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returns to him, ib.; his expedition to 54, 96, 113.
the Bosphorus, ib. ; hears the cause Alexander, the son of Alexander, by
of the Jews in Ionia, 552 ; confirms Glaphyra, ii. 323.
their privileges, 554; his letter to the Alexander, the son of Antiochus Epi.
Ephesians, in favour of the Jews, 563, phanes, i. 429 ; surnamed Balas, ib.

564; and to those of Cyrene, 564. in note; king of Syria, 430; his letter
Agrippa the Great, or elder, Herod's to Jonathan, ib.; engages in a battle
grandson, ii. 7, 223; his adventures, with Demetrius, 431; demands Ptole.
52; is imprisoned, 56; his liberty and my's daughter in marriage, 434; is
happiness foretold, 57; released, and killed in Arabia, and his head sent to
made lord of two tetrarchies, with the Ptolemy, 437.
title of king, 60; gives Caius a sump. Alexander and Aristobulus, Herod's
tuous entertainment at Rome, 65; is sons, strangled by their father's or.
sent to Claudius, 54; his advice to der, i. 581 ; ii. 323.
Claudius, ib. ; Claudius bestows on Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, i.
him almost all the dominions of his 476; ii. 179; makes war upon the Ro.
grandfather, 96; his eulogium, 100; mans, ii. 179; is conquered, ib.; kill.
his bounty towards those of Berytus, ed, i. 479; ii. 183.
101; he treats several kings splen. Alexander Janneus succeeds his brother
didly, ib.; entertains Cæsarea with Aristobulus, ii. 171 ; a sedition raised
shows, and appears himself upon the against him, 172; his expedition
stage in a magnificent dress, 102; against Ptolemais, i. 456; is called
dies soon after, 103; his death and Thracida, for his barbarous cruelty,
children, 256.

462 ; dies of a quartan ague, 464; ii.
Agrippa, his son by Cypros, ii. 256; did 173 ; his sons Hyrcanus and Aristo.
Lot immediately succeed in his father's bulus, i. 465.
kingdom, 104; Claudius gave him that Alexander the Great succeeds his father
of his uncle Herod, 113,259; to which Philip, i. 386 ; conquers Darius, ib.
he added the tetrarchies of Philip and pursues his victories, 387; sends a
Lysanias, 116; is hurt at the siege of letter to the high priest at Jerusalem,
Gamala, ii. 329; his letters to Jose. ib.; goes to Jerusalem, ib.; his dream,
phus, ii. 156 ; his speech to the Jews, 388; adores the name of God on the
to dissuade them from a war with the high priest's forehead, ib.; enters the
Romans, 267.

temple, ib.; grants privileges to the
Agrippa, son of Felix, ï. 117.

Jews, ib.; the Pamphylian sea gives
Agrippa Fonteius slain, ii. 449.

way to his army, i. 77; his arms and
Ahab, i. 292; reproved by Elijah, 296; armour kept in the temple of Diana,

fights with Benhadad, 298; pardons i. 419.
him, 299; is afterwards killed by the Alexander, son of Phasaelus and Sa.
Syrians, 302; his sons. 313.

lampsio, ii. 51.
Ahaz, the king of Judah, i. 326. Alexander (Tiberius) succeeds Cuspius
Abaziah, king of Israel, i. 305

Fadus, ii. 113, 256 ; is made procu.
Ahaziah, king of Judah, i. 314.

rator of

Egypt, 264; chief commander
Ahijah, the prophet, i. 280.

of the Roman army, ii. 366, 427.
Ahimelech, or Aebimelech, slain by the Alexander Zebina, king of Syria, is con-
order of Saul, i. 205.

quered and dies, i. 452,
Ahitophel, or Achitophel, i. 238; gives Alexandra, Alexander Janneus's widow,

evil counsel, 240; hangs himself, 241. holds the administration after his
Ai besieged, i. 147; taken, 148.

death, i. 465; dies, 467; her eulo
Aizel, or Uzal, i. 22.

gium, ib.
Alans, ii. 457.

Alexandra, daughter of Hyrcanus, writes
Albinus, ü. 122.

a letter to Cleopatra, i. 513, sende
Alcimus, or Jacimus, i. 422; calumni. the pictures of her son and daughter
ates Judas, 423; dies, 424.

to Antonius, ib.; is feignedly recun.
Alcyon, a physician, ii. 86.

ciled to Herod 514; is suspected by
Alexander Lysimachus, the alabarch, ii.

