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TABLE of the Jewish Weights and MEASURES, particularly of those mentioned


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Of the JEWISH Measures of CAPACITY.

Cub. Inch. Pints of Pounds Bath or Epha .

807,274 . , 27,83 Chorus or Chomer

8072,74 , 278,3 Seah or Saton .

269,091 , 9,226 Ditto according to Josephus

828,28 . . 28,3 Hin


4,4633 Ditto according to Josephus .

414,12 . . 14,3 Omer or Assaron

80,722. 2,78 Cab

44,859. 1,544 Log . . . . . . .

11,21 . . Metretes or Syrian firkin n nrkin . . . . 207




Of the Jewish Weights and Coins.



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Statur, Siclus, or shekel of the sanctuary, the standard 0
Tyrian coin, equal to the shekel

0 Bekah, half of the shekel

0 Drachma Attica, one fourth

0 Drachma Alexandrina, or Darchmon, or Adarchmon, one half . . . .

• 0 Gerah, or Obolos, one twentieth

0 Maneh, or Mna, — 100 shekel in weight - 219

Grains Troy.

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Table of the JEWISH MONTHS in Josephus and others, with the Syro-Macedonian

Names which Josephus gives them, and of the Julian or Roman Months cor.

responding to them. Hebrew names. Syro-Macedonian Names,

Roman Names. (1.) Nisan Xanthicus

March and April (2.) Jyar Artemisius

April and May (3.) Sivan Dæsius

May and June (4.) Tamuz Panemus

June and July (5.) Ab Lous

July and August (6.) Elul Gorpiæus

August and September 17.) Tisri Hyperberetæus

September and October (S.) Marhesvan Dius

October and November (9.) Casleu Appellæus

November and Deceinber 10.) Tebeth Audinæus

December and January 11.) Shebat Peritius

January and February 12.) Adar Dystrus

February and March
Ve Adar, or the second Adar, intercalated.

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The first number is that of the respective Volume, the second refers to the pages
AARON, i. 70; made high priest, 96; his evil counsel, 240; hangs himself, 241
sons, 97; his death, 110.

Acme, ii. 233; her letters to Antipater
Abdastartus, ii. 482.

and Herod, ii. 17; her death, 21.
Abdemon, i. 274; ü. 482.

Acmon, attacks David, i. 248 ; is killed
Abdenago, or Abednego, i. 350.

by Abishai, ib.
Abdon succeeds Elon, i. 169.

Acratheus, or Hatach, i. 379.
Abel, i. 14; his sacrifice, ib.

Actium, battle at, i. 520, 525; ü. 202.
Abiathar, the son of Ahimelech, i. 205; Ada, the wife of Lamech, i. 14.

flies to David, 206 ; is high priest, Adad, a king of Damascus, 1. 228.
216, 229, 238, 244; deprived of the Adam created, i. 12; his fall, 13.
high priesthood, 260.

Ader, or Hadad, i. 280.
Abibalus, ii. 482.

Adonias, or Adonijah, pretends to the
Abigall, i. 209; married to David, ib. crown, i. 253; takes sanctuary, 254;
Abihu, the son of Aaron, i. 97.

is refused Abishag to wife, 258; killed,
Abijah, or Abia, i. 242, 285; succeeds ib.

his father, 287; conquers the ten Adonibesek, made prisoner, his hands
tribes, 289.

and feet cut off, and dies, i. 156.
Abilamaradochus, or Evil-Merodach, i. Adoram, i. 265.

Adrasar, or Hadadezer, i. 229, 280.
Abimael, i. 22.

Æbutius, a decurion, ii. 137.
Abimelech tyrannizes over the Sheche. Ægypt, whence named, ii. 481.

mites, i. 166; expelled, ib.; destroys Ægyptian kings called Pharaobs for
them all, ib.; killed, 167.

1300 years, i. 275.
Abiram, i. 113.

Egyptians, fainous for wisdom, i. 263;
Abishag, David's nurse, in 253.

learned mathematics of Abraham, 24;
Abishai, i. 211.

their sacred scribes or priests, 63;
Abner, i. 192, 219 et seq. ; Saul's kins. held it unlawful to feed cattle, 61.

man, 192 ; general of his army, 219; Ægyptian false prophet put to flight by
reconciles the Israelitesto David, 220; Felix, ii. 119, 360.
is killed, 221.

Ælius Gallus, i. 539.
Abram, or Abraham, leaves Chaldea, Æmilius Regulus, ii. 75.

gues to Canaan, i. 23; lives at Da. Æneas, succeeds Obodas, i. 575
mascus, 23; at Hebron, 25; advises Æsop, a servant, i. 515.
his sons to plant colonies, 32; instructs Æthiopian commodities were slaves and
the Egyptians in the mathematical monkeys, i. 278.
sciences, 24; divides the country be. Agag, i. 193; is killed, 195.
tween himself and Lot, 25; God pro. Agar, or Hagar, and Ishmael, are sent
mises him ason, 26; beats the Assy. away by Abraham, i. 30.
rians, 25; dies, 34.

