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The purpose of this manual will be best explained by the following extract from a paper read at a meeting of the masters in the Collegiate Institution.

“One great deficiency I have observed among boys, “ here and elsewhere, is an ignorance of the Bible, — by “ which I mean, a want of attaching any distinct meaning “ to the words of the Bible. They are often familiar with “the words of Scripture; they can quote texts; but, if “asked the meaning of the passages, their answer is vague “and absurd. They have a general notion of the persons “and places mentioned in Holy Writ,—but on a close ex“amination, it often turns out that they are very far from “ realizing in their imaginations either the actors or the “scenes of Sacred History. And I find that,—while they “ will take pains to acquire distinct ideas of classical locali“ties, or of men who have been famous in English and in “ French history,- they seem quite satisfied to read the “words of the Bible, without connecting them with any ideas at all. What this may arise from, — whether from “a superstitious notion that the words of Scripture, whether “ understood or not, will act as a charm, -or from the "neglect of catechizing, which, in our day, is so preva

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