations on Fashions and Essay on Craniology...........

ib. Dress......

ib. | Scrope's Considerations on Volcanoes ib. Costume of Paris ..

76 The Little World of Knowledge.......... 86 MONTHLY VIEW Review of New Music

ib. OF NEW PUBLICATIONS, MUSIC, THE ENGLISH AND English Theatricals.--Haymarket FOREIGN DRAMA, THE FINE ARTS, &c. English Opera House

ib. Duff's History of the Mahrattas.... 78

Fine Arts' Exhibitions, fc. — British InHistory of the Crusades against the Albi


89 genses, in the thirteenth Century, from


ib, the French of J. C. L. Simonde de


ib. Sismondi ib. Diorama...

ib. James's Naval History, &c.

Coronation of Charles X.......

90 Adventures of a French Serjeant, during


ib. his Campaigns in Italy, Spain, Ger

Fine Arts' Publications, &c.—Ecce Homo ib. many, Russia, &c. ; written by Himself 80

Belshazzar's Feast

ib. Mémoires Autographes de M. le Prince


The Princess Charlotte's Cenotaph de Montbarey

Othello ..

ib. Memoirs and Recollections of Count

Leicester's Visit to Amy Robsart ib. Segur, written by Himself

Marine Sketch Book

ib. Biographical Sketches of British Charac

Beauties of the Rhine

ib. ters recently deceased .....

Sketches of Shipping

ib. The Lives of the Right Honourable

Views in Russia, &c.

ib. Francis North, Baron Guilford, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal under Charles

Lodge's Portraits

91 Dr. Jenner

ib. II. and James II., the Honourable Sir

Madame Pasta

ib. Dudley North, and the Reverend Dr.

Ornamental Villas...

ib, John North, by the Honourable Roger

81 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Autobiography; a Collection of the most

INTELLIGENCE. instructive and amusing Lives ever Works in the Press, &c.

..... ib. published, written by the Parties themselves-Colley Cibber ....




North ..........


Weddings, by a Farish Clerk, No. II.certainly in our next. We regret its delay; but we are unavoidably in arrear with the favours of many of our correspondents.

For the guidance of our friends in general we take leave to say, that we can offer no opinion or make any promise respecting articles, the whole of which may not at once be submitted to our inspection.

Lines on returning from Abroad,” by “R.,” will appear very shortly-most probably next month. We feel exceedingly obliged by the attention of the respected and valued friend by whom they were transmitted. The continuation of “ Wanderings in the Land of Hafiz ” has been, with many

other favours, unavoidably postponed. We hope to present it in our succeeding Number.

We are sorry to remark, for the delay is vexatious, that a repeatedly promised communication, which ought to have been prompt, has not yet reached us.

The conclusion of “ The Astrologer” may be looked for next month.

We are glad to hear again from our obliging old correspondent in the North,“ B. G.” Her story of The Haunted Isle" has reached us in safety.

A private letter has been despatched to “ BridgeT.” She shall receive the utmost attention in our power. Unfortunately for us, and for our fair contributors, capabilities do not always keep pace with wishes. We cannot command space commensurate with our desires.

Sketches from my Diary, No. II.” will, we trust, meet the eye of the author on the first of the approaching month.

One of our country friends will perceive that we have taken the liberty of altering his signature. He will know the reason why.

“ Matilda,” who dates from Chapel Field, in the neighbourhood of Leeds, may be assured that we shall be glad to hear from her.

It affords us sincere pleasure to learn that the author of “ The Smuggler's Daughter" has arrived in safety upon the French coast. We bope she does not contemplate the smuggling over of any contraband articles.


AUGUST, 1826.

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