Herod, 515; prepares to fly into Amram, Moses's father, i. 63
Egypt, ib.; bemoans the death of Amram, ii. 105.
Aristobulus, 516; acquaints Cleopatra Amraphel, i. 25.
with the snares of Herod, and the Anacharis, or Rabsaris, i. 333.
death of her son, ib.; is put into pri. Ananelus made high priest, i. 513,
son, 518; her indecent behaviour to. deprived of it 514; restored to its
wards her daughter Mariamne, 531 ; 516,

is killed by Herod's order, 532. Ananias made high priest, ii. 113,258,
Alexandra, daughter of Phasaelus and 272; he and his son sent in fetters

Salampsio, ii. 51; is married to Timius to Rome, ii. 115; slain together with
Cyprius, ib.

his brother, 275
Alexandria, a great part of that city as. Ananias, the son of Onias, i. 453, 459

signed to the Jews, i. 478; the Jews Ananias, the son of Masambalus, ii. 408
declared its citizens, 485.

Ananus, senior, made high priest, ii
Alisphragmathosis, or Halisphragmu. 121 ; his eulogium, 336.
thosis, ii. 479,

Ananus, junior, made high priest, i
Aliturius, a Jew, ii. 129.

121, 143, 337; his speech to the peo-
Alliance between Ptolemy and Antio. ple, ib.; accused of the murder of
chus, i. 403.

James, 122; deprived of the high
Altar of incense, i. 93; of burnt-offer. priesthood, ib.; his death, 347.

ing made of unhewn stone, ii. 488. Ananus, the son of Seth, made high
Amalekites attack the Israelites, i. 83;

; ,
are conquered and plundered, 85. Ananus, son of Barnadus, ii. 408; flies
Aman, or Haman, enemy of the Jews, to Titus, 426.

i. 378; his edict against the Jews, ib.; Ananus, governor of the temple, ii. 115
orders a gallows for Mordecai, 381 ; Ananus, son of Jonathan, ii. 282
is obliged to honour Mordecai, ib. ; Anchus, or Achish, i. 212.
his malicious design laid before the Andromachus expelled the court of He.
king, 382; bis edict countermanded, rod, i. 569.

383; he is himself hanged, 382. Andronicus, i. 433.
smarinus, or Omri, i. 292.

Angels of God become familiar with
Amasa, i. 242; killed by Joab, son of

women, i. 16.
Jether, 247, 257.

Anileus, ii. 67 ; killed by the Babylo.
Amasias, or Amaziah, i. 321 ; makes war nians, 72.

on Jehoash, and is beaten, 322 ; mur. Annibal put to death by Fadus for a
dered in a conspiracy, ib.

mutiny ii. 105.
Amathus, i, 22.

Annius (Lucius) takes Gerasa, ii. 35%.
Ambassadors sent with presents to He. Annius Minucianus, ii. 75.

zekiah, i. 335; ambassadors slain by Annius Rufus, ii. 42.
the Arabs, i. 523; this a violation of Anoch or Enoch, i. 14.
the law of nations, ib.

Anteius killed, ii. 84.
Ambassage sent by Jonathan to the La. Antigonus governs Asia, i. 390.

cedemonians, i. 440; sent by the Jews Antigonus, son of Aristobulus, i. 459,
to Rome, 424.

477 ; impeaches Hyrcanus and Anti-
Ambivius (Marcus) ii. 42.

pater, 480 ; ii. 483 ; conquered by
Amenophis, ii. 294, 301, 480.

Herod, i. 494; invades Judea, 497 ;
Amesses, ii. 480,

re-established, 500; ii, 192; cuts off
Aminonius, killed, i. 436.

Hyrcanus's ears, and causes the death
Amnon falls in love with his sister Ta. of Phasaelus, i. 500; surrenders him.

mar, i. 235; is slạin by Absalom's self, i. 509; ij, 200; sent in fetters
order, 236.

to Marcus Antonius, ii. 201; the first
Amorites given to the tribes of Reuben king whose head was cụt off by the

and Gad, and the half tribe of Ma. Romans, i. 511.
nasseh, i. 144.