Agyagsúodou or forcible pressure, takes
Absalom, Aies to Geshur, i. 236; re. off the Jews by Demetrius, i. 431.

called by a stratagem of Joab's, 237; Aggeus, or Haggai, the prophet, i, 368;
rebels against David, 238; pursues he prophecies at the rebuilding of the
him, 242; his army put to flight, ib.; temple, 369.
hangs on a tree by his hair, ib.; is Agones, or games, instituted by Herod,
stabbed by Joab, and dies, ib.

i. 534; at the finishing Cæsarea, 561.
Achar, or Achan, is guilty of theft, i. Agrippa, (Marcus) his bounty towards
147; is punished, 148.

the Jews, i. 400; splendidly enter.
Achitophel, or Ahitophel, i. 238; gives tained by Herod, 551 ; makes equal

returns to him, ib.; his expedition to 54, 96, 113.
the Bosphorus, ib.; hears the cause Alexander, the son of Alexander, by
of the Jews in Ionia, 552 ; confirms Glaphyra, ii. 323.
their privileges, 554; his letter to the Alexander, the son of Antiochus Epi.
Ephesians, in favour of the Jows, 563, phanes, i, 429; surnamed Balas, ib.
564; and to those of Cyrene, 564. in note; king of Syria, 430; his letter
grippa the Great, or elder, Herod's to Jonathan, ib.; engages in a battle
grandson, ij. 7, 223 ; his adventures, with Demetrius, 431; demands Ptole.
52; is imprisoned, 56; his liberty and my's daughter in marriage, 434; is
happiness foretold, 57 ; released, and killed in Arabia, and his head sent to
made lord of two tetrarchies, with the Ptolemy, 437.
title of king, 60; gives Caius a sump. Alexander and Aristobulus, Herod's
tuous entertainment at Rome, 65; is sons, strangled by their father's or.
sent to Claudius, 54; his advice to der, i. 581; ii. 323.
Claudius, ib. ; Claudius bestows on Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, ia
him almost all the dominions of his 476; ii. 179; makes war upon the Ro.
grandfather, 96; his eulogium, 100; mans, ii. 179; is conquered, ib.; kill.
his bounty towards those of Berytus, ed, i. 479 ; ii. 183.
101; he treats several kings splen. Alexander Janneus succeeds his brother
didly, ib. ; entertains Cæsarea with Aristobulus, ii. 171; a sedition raised
shows, and appears himself upon the against him, 172; his expedition
stage in a magnificent dress, 102; against Ptolemais, i. 456 ; is called
dies soon after, 103; his death and Thracida, for his barbarous cruelty,
children, 256.

462 ; dies of a quartan ague, 464; ii.
grippa, his son by Cypros, ii. 256 ; did 173 ; his sons Hyrcanus and Aristo.
Lot immediately succeed in his father's bulus, i. 465.
kingdom, 104; Claudius gave him that Alexander the Great succeeds his father
of his uncle Herod, 113,259; to which Philip, i. 386 ; conquers Darius, ib.
he added the tetrarchies of Philip and pursues his victories, 387; sends a
Lysanias, 116; is hurt at the siege of letter to the high priest at Jerusalem,
Gamala, ii. 329; his letters to Jose. ib.; goes to Jerusalem, ib.; his dream,
phus, ii. 156; his speech to the Jews, 388; adores the name of God on the
to dissuade them from a war with the high priest's forehead, ib.; enters the
Romans, 267.

temple, ib.; grants privileges to the
-grippa, son of Felix, ï. 117.

Jews, ib.; the Pamphylian sea gives
grippa Fonteius slain, ii. 449.

way to his army, i. 77; his arms and
hab, i. 292; reproved by Elijah, 296; armour kept in the temple of Diana,
fights with Benhadad, 298; pardons i. 419.
him, 299; is afterwards killed by the Alexander, son of Phasaelus and Sa.
Syrians, 302; his sons. 313.

lampsio, ii. 51.
haz, the king of Judah, i. 326, Alexander (Tiberius) succeeds Cuspius
haziah, king of Israel, i. 305

Fadus, ii. 113, 256 ; is made procu.
haziah, king of Judah, i. 314.

rator of Egypt, 264; chief commander
hijah, the prophet, i. 280.

of the Roman army, ii. 366, 427.
himelech, or Achimelech, slain by the Alexander Zebina, king of Syria, is con-
order of Saul, i. 205.

quered and dies, i. 452.
hitophel, or Achitophel, i. 238; gives Alexandra, Alexander Janneus's widow,

evil counsel, 240; hangs himself, 241. holds the administration after his
i besieged, i. 147; taken, 148.

death, i. 465; dies, 467 ; her eulo
izel, or Uzal, i. 22.

gium, ib.
lans, ii. 457.