Antigonus, son of Hyrcanus I. made
Amphitheatres built at Jerusalem by He, commander at the siege of Samaria

rod... 534 ; apothor at Jericho, i. 23. .. 452; beloved by his brother, 154,
watched by the queen and her fa. 475; his wife Cyprus, and his chil.
vourites, 455 ; ii. 170.

dren, 479; his valour, 480; advises
Antioch, the chief city in Syria, ii. 295; Hyrcanus to put himself under the

the Jews made citizens thereof by protection of Aretas, ii. 175; makes

Seleucus, i. 400; is burnt, ii. 447. his son Phasaelus governor of Jeru.
Antiochians rebel, i. 136; their envy salem, and Herod of Galilee, i. 482;
against the Jews, 400.

endeavours to deserve Cæsar's fa.
Antiochus, king of Commagena, ii. 44, vour, ii. 182; honoured by Cæsar,

96, 101, 103, 457; Commagena and and made citizen of Rome, i. 480;

part of Cilicia granted him, 96. ü. 183; his defence against Antigo-
Antiochus Cyzicenus, i. 452; assists

nus, ib.; ii. 183; made governor

the Samaritans, but is put to flight, Judea, i. 481 ; ii. 183; poisoned, i
ib. ; ii. 169; is taken prisoner, and 493.

put to death by Seleucus, i. 460. Antipater, son of Phasaelus and Sa.
Antiochus Dionysius makes an expedi. lampsio, ii. 51.

tion against the Jews, i. 463 ; ii. 173. Antipater, son of Salome, impeaches
Antiochus the Great, i. 401 ; his letters Archelaus, ii. 26.

in favour of the Jews, 401, 402; his Antipater, son of Herod, i. 494 ; sent
wars with Ptolemy Philopater, and to Rome to Cæsar, 557; ii. 225, 229;
Physcon, 401, et seq.; marries his he sets his father against his bre.

daughter Cleopatra to Ptolemy, 403. threa, i.556; his subulty,565; reigns
Antiochus Epiphanes, his expedition in. jointly with his father, i. l; hated

to Egypt, i. 409; takes Jerusalem, by every body, ib.; attempts his fa-
410; goes into Persia, 414; designs ther's life, ib. ; is concerned for him-
to destroy the Jews, ib.; his impiety, self, ib.; appears before Varus's tri.
449; he dies, 419.

bunal, 13, 231; his plea 14; is put
Antiochus Eupator, his son invades Ju. in irons, 17, is put to death, ii. 22,

dea, i. 420; fights with Judas, ib.; 235.
ii. 167; makes peace with the Jews, Antipatris, taken by Vespasian, ii. 356.

i. 421 ; breaks it, ib.; is killed, 422. Antonia, Claudius's daughter by Petina.
Antiochus Grypus, i. 451; this death, 460. ii. 259.
Antiochus Philometer, i. 457.

Antonia, Claudius's mother, lends mo-
Antiochus Pius makes war with Seleu. ney to Agrippa the elder, ii. 53; her
cus, i. 460; is slain, ib.

eulogium, 55.
Antiochus Eusebius, or Pius besieges Antonia, called Baris, ii. 175; taken by

Jerusalem, i. 448; raises the siege, Titus, ii. 415, et seq.
449; marches against the Parthians, Antonius (Lucius,) sends a letter to the
and is killed, 450.

Sardians, in favour of the Jews, i. 489.
Antiochus, the son of Alexander, com. Antoninus Primus, ii. 367.

monly called The God, i. 400; Antony, a captain, or eenturion, ii. 294.
crowned in his youth, 439; enters Antony (Mark,) his decree in favour of
into alliance with Jonathan the high the Jews, i. 487; marches into Asia,
priest, ib.; slain by Tryphao his tutor, after Cassius's defeat, 494; his letter
446; ii. 168.

to Hyrcanus, 495; to the Tyrians,
Antiochus, the brother of Seleueus, slain ib.; falls in love with Cleopatra, 496;
in battle, i. 460.

makes Phasaelus and Herod te.
Antiochus Soter, brother of Demetrius, trarchs, 497 ; orders their accusers

i. 452; makes war with Trypho, 447. to be put to death, ib.; confers sig.
Antipas, Herods son by Malthace, ü. 7; nal favours on Herod, 502; sojourns

is tetrarch of Galilee, 22; goes to at Athens, 505; his luxury, 513.
Rome to get to be a king, 26, 239; Anubis, a god, ii. 46.

what was given him by Cæsar, 245. Apachmas, king of Egypt, ü. 479.
Antipas is put in prison and slain, ii. Apame, Darius's concubine, i. 364.
835, 336.