Alexandra, daughter of Hyrcanus, writes
Ubinus, ii. 122.

a letter to Cleopatra, i. 513, sendy
lcimus, or Jacimus, i. 422 ; calumni. the pictures of her son and daughter
ates Judas, 423; dies, 424.

to Antonius, ib. ; is feignedly recun.
Alcyon, a physician, ii. 86.

ciled to Herod 514; is suspected by
Hexander Lysimachus, the alabarch, ii.

Herod, 515; prepares to fly into Amram, Moses's father, i. 63
Egypt, ib.; bemoans the death of Amram, ii. 105.
Aristobulus, 516; acquaints Cleopatra Amraphel, i. 25.
with the shares of Herod, and the Anacharis, or Rabsaris, i. 333.
death of her son, ib.; is put into pri. Ananelus made high priest, i. 513,
son, 518; her indecent behaviour to. deprived of it 514; restored to it
wards her daughter Mariamne, 531; 516.

is killed by Herod's order, 532.. Ananias made high priest, ü. 113,258,
Alexandra, daughter of Phasaelus and 272; he and his son sent in fetters

Salampsio, ii. 51; is married to Timius to Rome, ii. 115 ; slain together with
Cyprius, ib.

his brother, 275
Alexandria, a great part of that city as. Ananias, the son of Onias, i. 453, 439

signed to the Jews, i. 478; the Jews Ananias, the son of Masambalus, ii. 403
declared its citizens, 485.

Ananus, senior, made high priest, i
Alisphragmuthosis, or Halisphragmu. 121 ; his eulogium, 336.
thosis, ii. 479.

Ananus, junior, made bigh priest, i
Aliturius, a Jew, ii. 129.

121, 143, 337; his speech to the pece
Alliance between Ptolemy and Antio. ple, ib. ; accused of the murder of
chus, i. 403.

James, 122; deprived of the bigt
Altar of incense, i. 93; of burnt-offer. priesthood, ib.; his death, 347.

ing made of unhewn stone, ii. 488. Ananus, the son of Seth, made high
Amalekites attack the Israelites, i. 83; priest, ii. 41; deposed, 42.

are conquered and plundered, 85. Ananus, son of Barnadus, ii. 408; djes
aman, or Haman, enemy of the Jews, to Titus, 426.

i. 378; his edict against the Jews, ib.; Ananus, governor of the temple, i. 115
orders a gallows for Mordecai, 381; Ananus, son of Jonathan, ii. 282
is obliged to honour Mordecai, ib.; Anchus, or Achish, i. 212.
his malicious design laid before the Andromachus expelled the court of He.
king, 382; his edict countermanded, rod, i. 569.

383; he is himself hanged, 382. Andronicus, i. 433.
n marinus, or Omri, i. 292.

Angels of God become familiar with
Amasa, i. 242; killed by Joab, son of women, i. 16.
Jether, 247, 257.

Anileus, ii. 67; killed by the Babylo-
Amasias, or Amaziah, i. 321; makes war nians, 72.

on Jehoash, and is beaten, 322; mur. Annibal put to death by Fadus for a
dered in a conspiracy, ib,

mutiny ii. 105.
Amathus, i. 22.

Apnius (Lucius) takes Gerasa, ii. 355
Ambassadors sent with presents to He. Anius Minucianus, ii. 75.

zekiah, i. 335; ambassadors slain by Annius Rufus, ii. 42.
the Arabs, i. 523; this a violation of Anoch or Enoch, i. 14.
the law of nations, ib.

Anteius killed, ii. 84.
Ambassage sent by Jonathan to the La. Antigonus governs Asia, i. 390.

cedemonians, i. 440; sent by the Jews Antigonus, son of Aristobulus, i. 459,
= to Rome, 424.

477 ; impeaches Hyrcanus and Anti-
Ambivius (Marcus) ii. 42.

pater, 480; ii. 483; conquered by
Amenophis, i. 294, 301, 480.

Herod, i. 494; invades Judea, 497;
Amesses, ii. 480.

re-established, 500; ii. 192; cuts or
Aminonius, killed, i. 436.

Hyrcanus's ears, and causes the deži.
Amnon falls in love with his sister Ta. of Phasaelus, i. 500; surrenders bis

mar, i. 235; is slain by Absalom's self, i. 509; ii. 200 ; sent in fetten
order, 236.

to Marcus Antonius, ii. 201 ; the first
Amorites given to the tribes of Reuben king whose head was cut off by the

and Gad, and the hall tribe of Ma. Romans, i. 511.
nasseh, i. 144.

Antigonus, son of Hyrcanus I. made
Amphitheatres built at Jerusalem by He. commander at the siege of Samaris

rodi. 534 ; apothor at Jericho, ii. 23. .. 452; beloved by his brother, 14,

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