Apion, ambassador, ii. 86.
4 ntipater, the Idumean, excites troubles, Apollodotus, captain of the Gazcana,

i. 469; sent Ambassador to Aretna, 460; killed ibe


Apollonius, i. 451.

Aristobulus, son of Hyrcanus L., the
Apollonius Daus, i. 434; challenges Jo. first high priest who assumed the title
nathan to an engagement, and is de- of king, i. 454; called Philellen, a
feated, 435.

lover of the Greeks, 456.
Apollonius, governor of Samaria, i. 411, Aristobulus, son of Alexander Janneus

an enterprising man, i. 465; com
Aponius, ii. 95.

plains of the Pharisees, ib.; 16
Apophis, king of Egypt, ii. 479.

proaches his mother, 465; endea
Apsalom, ä. 275.

vours to take possession of the king
Apsan, or Ibzan, judge, i. 169.

dom, ib.; fights with his elder bro.
Aquila, the murderer of Caius, ii. 83. ther for the crown, 468; brings him
Arabians circumcise their children when to an accommodation, ib.; ii. 175;

thirteen, i, 29; twelve towns taken sends a golden vine to Pompey, i

from them by Alexander, i. 469. 471; is, with his children, brought
Arabia borders on Judea, i. 469 ; Petra captive to Rome by Pompey, 475;

the king's residence, ib. ; Zabdiel escapes, but is retaken and sent back
their lord, 437; Arabians defeated, again, 477 ; ii. 180; is poisoned by
524; their women great poisoners, the partisans of Pompey, 182; bis
ü. 10.

children, ib.
Aram, i. 22.

Aristobulus, son of Herod the Great, i.
Aran, or Haran, i. 23.

542; marries Berenice, 551 ; put in
Arasca, or Nisroch, i. 334.

prison, 576; accused by his father
Arases, or Resin, i. 326.

and condemned, 579; strangled, 581;
Araunah, or Oronna, the Jebusite ; his ii. 223.

threshing.floor, i. 251; the place Aristobulus, son of Herod, king of
where Isaac was to have been sacri. Chalcis, ii, 118, 457.
ficed, and where the temple was af. Aristobulus, son of Joseph and Mar
terwards built, 252.

amne, ii. 52,
Archelaus, king of Cappadocia, comes Aristobulus, son of Aristobulus, is made

to Herod, i. 571, ii. 217; goes with high priest by Herod, i.514; drowned
him to Antioch, 218; reconciles He. by the secret order of the same He.
rod to his son Alexander, and to his rod, ii. 210.
brother Pheroras, ib,

Aristobulus, son of Aristobulus and Be.
Archelaus, son of Herod the Great, ii. renice, ii. 51.

7,12, 244, 229; made ethnarch, 34; Aristocracy the best form of govern-
marries Glaphyra, 37; proclaimed ment, i. 133; instituted in Judea by
king, 23, 236; his speech to the peo. Gabinius, ij, 180
ple, 23, 237 ; endeavours to appease Arithmetic and astronomy came from
the people, 24; goes to Rome, ib.; Chaldea to Egypt, and thence into
accused there by the deputies of the Greece, i. 24.
people, 33, 246 ; banished to Vienna, Arius, sends a letter to Onias, i. 408.
ib.; his dreams and Glaphyra's, 37, Ark of God, its description, i. 92 ; ta-

ken by the Philistines, 177; restored
Archelaus, grand-son of Chelcias, ii. 179; carried to Jerusalem, 226.

Ark of Noah, where it rested, i. 17
Archelaus, son of Magadatus, ii. 426. mentioned by all barbarian historians
A retas, king of the Arabians, i. 460, ib. ; its remains long preserved, 18.

469, 577 ; ii. 175, 226; expedition Armais, king of Egyyt, ii. 480.
against Aristobulus, i. 470; succeeds Armenia conquered by Autonius, i. 526
Obodas, 575; impeaches Sylleus, ii. Cotys king of the Lesser Aranenia, i
10; succours Hyrcanus, 175.

Aretas, king of Celesyria, marches Armesses, king of Egypt, ii. 480.
against Judea, i. 463.

Arphaxad, i. 23.
Aretas of Petra, ü. 31,

Arsaces, king, i. 442, 450.
Arioch, i. 350.

Artabanus, king of Media, ii. 43
Arise, creasurer, i 408

Artabanus, king of the l'arthians, ü. 4

08; flies to Izates, 109; kindly re- Azarias, one of Daniels companions,
ceived and restored to his kingdom, i. 350.
110; dies, ib.

Azarias, a commander, is defeated by
Artabazes, or Artavasdes, is given as a Gorgias, i. 418.

present to Cleopatra by Antonius, ii. Azizus, ü. 116; is circumcised, and

marries Drusilla, ib.; dies, 118.
Artaxerxes, i. 376; bis edict against Azotus, or Ashdod, its inhabitants

the Jews, 378; contradicted, 383. plagued, i. 178; taken by Jonathan,
Artaxias, i. 520.

i. 435.
Artorius saves his life, ü. 423.
Arucas, i. 22.

BAAL, ii. 485; god of the Tyrians, i
Arudeus, i. 22.

Aruntius (Euaristus,) ii. 85.

Baalis, king, i. 348.
Aruntius (Paulus,) ii. 82.

Baaras, a place, and plant, ü. 454.
Asa, i. 289; alliance with the king of Baasha, kills Nadab, i. 289; dies, 292
Damascus, 291.

Baba's children preserved, i. 533; af
Asael killed by Abner, i. 219.

terwards killed, 534.
Asamoneus, i. 412.

Babylon, derived from Babel, i. 20;
Asamoneans, the end of their reign, i. taken by Cyrus, i. 256 ; Nebuchado

nezzar's buildings at Babylon, i. 254;
Ascalonites punished, i. 405.

its walls not built by Semiramis, but
Ashod, i. 435; its inhabitants plagued, by Nebuchadnezzar, ii. 183; its walls
i. 178.

built by Nobonnidus of brick and
Ashpenaz, a eunuch, i. 350.

bitumen, ib.; ils pensile gardens
Asineus and Anileus, ii, 67.

erected by Nebuchadnezzar', 481;
Asprenas, ii. 82; cut in pieces, 83. i. 254.
Assemblies forbidden to all at Rome Bacchides, i. 4:22, 425; he attacks the
but to the Jews, i. 487.

Jews, ib.
Ass's head falsely reported by Apion as Bagoses, i. 385.

an object of worship among the Jews, Balak, king of Moab, i. 121.
ii. 505.

Baladan, king of Babylon, i. 335.
Assyrian empire overthrown, i. 335. Balaam, the prophet, i. 121, et seq.,
Astarte's temple, i. 217; ii. 482.

his ass speaks, 122.
Astronomy; for its improvement the Ballas, king of Sodom, i. 25.

first men lived near a thousand Balm, or Balsam, near Jericho, i. 473,
years, i. 19; came out of Chaldea into 519,

Egypt, and thence into Greece, 24. Baltasar (Belshazzar, or Naboandel, or
Asylum, right of, belonging to some Nabonadius,] king of Babylon, i.
towns, i. 128.

354; his terrible vision, and its in
Athenians decree honours to Hyrcanus, terpretation, 255; his death, 356.
i. 482.

Balthasar [Belteshazzar,] Daniel's
Athenio, i, 404.

name, i. 350.
Athenio, a general of Cleopatra, ii. Banus, a hermit, ii. 129. .
202 ; perfidious, i. 522.

Barachias, i. 327.
Athronges crowns himself king of Ju- Barak, encounters Sisera, i. 163.

dea, ii. 31 ; is conquered, ih. Barbarians, their riches formeriy con.
Atratinus, i. 502.

sisted in cattle, i. 69.
Augustus's arrival in Syria, i. 542; his Bardanes, is slain, ii. 110.

letter to Herod, 579; holds a coun. Baris, built by Daniel, i. 357.
cil about the affairs of Judea, ii. 26; Barnabazus, i. 377.
his edict and letter in favour of the Baruch, left with Jeremiah the prophet
Jews, i. 563; is angry with Herod, in Judea, i. 347.
574; is reconciled to him, 577: 1- Barzaphernes, governor, ii 189
sides Herod's dominions, a. 245; Barzillai, i. 241, 245.
bis death, 254.

Bazan, or Baasha, king at Israel, alaya
Azariah, the prophet, i. 290.

Nadab in 290

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